Pretty hospital gowns for maternity


Hello postpartum team, this is Melissa Shaw, I’m giving birth next week and am going to be a first time mom, so I was wondering what are the best pretty hospital gowns for maternity that I can wear while at the hospital after birth.

Pretty hospital gowns for maternity

There is nothing embarrassing than looking like grandma after labor, after having my first born I stayed at the hospital for 4 days and I was wearing my mother’s old and ugly gown.

Well I didn’t enjoy my stay at all since I didn’t bring anything with me, my mom came the day after I gave birth with her orange gown that made me look like a grandma.

I couldn’t even go to the bathroom because I was embarrassed what other women were going to say.

Most women who gave birth the same day as me were wearing some nice expensive gowns that made me to feel embarrassed since I was a 32 year old mom who looked like a 78 year old granny.

Well after my second birth I bought 2 gowns that I took to the hospital for after labor and I don’t have a single regret since my husband wanted to take the pictures of me and the baby.

It is very important to buy at least 2 gowns to take to the hospital with you because some of your friends and relatives will want to take pictures of you and your baby that will last forever.

You need to make sure to buy some gowns that will boost yourself confident when it time to take pictures.

In this post I’m going to review 2 gowns that I bought last year when I was preparing for labor.

The 2 gowns that I’m going to review on this post are:

1. Gownies - Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown

2. Baby Be Mine Maternity / Labor / Nursing Robe Hospital Bag Must Have

1. Gownies - Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown

Gownies - Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown

The first thing I like about this gown is that, it have at least 17 colors and designs that you can choose from.

You can wear this gown while pregnant and also can wear it after child birth, it soft and very easy to wash.

What I loved about this gown

  1. It best for both breast feeding and battle feeding moms, this gown will make it easy for you to breastfeed.
  2. The reason I bought this gown was because, it was sexy, pretty and also cheap at the same time.
  3. This gown is Machine Washable, after labor you will be tired and lazy most of the time and you won’t have time to wash your laundry, if you have a washing machine at home you won’t have a problem getting these clean.
  4. You will be able to bond with your new born when breastfeeding since this gown will allow you to get skin-to-skin contact with your baby.
  5. It allows your body to breath, it not tight and not loos at the same time.
  6. It best for c section birth and also vaginal birth, you won’t have any problems wearing this gown after your c section surgery.
  7. Your c section stitches will heal much faster since this has a lot of space for your stomach to get fresh hair.
  8. This gown will make you look sexy and pretty when it time to take pictures of you and your new born after birth.
  9. I don’t have any negative things to say about this gown since it worked exactly as I hoped.


2. Baby Be Mine Maternity / Labor / Nursing Robe Hospital Bag Must Have

Baby Be Mine Maternity

Well I didn’t wear this gown while I was at the hospitals, I only wore it when I got home.

  1. It doesn’t have any pocket
  2. As much my husband loved this gown this gown what I hated about it was that the sleeves were a tiny bit short for me.

I honestly wore this gown just because my husband was saying I looked pretty and sexy when wearing it, but I didn’t like it that much, the only thing I loved about it was the material and the design.

Make sure to order a larger size

I’ll be 100% percent honestly, this gown was awesome but I hated it when I first opened the package, why? Because it had a very heavy chemical smell out of the package. I washed it and used a stay soft before I wore it.

I bought this just because of the customer reviews, a lot of mothers were recommending it but for me it didn’t do the job, maybe you’ll like it maybe you won’t. But you can give it a try and see if it what you were looking for or not.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other mothers are saying who have also used this gown while pregnant and after labor.

Those are the two gowns I bought when I was preparing for labor, maybe you will like the first one, maybe you will like the second one, but I would recommending buying the first one because it provided me with everything I was looking for on a maternity gown.

Question was: What are the best pretty hospital gowns for maternity. by Melissa Shaw from Philadelphia, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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