Is dermoplast over the counter

Is dermoplast over the counter? I just got injured, I want something to use on my wounds, where can I buy this

Is dermoplast over the counter

Yes, you don’t need a latter from a doctor in order to buy dermoplast in any store or any pharmacy, dermoplast is sold to anyone who may feel they need it without a doctor’s prescription.

Dermoplast is one of the safest pain relieving spray on the market right now, the FDA approved it to be also used by children under the age of two.

You can use this spray for temporary pains, itch, rash, burns and so many more, this spray can be used any time anywhere.

Please note

Don’t use dermoplast 7 days a week none stop, and don’t use it more than 4 times a day. Don’t use it on eyes, definitely don’t use it on your mouth and make sure you keep out of children.

Which dermoplast spray is the best?

Both spray are good and they both do the same thing, it just that the red dermoplast spray is a newer version of dermoplast, it strong and it has some other new ingredients that were added to it.

The blue dermoplast spray is the original formula of dermoplast, it is very good for use on too sensitive areas, it best to use it for after labor or after circumcision. How much does this cost?

This is very cheap, I’m not sure about it prize though since the last time I bought it was 2 months ago, amazon changes their prizes all most every day.

Make sure you buy this online to save some bucks

This spray is very hard to find offline, a lot of pharmacies and stores are usually out of stock because people buy this spray a lot, so save your energy and order it bellow.

Can we use dermoplast on babies?

Yes, according to dermoplast the FDA approved it to be also used on children under the age of two. Some women are using it on their toddlers for diaper rash.

Every house hold should have dermoplast, it is very hard to get this spray offline these days, and it is also annoying to wait for 2 days to get it delivered to you if you bought it online.

Make sure you buy this now to make sure it is always available anytime you need to use it.

I have this spray on my bag, I take it everywhere I go, my son was stung by a jelly fish last year on December and I used it immediately since it always on my bag.

What are dermoplast side effect?

Well this may sound too good to be true, but dermoplast doesn’t have any side effect, I have used this spray for about 3 years and I have never had any problems from using it.

About 90% percent of women uses this spray after labor and 65% percent of hospitals are providing it for free which means it does work and I have never had of anyone complaining about this spray.

There are some people who told me that it burning but it because they used the red spray, make sure you buy the blue spray not the red spray, the red spray is very strong, it is not recommend to use on too sensitive areas because it burns and it sting.

What is the difference between the blue spray and red spray?

The blue spray is the first spray the company made, it is the original formula of dermoplast, it best for deep wounds, deep cuts, pain relief and more.

The red spray is an upgrade of the blue spray, the red spray is a second version of dermoplast, it works exactly as the blue spray, but it has more new ingredients that were added to it. It very strong.

What can we use this spray for?

Well dermoplast can be used for a lot of things, some women use it after labor, some use it for vaginal tear and some use it for c section stitches. There are some males who are even using this spry after circumcision.

It best for wounds, cuts, pains, burns, sun burns, skin irritation and a lot more…..

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