How to deal with postpartum anxiety


Hello Postpartum Period Team, my name is anonymous from United States, my only questions is, How to deal with postpartum anxiety. I’m trying to deal with it but it not easy, any ideas or suggestions? Honesty I haven’t told anyone yet and I’m not planning to.

How to deal with postpartum anxiety

Stop waiting, stop not doing anything and go out look for something to do, try to develop something, you can try learning a computer, reading a book or doing something interesting.

Life is bigger than postpartum depression. You need to be busy with something, it may be by just watching cooking TV shows.

If your mind is focusing on something else than your anxiety will disappear naturally.

Anxiety will mostly attack lonely people who are boring and not interesting.

Do you want to be interesting?

If yes then the only thing you can do is find something interesting to do. It doesn’t have to be something big, it may be by just reading a book.


Because by reading different books, you are getting different ideas and a lot of knowledge. A book can keep you busy for a couple of days. That alone can shift your mind from feeling sorry for yourself.