How to Help Someone with Postpartum depression

This article will give you 7 ways to show someone with postpartum depression that you love and you care about them. It may be your mother , sister , friends or just your neighbor it doesn’t matter.

How to Help Someone with Postpartum depression

The reason why I wrote this article is because mental illness is a very real problem among a lot of mothers after child birth.

This is very serious especially with first time moms, because these are women who doesn’t have any experience about taking care of a new born, it something they have never experienced before.

If you don’t know, postpartum depression is very common and 100% percent normal after a women give birth.

And these women need to get help, supports and be treated well. And most of the time families neglect these women who are suffering from this kind of mental illness.

There is no depression that is undefeatable, women can get through this and be normal again. It not the end of the world, almost 90% percent of new mothers suffer from this kind of depression.

1. Be always available

Women suffering from postpartum depression don’t want to do anything to keep them busy, they just want to be alone so they can feel sad and cry without anyone noticing them.

They may find it hard to even clean up their rooms, or even to give a baby a bath, you need to be always there to supports them and make sure they do the daily task that they normally do.

Wake up early in the morning, check up on her and the baby, ask her how did she sleep, and how is the baby doing, ask if she has ate anything or has she change the baby's nappy. Make sure you remind her to change the baby's nappy regularly.

Help her clean the house, wash dashes open the windows for some fresh air, help with the laundry, make sure you keep her engaged, you mustn’t do this alone.

The purpose of this is to keep her busy, if she is busy, there will be no time to feel alone and sad, because you will be always there with her and the baby.

2. Fix her a healthy meal

Even if you are not living with this person you are trying to help overcome postpartum depression, it may be a good idea to check up on her in the morning to make sure she is eating healthy.

You can ask her permission if it okay to hang out with her so you can make something to eat, it may be a soup or you can order pizza. You have to try to interact with her and get her involved.

You also have to make sure that she doesn’t eat a lot of junk unhealthy food to satisfy her needs. She doesn’t have to eat a bunch of chocolate to feel good, but you can make something healthy instead.

Just be there for her and guide her, believe it or not but eating healthy can help a person feel batter and eating junk food may make a person especially a new mother to feel gross and unappreciated.

Eating healthy in the morning will help her feel good for the rest of the day, just convince her to eat healthy and avoid junk food because it may make thing worse mentally and physically.

3. Get her outside

It very important to get vitamin D from the sun, if she is inside the house all the time and sad in bed it not good for her health.

It important to get her outside to get some sun and get some fresh air, sunlight can help boost a person’s mood, the beauty of nature is also very refreshing and can make a person relax.

4. Help her focus to self-care

Mothers suffering from postpartum depression often stop taking care of them self's. They may not brush their teeth or wash their hair, simple daily task can be overwhelming and become a lot harder.

Make sure she is not self-harming , depressed mothers can end up doing a lot of unspeakable things, so just be there help her understand that everything is going to be okay.

I know you can’t be there for 24/7 because you also have difficulties and responsibilities of your own in life but sometimes being involved in someone’s life and doing these things for them can help you feel good about yourself and will also bring back self-esteem to the person you are helping.

5. Give her a hug

Hugs are a symbol of love, everybody feels a little bit better when they get a hug, a hug simple shows a person how much you care and love them.

A hug makes a person feel wanted, supported, worth living, hug is such a good thing that everybody needs in bad times.

Give her a hug, tell her everything is going to be okay, talk kind words and I promise this will put a smile on her face.

A hug may seem simple but it is the most wonderful form of love.

6. Try to make her Lough

You don’t have to be funny, not everybody is a comedian, just turn on the TV watch a comedy and start laughing.

Making her watch something funny can help as well, laughter can help a person forget about being sad or depressed. Laughter can heal a person mentally.

7. Remind her why you love her.

You have to tell her how amazing she is, remind her that you love her simple because she's very important in your life, make her feel wanted and needed.

Prove to her that she is worth something, even though she may not feel that way in the moment.

Say simple things like:

  1. It will get better
  2. I love you
  3. We need you
  4. We are nothing Without you
  5. Thank you for bringing this wonderful child in the world
  6. Your baby is a very lucky to have a mother like you
  7. You are such a great’s person
  8. Thank you for being in my life
  9. Telling her those things can mean a lot to her, this can make her feel a lot better.

Yes it won’t be easy helping her or doing these things but it not impossible.

Those are my 7 tips on how to help Someone with Postpartum depression, I hope this article was useful. Thank you for reading.

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