Ibuprofen for dogs


Can i use Ibuprofen for dogs, Will it harm my dog? what are the side effect of using Ibuprofen on dogs? My dog is in pains and I need something to use that doesn’t have side effect.

Ibuprofen for dogs

Question was Answered by: Brooke Mckenzie

No no no no no, don’t use ibuprofen on your dog, according to the FDA ibuprofen was only tested on humans not pets, you need to use something that was made and specially designed for dogs to avoid any complications or bad side effect.

Most human medication can be very toxic and harmful to dogs since human medication and dog medication were made using different ingredients.

So what do I recommend you to use on your dog for pains?

I’m only going to recommend Vet's Best Aspirin since it is what I’m currently using on my dogs and it was recommended to me by a vet and it was specially made for dogs.

Vet's Best Aspirin is by far the best pain relief medication for dogs on the market right now since it doesn’t even have side effect, it safe and it was tested on dogs by the FDA and got approved.

If you want to get your dog out of pains Vet's Best Aspirin is your only best and recommended solution.

Vet's Best Aspirin

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other dog owners are saying who have also used Vet's Best Aspirin on their dogs for pain relief. You’ll be amazed by the reviews since most dog owners are recommending it as well.

Why I’m not recommending Ibuprofen?

I have also tried Ibuprofen on my dog and he vomited for 2 hours none stop, which simple means, Ibuprofen is not safe to use on dogs.

I’m advising you to avoid using Ibuprofen on your dog because I have also used it on my dog and he almost died, please take my advice and don’t use it because you’ll be very disappointed.

When I gave my dog Ibuprofen, he vomited a lot of yellowish liquid and it caused my dog to have a stomach upset. This happened for almost 2 hours none stop, I even thought my dog was going to die, Ibuprofen is very poisonous on dogs.

Benefit of using Vet's Best Aspirin on your dogs:

  1. It will get rid of pains within seconds and it doesn’t have any side effect
  2. It was specially made for dogs and was approved by the FDA
  3. It is safe unlike unsafe medications or product that may even kill your dog
  4. It is very heap
  5. It will get your dog out of pain without the side effect since it relieves pains the natural way.

Please note: medication that is safe for humans doesn’t mean it is also safe on dogs, about 96% percent of human medication can be very toxic and poisonous when using on dogs, you need to be very careful about what you use on your pets.

Where to buy Vet's Best Aspirin?

It is available on almost all online stores, but I would advise you to buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster as well.

Vet's Best Aspirin

CLICK HERE TO BUY Vet's Best Aspirin from amazon.

The only thing I need you to take from this post is, don’t use Ibuprofen….. Use something that was approved by the FDA to be safe on dogs.

What to use on dog wounds, cuts or injuries?

Right now I’m using Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray, it is by far the best pain reliving spray I’ve ever used on my dogs and on my cats, it can be used for minor injuries or minor wounds.

It will protect your dog wounds from getting bacteria’s and germs that may delay the healing process, it will make your dog heal much more faster.

When my dogs get injured pet alive comfy pet spray is my only go to spray since it works like magic, make sure to check pet alive comfy pet spray is your dog’s get injured.

Question was: Ibuprofen for dogs. by Nicole from Texas, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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