How to get rid of diaper rash without cream


Hey guys my son have a very sensitive skin and he has diaper rash, I don’t like using creams because they tend to be strong, so How to get rid of diaper rash without creams? Can I use numbing sprays such as Solarcaine or Dermoplast.

How to get rid of diaper rash without cream

I’m sorry to disappoint you but the only thing that can get rid of your baby’s diaper rash is Triple Paste Medicated Ointment.

Triple paste is best for sensitive skin as well, it will also sooth your baby’s skin and leave it a lot softer after the diaper rash is gone.

Don’t use dermoplast or Solarcaine on diaper rash.

Dermoplast and Solarcaine are only for numbing pains, these won’t cure your baby’s diaper rash since these cannot cure any infections.

You need to know that Solarcaine and Dermoplast only provide pain relief nothing more.

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You will be very amazed by the reviews since about 97% percent of mothers are also recommending this cream since it can cure any diaper rash no matter how severe.

List of severe diaper rash this cream can cure.

  • Psoriasis diaper rash
  • Eczema diaper rash
  • Yeast infection diaper rash
  • Allergies diaper rash
  • Contact diaper rash
  • Diaper rash caused by acidic poop
  • Yeast rash diaper rash
  • Impetigo diaper rash
  • Candida diaper rash

Check what other moms are saying regarding your question.

Cynthia King : A Mom of three

I don’t think you will find something that can cure your baby’s diaper rash other than creams that were made for diaper rash, I would advise you to buy aquaphor for diaper rash or triple paste medicated ointment.

There are a lot of diaper rash home remedies you’ll find online but trust me they are a waste of time. I tried like 4 different home remedies that didn’t work, some people on online forums were recommending tea bags lol.

It kind of funny what a person can do when they are desperate. Please take my advice and buy a cream that was made or designed to cure diaper rash to save your time and energy.

Nicole Ward : First time mom

I also didn’t want to use creams on my son when he had a diaper rash, but I was forced to use triple paste since I didn’t find anything other than creams.

There are some numbing sprays that you can use such as dermoplast or Solarcaine, the problems with those numbing sprays is they don’t cure diaper rash the only thing they provide is pain relief.

Using numbing sprays such as dermoplast for diaper rash can be helpful to get rid of the itching but these sprays cannot be used for more than 4 times a day and also cannot be used 7 days a week. I don’t think you have another option then buying a cream, make sure to only buy triple paste, I also used it when my son was suffering from a pretty severe diaper rash called “yeast infection”.

Lisa Hughes

Do yourself and your baby a favor and buy a cream called triple paste, this cream is not too creamy at all, I also used it and it worked pretty well.

  1. Triple paste will cure your baby’s diaper rash within few days
  2. It doesn’t sting
  3. It doesn’t smell
  4. It sooth the skin
  5. It works for toddlers, infants and also newborns
  6. It cheap

I know you don’t want to use any creams but you really don’t have a choice….. good luck.

Have you made up your mind?

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