Postpartum doula cost

Postpartum doula cost

Most women have this question ( How Much do Midwives or Doulas Cost? ), and it a little bit trickier to answer this question since doulas or midwifes are just professionals who provide emotional or physical supports and lots of them will charge differently.

It like a hiring your own personal trainer, there are a lots out there and some will be cheap but most of them are expensive since they have to come to your house and do whatever is needed to be done.

Midwive or Doula?

First of all you need to know that there is a big difference between Midwives and Doulas, Midwives can deliver a baby where a Doula can only provide support for the parents.

The Difference Between a Baby Nurse and a Postpartum Doula

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Midwives usually run in the neighborhood of $2000-$3000 and some will be covered by insurance but you will have to talk to your insurance provider to see who they cover or you can call the birthing centers or Midwives and ask them directly.

A home birth would be very nice if you can swing it. But I don't know how insurance companies feel about this. A birthing center would also be great, i just wish we had one where we live but I'm happy to at least have some wonderful Midwives.


Most of them will charge around $600-$1000, unless you can find one who is just finishing her certification because she might do it for free or more depending on what services they offer and which you choose.

Some only serve as birthing coaches/assistants for you and your Partner, while some will also provide some help around the house for a few weeks after but those are the ones you have to pay more for.

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