Red dermoplast after birth


Hello guys, my name is Nicole from Canada, 32 years of age. i gave birth 1 day ago and the hospital that I gave birth at gave me the dermoplast blue spray to use but they didn’t allow me to take it for home use.

The nurses told me that they are only allowed to give mothers dermoplast for hospital use only, so I went home empty handed, then I got it from a local pharmacy but they only had the red spray, so my question is can I use red dermoplast after birth since I can’t find the blue spray.

Red dermoplast after birth

You cannot use the red dermoplast spray after birth, it is too strong. I also made a mistake of buying the red spray after labor and it burned my vagina like fire.

You need to only use the blue dermoplast spray after child birth, whether you had c section birth or vaginal birth.

It very hard getting the blue dermoplast on pharmacies, I also struggled to find the blue spray after I had a baby then I ended up buying the red one.

The easiest way to get the blue spray is by buying it online, I would only recommend you to buy it from amazon, they are a lot cheaper and they have the fastest delivery.

Check what doctors have to say about using the red spray after child birth.

Dr. Stacey Johnson

We provide dermoplast for free to women after giving birth, but we only provide the blue spray since it is the original formula of dermoplast, it not strong and it doesn’t sting.

Not all hospitals provide this spray though that why I would advise women to only buy the blue spray after having a baby, the red spray has some more ingredients that were added to it that why we only give mothers the blue spray.

I would also advise new mother to only use dermoplast 3 times a day, according to dermoplast their spray cannot be used more than 4 times a day.

Dr. Jill Edwards

Dermoplast pain relieving spray is the most important thing mothers should have in other to heal faster, this spray will numb the after birth pains within seconds after spraying it.

As a mother myself, taking care of a new born is very hard and it even more harder when you are suffering from after labor pains yourself, this spray has helped me to focus on my baby instead of worrying about pains.

For me this spray was a life saver since it also doesn’t have any side effect, I would advise women to never buy the red spray called “dermoplast antibacterial spray” because it is too strong and cannot be used after vaginal birth.

Dr. Jennifer Richards

Our hospital made a big mistake of providing the red dermoplast on mothers after giving birth since we have received a lot of complains from mothers who used it for vaginal tear. About 99.9% percent of those women told us that the red spray burned them.

This year we changed to the blue spray, and we have given this spray to about 560 women but we have never received any complaints. Mothers should only stick with the blue spray when buying dermoplast for after birth.

Dermoplast is very helpful after labor, it can make your healing process go much smoother and a lot faster, as long as mothers stick with the blue spray they won’t have any problems. Dermoplast is a must have for mothers after child birth.

As you heard from the doctors above, using the red dermoplast after having a baby is bad bad bad bad bad, I’m a living prove of that.

Another thing that Dr. Stacey Johnson said is that dermoplast cannot be used more than 4 times a day.

I would advise women to only use it at least 3 times a day, I also used this spray 3 times a day and i used it every time I went to the bathroom because I had a hard time at first when I was trying to pee.

Using this spray before urinating will also help a lot, what I love about using this spray is that, you won’t even have to touch the painful areas, the only thing you do when using this spray is 1. You open it, 2. You spray it directly to the area and 3. You are done.

the blue dermoplast spray from amazon.

Question was: can I use red dermoplast after birth. by Nicole from Canada, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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