How did you overcome postpartum depression?


Hello Postpartum Period Team my name is slie from Germany and I’ve heard that the postpartum team are women who also suffered from postpartum depression.

My question goes to anyone in your team who had to go through this as well. How did you overcome postpartum depression? Since I’m dealing with this myself, I would like to know, what you did and what helped.

How did you overcome postpartum depression?

I’ve suffered from postpartum depression when I had my first child, second child and also my third child.

When I was pregnant for the third, I thought I was not going to experience this depression again since I experienced it before.

During pregnancy i was exercising, eating healthy trying to prevent this depression from happening again.

Well it turned out that, postpartum depression doesn’t care how healthy you are, it just happens. When i gave birth, I was happy and very thankful for giving birth to a very healthy baby, but after just one day things changed, I started to feel sad for no reason.

Well it was just baby blues, i suddenly felt like all this was too much, remember I also had two boys to look after as well.

It feels unfair

This wasn’t fair, because I had to go through this alone again, I didn’t feel the bond mothers should have with their babies. I was just overwhelmed.

After two weeks things started to get worse, I started to even hate my husband, why? Because he wasn’t always at home.

My husband had two jobs, and he wasn’t always at home most of the time and I was okay with it, but after I gave birth I felt like all this wasn’t fair, because he wasn’t there to help me with most of the stuff.

I had to clean the house, wash the clothes, cook for the kids and a lots more chores around the house.

I told my mom, and she just said, all this is normal she knows exactly how I’m feeling and I should go talk to my doctor.

My doctor ask me what was wrong.

And I told her everything and told her that I was scared since this feeling didn’t seem like going away.

I was depressed, tired, Sad, overwhelmed and angry….

She just said:

Well I wasn’t alone in this matter, almost 80 percent of mothers have some temporary feelings of:

  1. Low mood
  2. Anxiety
  3. Difficulty sleeping
  4. Crying a lots
  5. But all these feelings should only last for 3 to 4 days.
  6. Then I told her that, for me this has being going for a little while, it has been almost 3 weeks and it doesn’t seem like it going to end.

She said, mothers feel like this after giving birth because of the hormone changes and it called baby blues and it quiet common for women, as long as the symptoms come out after giving birth.

She also told me that this was going to be resolved within few days and there was really nothing to worry about, they have dealt with these cases for a very long time.

And told me that the best way to cure this is by finding a new mom’s supports group, where women share their feelings.

Well this worked for me, by talking to others mothers helped me a lots, because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

There was a women there, I forgot her name, she told us to buy a book called