Postpartum itching down there


Postpartum itching down there? Hey guys has anyone experienced itching after vaginal delivery? What do you guys recommend me to use to stop this itching?

Postpartum itching down there

Answers from other moms who had the same problem

Brenda Walker

That itching is absolutely normal almost every mother experience it after giving birth, you need to use dermoplast pain reliving spray and you should be fine.

Julie White

Relax that itching is normal, what got rid of my itching after labor was the Blue dermoplast spray, I got it for free from the hospital, just get dermoplast and the itching will be gone.

Elizabeth Edwards

There is a spray called dermoplast, you need to use it down there it will get rid of the itching within seconds after spraying it on your Hoo-ha.

Laura Hughes

I’ve been there sweety, that itching is normal, there is nothing you really need to worry about, the only thing that I recommend that will help you is dermoplast pain reliving spray.

Lori Green

Lol I remember that itching very well, you need to get some dermoplast. Hospitals usually provide it for free after labor. I’m surprised you didn’t get it.

There are two dermoplast spray though, there is a red spray called dermoplast antibacterial spray and the there is a blue spray called dermoplast pain relieving spray

You need to only use the blue spray called dermoplast pain reliving spray because it is not strong and best for after labor.

Don’t use the red spray it is very strong and will cause more itching and will burn your vagina like fire, good luck.

Pamela Hall

You need to use dermoplast at least two times a day and that itching will be gone…….

I also used dermoplast after giving birth, it was kind of my best friend after labor, this spray can do a lot of things, it will get rid of the itching and also numbs vaginal pains or after birth pains.

Please note: make sure to only use the Blue dermoplast spray, don’t use the Red dermoplast spray.

As you heard from other moms above, the only thing you need that will get rid of that itching is dermoplast.

Dermoplast was made for after labor, it definitely what you need.

and hear what other mothers are saying who have also used dermoplast after labor.

What are dermoplast postpartum side effect?

None: this spray doesn’t have any side effect, as long you use the blue spray during your postpartum you won’t have any problems.

Caution: don’t use the red dermoplast spray.

How many times can you use dermoplast a day?

Dermoplast cannot be used for more than 4 times a day.

You can use it 2 to 3 times a day……

What is the different between the blue dermoplast and red dermoplast?

The Blue dermoplast spray

Blue dermoplast

The blue dermoplast is the original formula of dermoplast, it was the first spray that the company made. It best for sensitive areas and can numb pains within seconds after spraying it on to the area.

It can be used for minor cuts, minor wounds, minor injuries, after birth, episiotomy, after lebiaplasty surgery and a lot more.

The Red dermoplast spray

red spray

This is the second version of dermoplast, it is an upgrade of the blue spray, the dermoplast company wanted to improve the blue spray and they came up with an idea of making the red spray. The red spray has some new ingredients that were added to it, that why you must not use it on your vagina.

The red spray is best for skin irritations and itching associated with sun burns and a lot more, just don’t use it on your vagina because it will burn it like fire………

Have you made up your mind?

dermoplast from amazon.

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