Rihanna polaroid camera


Hey guys can anyone tell me what Polaroid camera does Rihanna use? I want to buy a Polaroid camera but I’m not sure which one to buy, I just decided to buy the exact polaroid that Rihanna is.

Rihanna polaroid camera

Question was Answered by: Nikita Keke

Rihanna was using a white Fujifilm instax Mini 7S but now she has upgraded to the same polaroid camera that kim kardashian is using, it a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera



  1. New slimmer and lighter body
  2. Automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED. This helps capture the perfect photo every time.
  3. New High-Key mode - Take brighter pictures with a soft look - perfect for portraits.
  4. New improved viewfinder for greater clarity and visibility.
  5. Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.

Technical Details

  1. Brand Name: Fujifilm
  2. Model Number: Instax Mini 8 - Black
  3. Flash Type: Internal
  4. Width: 2.68 inches
  5. Display Height: 4.57 inches
  6. Item Display Weight: 10.80 ounces

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who also bought this camera, it better to read customer reviews before buying anything online.


I have asked for this for christmas! Im sooo excited!

Lizzie Max

+SimplyFiona. same!

makules thangarasa

+Sun Nod xxx

Sun Nod

+Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Accessory Bundles Set http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MXVQ0YE


all you numbnuts! Get a real camera like the canon 5d mark 3

techie partoriza

fujifilm gave me one!... I couldn't exchange it for the world

R A I N E music

+Autumn Leaves yeah !

R A I N E music

+Autumn Leaves Yes I did ! Im so glad my parents got it for me :) did you ?

R A I N E music

Me too ! :D

Eve Doglord

+Born-to-fangirl yep thats pretty much it


Me too i think everybody did

Sofia Playsgeetar

ME 4


me 3! XD


Same, in baby blue!

Alex Schaerer

Me too!

Danamon Doop



Same XD

Maria Eide

Me too, so exited!

italianaa a

Mee too omgg


I love this camera! I made a video about it!


I got mine for Christmas too! It's great :D


i am getting it tomorrow i am so excited !!!!

Nhung Nguyen Phuong

kawaiixsquishies me tooooo

Razorx44 nick

kawaiixsquishies u cute


AngelinaPotatoes search it up on amazon, they're really cheap


kawaiixsquishies I want it sooo bad uh

Destined For Chicken

i got it today!!!!!!!!

rosie magbanua


Destined For Chicken

+Lilchunnky78 ugh i was supposed to--____--

Rosie Wellings

Got mine yesterday for Christmas!!

Ricardo Estrada

+trolololol lololol cool my sister got one for Christmas too

تَّكَلْنا منه على خُصٍّ الاتحاد قوة

+Alyssa Arceo got mine today❤️❤️ christmas morning. And it was so nice!! Still figuring out how to use it properly

Alyssa Arceo

was it nice?



Haley Pham

This was soooo helpful! Thank you soooo much


Haley Pham omg Haley I love you sm

Maya Mulvihill



I'm glad it helped you! Thank you for watching :D

Fluffy Puppy

Wow! I have been searching and searching for good quality videos about instax mini 8 cameras and how to use them for a LONG time and this was the BEST video I have watched! -You explained very clearly -You showed us how to use the camera so well❤️ -Your video was such good quality -You made sure you didn't leave out any important details -Your video was so entertaining whilst teaching me -The pictures you took with the camera was BRILLIANT And most of all, your videos just seem so happy and bright Thanks!

Beauty N Diy

I have the blue one of this and i am obsessed with it!!!

fatima Shaikh


fatima Shaikh

Beauty N Diy hey how many cartilages do you need if you use it frequently?


get the 2pack on amazon for 15 bucks i spent fifty dollars on film and got like 80 picks with all of it

Shauna Hoare

I have the blue 1 too

yoel koichi

i got this for my birthday (btw today )


I love it too, the only thing is that the film is pretty expensive


I have the blue one too!! I love it!!

Beauty N Diy

Can't stop taking pictures!


Rihanna’s polaroid camera is so cool, I’m definitely buying this for Christmas


I still take horrible polaroids it might just be the lighting

girly youtuber

make sure you're on the right setting for your surroundings and make sure you dont shake the polaroid or expose it to too much light :)


but max in life is strange shakes the picture after she takes it

Hannah :

goner |-/

Durante Vindex

That game also brought me here. I'm also looking forward to buy a similar camera. lol

Kitty Kat

Because she has a different camera

Brenda Bernardino

I'm getting mine in 2 weeks can't wait!!

Brenda Bernardino

+Allyshow It's a great camera. I love it.


How do you like it?

Amjan Woda

im getting mine tomorrow!

Stefan F

+Jasper Bought mine on amazon had the best price www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-Instax-Mini-Irrnstant-Blue/dp/B00AWKJPOA/?tag=ref10-20

Brenda Bernardino

I got the black

Brenda Bernardino


Totoro ._.

Did you already get it?


this is probably one of my fave demos for the instax mini 8 .


Thanks so much, glad it helped :)

jelle burmann

It's not a Polaroid but an instant. Not trying to be rude but I'm quite keen on differences in cameras and there film. Sorry if I pissed you off no intention to do so

Lisa Otoo

+7th street

7th street

it's their film. not there. sorry!


I am aware, hence the title: Instax mini xD And you didn't make me mad at all, haha. :)

Arisha loves Brendon Urie and BTS

I have a pink one.I love it a lot.

Rosemary Miller

I am crazy excited I ordered mine from amazon and it comes tommorow. I honestly feel like I'm going to die before tommorow!!!! I have watched like all of these review videos.


omg me too like I have the exact same situation lol!

Taylor Nicole


Abby Parousia

+Sofia Paulo Honey, Polaroid is a brand, but it's also a term for any instant camera. Get your facts completely straight before being a bitch.

Sofia Paulo

+megmeg2468 lmao finally someone with a brain

Taylor Nicole

+Sofia Paulo queeennn

Sofia Paulo

+Nathan Liddell-Archer Polaroid camera is a brand sweetie. It's called an instant camera. You obviously didn't use the dictionary

Nathan Liddell-Archer

well it is cos its a camera that takes instant photos which is definition of the dictionary a polaroid CAMERA

Sofia Paulo

+Nathan Liddell-Archer technically it's not because Polaroid is a brand.

Nathan Liddell-Archer

+megmeg2468 well technically it is

Hanna Emanuelsson

If the camera just says ''Instax mini 8'' up in the right corner, is it a fake one? :o


It's not they have ones that say fujifilm instax mini 8 and just instax mini 8

Valeria A

how do you turn it off?

Valeria A

+OkayLeslie thank you!


You slightly push the lens in

Yandere Chan

I got it for my birthday

Kristina Strutskaya

where you bought the film and stickers?if the Internet you can link please?


I opened the door that the film goes in before it hit 0 and the dial has reset, will this ruin my remaining photos? xx


fionah53 yh, never open the film back. Only once all films are used up. (Dial on 0)

Bethany Francia

Random question: How do you edit the cover images for your videos? Meaning how do you get it to looks like that?? Please respond~ thanks!! Btw this video was great! Thanks for the demo!! ^^

Sun Nod

+Bethany Francia Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Accessory Bundles Set http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MXVQ0YE

Bethany Francia

Cool thanks!! Sorry~ I couldn't remember what it was called (the thumbnail)


It's called a thumbnail :) I use after light on my phone; I just uploaded a "What's on my iPhone" video that goes more in depth.

kayla_ n322

thanks soooo much

Ba Hyuna

+Tomark Daily I live in Norway, and I 'm a little scared of that if I buy it from amazon I dont get it, Can I ask where do you live & and did you get it? :/


Glad it helped :)

raynie rainbow

where can you get film skin? ANSWER PLEASE

Linh Doc

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (White) $64.99 and eligible for FREE Two-Day Shipping##amzn.to/1tpvEWI


+Raynie Yu nope, urban outfitters doesn't have any. They have film though! It's really expensive there thought, which is why I recommend online shopping. :)

raynie rainbow

is there a store that has film skin? Urban outfitters?


Anywhere online: ebay, amazon, etc. :)

Andres Felipe Mazo

How do you install the Polaroid film skin, is in the same way?

Andres Felipe Mazo

+NextFashionDesigner thank u so much


Well, it's a sticker, and you can't see the polaroid until it prints. Therefore, after :)

Andres Felipe Mazo

+NextFashionDesigner just one more question, you have to put it before or after taking the photo?


Film skins are stickers you put on plain polaroids. They're basically borders :3


My dad is sooooo annoying he says that he doesn't have money to buy this awesome thing cuz we spent a lot of money on our house,HELLOOOOOOO,WEVE HAD THIS HOUSE FOR 3 MONTHS WE HAVE MONEEY.My mum showed me her paycheck and she has 1000 pounds,maybe even more,so I don't see the point in not buying it.Nice video,i loved it

Ofunne Mordi

What's the decorating film for?

girly youtuber

you can get plain film and decorative film to make your pictures more interesting if you want, I prefer the plain film but some people like to have patterned ones :)

Kim KK

Rihanna’s polaroid camera is very cheap, almost anyone can afford it lolz…. Even a homeless person can afford buying this camera so there is really no excuse of not buying it

Yaren xo

Omg THANKYOU this helped so much x

Laura Hughes

this video is so useful!!! thank you!

Harvey Louis

Do you speak?


Which filter can I use when it's dark? And which is the best filter for sunrises?

Ash Bate

I have heard you can try to cover the flash with tape and that will make the color more tru but I have not personally true it

Its me

Lia the camera knows what you will need, the red light indicates it.

Lilli Valenta

the camera shows you which one you should use

deysi navarro

Do you have to shake the Polaroid picture for a Fujifilm instax mini 7s ???? Please answe

Katelyn McDonald

NEVER shake a Polaroid picture as it mess up and shake around the ink in he photo! Your photos will last longer and look better if you don't shake them.

Kylie D.

you don't have to

alycia g.

mine wont take pictures what do i do

Torres Abby

so my dumb self put the film backwards accidentally, I wanted to ask do ya'll have any tips on how to take it out I've been trying for 20 minutes dtraight but nothing

Lisy Marie

i did that too we should reallly read the instructions first


+Torres Abby I did the same thing lol anyone have any advice on how to get it out?

Cynthia C

What if I wanted to take pictures at the beach? Would I have to keep the film somewhere dark like my bag? And would the heat affect my pictures from developing?

Courtney 3:16

Once the film is in the camera it's okay and with pictures that have been taken they should be fine as the ink is protected in the picture

Jacob Is a Dalek

I just got mine yesterday.

Jacob Is a Dalek

+Ishwari Kore it varies. Sometimes it is cheap ($10 for 10 films) sometimes it is $20 for 10. The best to buy is 40 for $20.

Ishwari Kore

+Jasmine Isnotadalek how muh is the film for?

Jacob Is a Dalek

Film is expensive though.

rosie magbanua

OMIGOD you guys are lucky. My mom wants me to save up

melanie montano

Me too!

Alli Channel

Where do get the films

mia Adriena

Thanks for this vid! I hv no idea abt the exposure stuffs! Maybe thats why my photos dont come out nicely as i want. Thank you!

Patrick Dela Rosa

How do you use the film skin

Alexandra _

you said to not shake it but what if you're at like a concert and you wanna use this ? and you said room temputure ? but ... so i cant take this to a concert or a party ??

Luz Noemí Solórzano Sánchez

Thanks a lot. I liked your video. I got one yesterday. I'm so excited

Mati Daughtry

Where can you buy the film?


+Sky Hyuna amazon its more cheaper but its shipping. In micheals its more expensive! but you get it fast. I order mine in Amazon in 1 week it still hasn't came. :C so if i was you i would trust Micheals.

Ba Hyuna

+ThePurpleDot Should I trust micheals or AMAZONN? :/

genesis garcia

thank you so much! helped a lot! :)


Do guys get this? Because I'm a guy and I want one and I don't know if it will be weird for me to have one.

Sarafina Wellington

It's not weird to me, if someone calls u gay u can explain that u like photography so they can F off

William Bui

I dont care what people use :| Like i have one of these and im considered 'cool' for some reason lol

Totoro ._.

I'm also a guy and I'll get one. And if someone says smoething like "You gay?" or "Homo", they are just jealous. I even use eos lip balm :D

Blood Dragon

+TokenChineseGuy's Rare Music! whats the social stigma against it? Do you fear being perceived as a "hipster", well this camera is new and that completely goes against the whole hipster style. The only reason I wouldn't be interested in this is cause it runs on batteries.

Nina Nguyen

You should get one I reccomand it. Who cares what other thinks. There good quality, especially if you dont want a printer or you dont want to go to walgreen get print them out. Its not worth it.


I want one and I'm a guy I just don't gaf

William Bui

I have one, all my guy friends want one now lolol.

TokenChineseGuy's Rare Music!

+Zaid I'm a guy and I got one. It's a real nice camera. I kinda regret it though, cause I feel like there's a social stigma against it.

Erin Farrell

Thanks so much I got this yesterday and I have no idea what I'm doing

and then, eat.

Got one for christmas today, don't like the color hence I wanted to white one, (I got a yellow one) but I still love it, do you have any sites or stores when I can get films for cheap, I already searched amazon and the cheapest film I found was 11 something bucks, not bad but it came with 10. It doesn't matter the pattern I just need cheap film. Thank you!

Tara Hernandez.

im thinking of getting a yellow one. is it pretty for summer? do you like it cause it looks kinda good in pictures i just dont want it to look veryyy weird when i see it in person

and then, eat.

Thanks for all the help guys, found in best buy a good offer and I sadly don't have a staples where I'm from, but thank you guys, and yeah they do sell out FAST.

Nicholle Christine Edwards

Snatch sales if you can actually find the film!!! They are sold out everywhere. Goodness forever search!! 0_0


I got my film at Best Buy. A pack of 20 for $20. I saw that Staples has the pack of 20 for $15.99 but currently out of stock. If these stores are available to you, I feel its easier and quicker! Not that bad of a price either.

R A I N E music

On amazon you can get big amout of films for less then at the store ! But it still kind of expensive just a litle less

alejandra molina

So I'm getting one of these in black but I was wondering if they sell any packs bigger than 50 on amazon because I planned on taking this with me to Orlando on a school trip to take photos

Gabrielle Pinnock

alejandra molina they sell packs of 100 for $60 us


Not sure, depends on the seller. Just keep searching :)

Winry Mittens

Thank you so much! Your video really helps! :)


Glad it helped you out n_n

elisa shamsul

my dad bought it fr me in pink colour ! and your video is really helpful ! Subbed


Yay, glad it helped! :D

Maria Santos

Hi! Where did you buy the pink and the blue albums?

Ba Hyuna

+NextFashionDesigner I live in Norway, and I 'm a little scared of that if I buy it from amazon I dont get it, Can I ask where do you live & and did you get it? :/


I bought everything off of amazon :D

fazxka cheonsa

can i ask something. If we took a picture, but we don't want the picture and decided to take another picture. so do we get to select the picture we want?

fazxka cheonsa

Owh,, thx (everyone) for the info

Beef Feng

If u wan to be able to choose, maybe an instax share would be better for u. U choose the pics from ur phone and it will print from the instax share

and then, eat.

Like physically? It's not a digital camera so no you cannot check and "delete" the one you don't like, if you take it and don't like it that was a waste of 1 dollar.

vanessa giron

No you can't. It prints out automatically, you won't be able to choose which photo to print out

Mariana Cervantes


Alexa Kay

This was so helpful! I'm getting one (in blue) and my friend told me to shake the picture cause it will make it appear faster! But it works just fine without shaking it!!! Thanks so much!


I think its only the old polarioid cameras from back then. I used to have one c:

Karla Sanchez

DO NOT SHAKE THE FILM! im not trying to be rude but shaking the film is bad because of the chemicals used in the fim.


Glad it helped :)

Henriette Johansen

i am from Norway so i need to order one, does enyone now where i can order all the things i need to the camera and the camera?

Christine Bagara

how do you know when to change the batteries?

Adrian Cardenas

In the manuals that are in the original packaging, it states that you should be able to take about 100 shots before you have to replace the batteries. (:


When the camera doesn't turn on xD

Purple Being

I love how you are editing this video you have a new subscriber


Awww, thank you, glad you liked it! :)

Poignant Sammy

This is the perfect gift for me! I love scrap booking and keeping memories


It's a great way to scrapbook :D


This is such a clear, simple and great vid! Thank you so so much! I didn`t knew that 20 'pieces' of film was 13-20 dollars, I thought they always cost 20 dollar for 20 pieces.(wait,dollars right? Not pounds? •o• I'll check it after posting this) I'm going to buy one! Stupid enough is it like 170 dollar here :( (sorry for my bad english)


Thank you, I'm glad it helped you! And yes, dollars, I'm from the US :)


This was a very nice video, thank you!

DW triple B

Thank you! I just ordered it and will get this on monday!! Can't wait :D

Glo Rodríguez

Quiero una :( está padrísima!

Sofia Toriz

Thanks so much ! I bought my camera and I didn't really know how to use it but I was too scared to mess around with to figure out how it worked .. So thanks so so so much !


Thank you so much!!


Glad it helped! :D

Kayla Montgomery

that was really helpful!! thank you, i subbed :)

miyuu minty

tips are needed! thanks!

Lyndsey marie

Thanks for the tips helped me soo much! . i just recently got my instax mini 8 yesterday in pink ! aha and i thought something was wrong with it but i guess it sensors things on its own thanks!


Yay, I'm glad my video helped you out with any issues and tips! :)

franz xaver lehrhuber

hallo leute kaufen so scharfe und echtfarbige bilder mit alten sfortbildcams nicht zu vergleichen ein leben ohne fujifilm ist nicht farbig und lustig gruß DG7RCL


Love the video but you almost make it seem a lot harder than it is. Instax film is a lot less fidgety than it's older counterpart (Real Polaroid film/cameras). I've shaken film form this camera (just out of habit), and nothing has happened at all. These are the type of pics you can take a throw in a bag. And also, the film is barely effected by temperature and will only be a problem if it is something like below freezing out or above 130 degrees out. I understand what the pamphlet says but I've taken photos in Mexico at 107 with no problems and photos in Alaska with also no trouble. Theres not need to take pictures at room temperature, I'm sure the company has probably had happened a few times and put it in the pamphlet just in case! PS. The viewfinder on ALL Polaroid cameras isn't exact because they can't put the viewfinder right where the actually lens is. This isn't a digital.


Bruh, chill. this is just how I mad my video, xD And i just followed what I've read online xD

Leon Kuzmin

The music was my favorite part about this video.

Justin Babi

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (White) $64.99 and eligible for FREE Two-Day Shipping##amzn.to/1tpvEWI


Haha xD

Lauren Jacobson

Don't see the point if you cant take pictures above room temperature. You can't take on holiday on the beach or anything

Lauren Jacobson

thank you:)


+Lauren Jacobson Yup, that should be fine. :)

Lauren Jacobson

what about 30/40 degrees?


As long as it's not blazing hot or freezing cold you're fine. :)


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwws!!! NASTY nails! I'd have expected more from a channel with this name.


+Bintou Njie Why don't you kiss the baby, ya silly beeeeeyatch! Opinions kept to oneself area good way to have bowel troubles. So in answer to your inept query....no.


+Sophia Liss True true, I admit. ....still nasty though.

Sophia Liss

You should stop judging and just watch the damn video. Who care's about nails? This video is about the fujifilm instax 8 and how to use it. Watch it.

κατιε lee

my friend was like,"you have to shake the film." what?

Michael Grinshtat

wtf w the music! why? !!!

Khalishah Nadirah

sama kak, aku juga warna nya putih

Jonathan D. Levinson

What exposure did you use to take the photo of the cat?

Handmade xXxLianna

I'm excited to have this after I earned

Meyadha Salhi

esque ul faus metre de lencre

Im a dog *biork,* borf * sniff* woof*

I've waited a day and my pictures still won't show up. they are just white

jamaica sarmiento

when you buy instax mini8 includ with container of the film


the flipping film cartridge is stuck in my camera and i can't even get it out !! what do i do?

lєαƒα lєє

Thank you for the video :o But will the photo be affected by light with time or will the colors remain the same even after days/weeks/years?

Gaby e amanda Toys

omg you helped me soo much thank you !!!! yay

Cam Baron


игорь воронов

Маникюр не судьба сделать? Ногти ужас!!!

Ivaldo Erlangga


fatima Shaikh

How many cartridge does it need? if you use it too frequently?? pls anybody

Johanna Bermudez

how many minutes takes the film to be complete?*

pine 4pple

Hey this video was super helpful. I got mine few days ago in raspberry red and I love it! Super cute. I have a question tho, what is the best thing to do after taking the picture? Should I hide the Polaroid in a dark place, you know put in the drawer or bag when outside or should I just put it ... on the table? Not hold it directly into the sun obviously but what's the best way for the picture to develop?

Emily Vazquez

i have a question, my poloroid has a S for the film but i have only taken 2 pictures in all can someone help me please? ?

Las Mejores Cámaras Instantáneas

Great tips!

Squishy Banana101

How much is it? im going camping with my school and i want to take polaroid pictures to look back as a memory, someone plz answer

Giya Roberto

the white looks super beige and creme to me ♀️♀️

Nightcore Sunrise

Why do my photos come out dark?

Nightcore Sunrise

Why do my photos come out dark?

Tegan Fannin

Thank you so much! I was really struggling wondering why my pictures weren't coming out the way I wanted - made a rookie mistake!! Much appreciated

alaizah x Farrugia

I have this

Lauren Carnochan

I got an instax mini 8 for christmas and a few of the photos that I have taken have just come out blank, do you know why this is?

Lauren Carnochan

Jenny sweetheart aw okay, thank you

Jenny sweetheart

Lauren Carnochan either the film doesn't work or when you put the film and took the first picture which is just the protection if you took out the fillm it could have been exposed to the light I have one in white and that happened to me once

Ares The Dog

Kitty album for instax mini http://ali.pub/zhtfj

Cats CatsCats

I just got one and THE BATTERY PACK WON'T OPEN!!

DaniellegrantandMikaelaGrant !!!

My Polaroid is on order, and I LOVE JOHN GREEN!!!!


There were batteries that came with the camera but i can't tell if they work or not because when i turn the camera on there's not a light where the exposure things are. Do you think i should get new batteries?

Sonja Vasilevska

You didnt help me


Do we have to add the protective film again each time we try and take a picture because after i took a picture of myself it wont let me take any more pictures

Louise Belcher

It exposes the film to light before a picture is taken, so if you take a picture, it will just be blank white.

Emily Vazquez

Louise Belcher what happens if you do?

Louise Belcher

No! Don't open the cartridge after the protective sheet is taken off, it will ruin the film. I don't know how to help you, but don't do that.

Simply Olivia

Whoops. I shook it

Milasia Khanthavixay

Why won't the number show how much film I have left. It still says the letter S after I took the protective film

Kyaryiah Coleman

Good video, also you should talk more

Aphmoo Senpoo

How long does it take to dry?

Troy Volcko

Jenna Animates it doesn't take long. A couple minutes

i got no jams

my friend has this camera and I was really fascinated by it that it got me thinking to save money so I can have this one too, especially im a memory hoarder

Joy Chin

We opened our christmas gift today and I got a blue Instax Mini 8 today. I had no frikin idea how to use it lol (but of course, I knew it was a camera) This tutorial was so simple and useful. Thank you! You earned +1 Sub

Joy Chin

We opened our christmas gift today and I got a blue Instax Mini 8 today. I had no frikin idea how to use it lol (but of course, I knew it was a camera) This tutorial was so simple and useful. Thank you! You earned +1 Sub

Ana Santos

I'd like to know if it prints the pic instantly or you have a " print" button


Not sorry is my little Sister Who did this but your camera is super beautiful

Artsy Roze

i have one and wanted to ask if anyone knows why its on s *it has film inside *

Mary Lee

How do I make the lense shrink back? Thanks!

Thy Nguyen

Where u buy that camera?


Thy Nguyen Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc.

Jajang Jamil

I have spent months researching into earn money with pictures after which we found a fantastic website at Hartlyn Photo Pro (google it if you are interested)


Next fashion is a bitch

arizona kiwi


katherine huang

Loved this video!! Was so helpful!!


For anyone that needs some advice where to get their camera: Places: You can get them at your basic locations or online websites; Target, Walmart, Michael's Crafts, Amazon, etc. Price: I would most likely wait until black friday or a holiday/non-holiday sale. Keep your eyes out for any kind of deals that can be actually worth it. For example, I got mine on black friday with the film, case, and camera itself all on sale for a good deal. If you don't want to spend a lot on a camera, then buy it around this time! Overall Review: The setup if fairly easy, I wouldn't recommend going off of the paper instructions. If needed, watch a youtube video like this one that demonstrates how the camera is used and what each individual part of the camera means. Do some research before buying the camera! If you feel the need that you will not use it because of the film, save some money up before hand or don't buy the camera at all. - I hope this helps somebody! :) -

Sema Damra

I'm planning to get one , but I just wanted to make sure , does it come with film? Or you have to buy individual films ?


Sima Damra there are two different types of packages, camera and camera with ten shots, if you need more shots/film make sure to buy the ones specifically for the fujifilm mini cameras if that's the one you are getting, I hope this helped

helen nguyen

Can you take the picture from the front and back?

Martie Hans

can you edit the pictures? aka is there a sim card to put into your computer?


its a polaroid style camera. It only prints single copy physical photos, they aren't digital in any way

Aseel Ali

wt is the battery volume

Mazlina Zakaria

how much


Mazlina Zakaria $55-$60 at Walmart or Target

Jessica Ramos

Mazlina Zakaria It's about $55 on amazon.


Rihanna’s polaroid camera is dope, I’m also going to get the blue one tomorrow, or maybe the pink one…. Guys please wish me luck lolz

Hanna Emanuelsson

Hi! My name is Hanna and I'm a pretty small youtuber from Sweden! If you'd like to please check out my latest video! It's a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 demo and tips & tricks! Leave a comment and I'll check your channel out as well! Have a really nice day! :)


Why do I keep feeling like I want the white instax mini 8 when I already have the pink one

Rihanna polaroid camera Pic with Chris Brown

Rihanna's polaroid camera

thegreat marlene

what do i do if my fuji film is printing the pictures out


may I ask why not shake the photo?


TheRiordane due to the chemicals in the film, it'll fuck it up if you try shaking it, so its better to let it sit for about 4-5 mins? or so plus the photos will last longer and won't fade as fast if not shaken


I really love this video it helps

kcdc _01

Hi does your camera have a line in the middle of the setting adjuster?Its in both side

Daniela Parii

does "this is not a film" come everytime you put a new set of film?

Myrthe -

Daniela Parii yes, but it doesn't affect the amount of film you have.

Jayne Soque


Jayne Soque



Cant wait to get it for Christmas or even earlier!! Right now , I have a transparent one. Costed 0$.

JazzyGamings 04

What do I do if it's stuck on s?

prettyprincess321321 Harris

mine tooooooo.im so mad

Liyah Smith

Ash Bate I Have The Same Problem I Just Got It And It's Stuck On "S" And None Of My Pictures Are Coming Out...Please Help

Ash Bate

Do the pictures still develops fine?

Flippity floppity the schools shooter spotted me

i put the film in the wrong way what do i do!


omggggggggggg I've learnt so much from this, thankyou!

Kennethc Laguisma

Hey how much all money you spent for the camera?

Dank Dogger

Kennethc Laguisma Fifty dollars on Amazon.

Luis Henriquez Avila

What is the musical group

Pink Sprinkles

Even i have this type of video on my channeldon't forget to check it


I thought you were suppose to shake the POLARIOD


+Everything_ Keena789 I been doing it all wrong thank you so much!

Its me

Migrod the fujifilm is an instant camera not a polaroid so do not shake them, my classmate has one and she shakes it and it turned ok. but not good.

Color kitten MSP


Sketching Music

Are there any more guy friendly? I want this kind of camera but, I'm not really sure

Sketching Music



Every color is guy friendly lol

Sketching Music

I meant it's color,


They're all guy friendly ?

Sketching Music

Ok. Thank you

Jamilaaa K

They have a black one.

mrinal mukherjee

I live in India ! Does anyone have an idea where can I get this camera at a cheaper price? Amazon rate - 5k ! please help .


It might be the international shipping + Indian customs rules that's jacking the price up, 'cause if you buy it directly from Fujifilm on Amazon (not amazon.in) , it ends up being roughly 53$ which is about 3.3k INR (at least in the US).

Nila fithrianti

how to turn on the flash light ???

Lilli Valenta

i think the home one is the best but the camera shows you which "filter" you should use :)

Nila fithrianti

+Lilli Valenta how should we choose whnen we want to take a picture in the sun shine

Lilli Valenta

its automatic

9524 Glam

I have this yesterday because it's my birthday. It was given by my bf and im so happy with it.❤️❤️❤️

Ashley Keeler

Can't wait I'm getting mine on my birthday ! ( August 31 )

Jet Nguyen

can i have the instax mini for free ???

Daman Samae

โฟกัส ด้ไหมค่ะ??

Simran Bhathal

Is it better to buy the fuji film instax mini 8, or mini 8 plus? Which one is better to use in general?


the only l difference with the 2 is that the mini 8+ has a selfi mirror on the front so it's easier to take. but there is also a extra piece u can buy for the mini 8 to do the same :)

Fedia Kalai

cc ma belle je voulais cette appareille mes jne ses pas ou le trouver et le prix tu pourais me dire stp j'attend ta réponse,?♥

Sumaia Shwea


Andrea Ilarraza

I need help ! Whenever I take a photo with my Polaroid it comes out crooked and doesn't show the whole picture that I took. I have the lens straight but for some reason it didn't work


got 2 for my birthday last year (aug 20 1015) i got the blue mini instax and the purple and white polaroid 300 i gave the purple one to my sister (sep. 15) because i the blue one was prettier.

Aesthetically Shrek

can someone please help? when I first got my camera I accidentally put the film in wrong but got it out. so now film won't come out when I take photos. I just need like help please

Aesthetically Shrek

+Laila Mešķe well like everything else works but the film just come out

Laila Mešķe

+Aesthetically Shrek You used knife... I'm sorry but it could be broken aswell.

Aesthetically Shrek

+Lilibeth Aguilar I used like a knife to get under the sides and I got it out that way. Sorry if this doesn't help

Lilibeth Aguilar

Quick question how were you able to take out the film I accidentally put mine the wrong way as well.

Alessandro Linares

OMG, I always shake it


i'm researching a lot about this camera and this video is very useful! there's some tips that other videos don't have.


Super Video !!! I have this Camera, but the Flash is bot easy to use, in my opinion

Rozalia Ostrowska

my camera said "0" at the bottom and I thought that meant that there's no more films in it. I opened the latch and then closed it. I pressed the button thinking that a black thing would come out, but all of a sudden an actual Polaroid came out but was completely white. My question is if it does say "0" does that mean that you are still able to take your final picture??


It Means that you have to put a new Film in it


i bought an instax films and still i didn't use it but then i accidentally opened the panel where the film is located and suddenly the amount of film showed 's' instead of 10.. waaaah what should i do? ;-( i'm scared that all of it might be white if i take a snap

Sweet Hayles

Every time you open the back of the camera, the number always goes back to "S"

Rozalia Ostrowska

I would just try taking a picture of something and see what happens. If it comes out completely white, than its likely that so will the others

Nurul Nabila

may i know what happen if i open the panel while there are still in a few film? bcs once i open, the number bcame 's' pls help me :(


its so easy it happened to me too...for example if you have 6 films left and then u open the panel i will go back to 's' so before opening the panel remember how many films u have left :) :D

Mah name is no

Can you help me? Every time I take a photo it keeps appering white and I would wait for a day and its still white.

Nahya Khan

what happens if you shake the polaroid ?

girly youtuber

it shakes the ink when its making the picture so the picture may come out blurry or messed up

Lydia C

I literally just ordered a blue one off of Amazon for 57 quid

Azzura Nabiilah

Thanksss! i got it


So I inserted my film the wrong way and I can't get it out so can someone help me please on how to remove it

Hipsty Hopsty

Is it true you can turn the pics to black and white?

shafiqah rosly

i decided to check how many film i have left because i shows the symbol s at the back which i dont know what that means... so i open the back and i still have 4 film left.. what will happen if i took a shot?

Zanieb Al

+Aurelia Ca' Zorzi you cant

Aurelia Ca' Zorzi

How do i open it without ruining the film?

Mint Yoontea

Basically, if it says S, if you will take a shot, the cover of the films will go out. Its not gonna be an actual picture. Do you know that thing that says "please dont tap the films" and theres like this picture at the middle? yeah that will go out. Once you took that out (to take it out just take a picture.) it wont be an S anymore. Instead it will show the number of films you have inside. btw beware dont remove the tab if you wont insert films because one time i did that and i was taking a picture and a film went out but the picture wasn't shown. thats because the camera thought you put a film so..be careful. Hoped this comment helped!

Zanieb Al

You opened the the latch at the back and exposed the film? If so, then your film has gone to waste!

Sureya Obregon

any bad experiences with buying the film on amazon?

inkyu basu

can you make a video with it??

Destiny Reine

Getting mine tomorrow!!! Can't wait

sophies - happy - hamsters

I will get mine hopefully on Monday . I'm so super exited. Actually, we just ordered on same day, but my films are comming on Wendsday. Its horrible! I will have a camera, but no films :(


my camera won't change settings. like the light is only on the inside filter.

John Smith



The best, most helpful one on the subject. Thank you.

Helen Lei

I just got a blue one and I failed like 10 photos

Bea_ Moore

I got mine today and am a little confused about not putting the picture in the sunlight? What does this mean

Gabi Maza

Oh okay so light is suppose to shine red I thought the batteries i got with the camera where going bad and that the light was suppose to be green.

Coline Garcia

how much is that

lana dexega

I have the white too!!:)

Sara Essam

does the film comes with the camera??

Grace Jennings

I think you have to buy it separate and it's kinda expensive but you may get one pack with the camera. Not sure...


This is by far the best Polaroid tutorial

Jessica Martinez

if it says you have "S" film left what does that mean ??

Hannah Gibson

it means it still has the protective film

Abigail Price

It means that it is empty☺

Ice Jaguar

That is a dummy

Aiza Bhatti

I got me one today 5/27/17

Kevin Lin

If u get one from target will u get batteries?

Elly Kwong


Lux Yoon

my polaroid cam doesnt have flash...what do i do?


i have a polaroid but i havent use it for a long time like maybe a month or 2 or more idk can i still use it? there is a cartridge inside it and its not touch :/ so idk if i can use it still btw sorry if i have bad grammar


My friend accidentally opened up the same place in the cartilage was an empty it was at film , it went from 3 to 10 what is this mean I'm kind of scared that she broke it


Soo excitedd. i havé it buy but ahah i dont now it work.


Videos are constantly getting a million views and people don't watch them.

Мишутка Мишуткин

best camera http://ali.pub/whunp


Do we need to take of the batteries when not using it?


Keep the batteries in all the time until u need new battaried


I followed all of the steps and mine is working :(

Turtle Neck

I did shake it nothing happened it was fine

Zara Can

Thanks this really helped me


Thanks for this well made video : it's catchy, relatively short with lots of information :)

Gryphxn ROBLOX

I'm scared. I just got one for my birthday and this morning I opened the film thing because I wanted to see what it was because I didn't know it was the film place, and I forget if there was film in it. If there was I'm scared I just wasted the film. I didn't take pictures yet or even put the batteries in. Is there film already in a new camera that hasn't had any film put into it? If there is, have I ruined it by opening it?

Clare D

+Uxny When you get a new one there's no film in it :

Nakai Ruzive

Hello, NextFashinDesigner, so u have two Fujifilm instax mini8 "Polaroid " instant cameras what colours do u have and what colours do u recommend most

LPS Productions

What do I do??? My pictures came out fine but then they came out too bright and white and you can hardly see the picture

cadmium yellow

Change the settings on the light exposure on the camera


What happens if you shake the photo when you take it

Lisa Otoo

Nothing really, my friend let me take a picture on hers and nothing happened. Apparently it can affect the photo quality so maybe don't shake it just to be sure.

I ship joshler but I don't hate Jenna

I Like super hype to the music


just got it today and didn't have a clue super helpful thx a lot

Christina Marie

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! U r the only person that I could find to help me with the "first sheet isn't a film"


I just got mine and I put the batteries and the film now I'm trying to take the first shot so the plastic thing comes out but it's not coming out..help

Its Molly

take the first picture so the plastic thing comed out then put it aside and take your actual photo

Ден Ден

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 http://ali.pub/yb9pz

Brianna Limbruner

i have taken two pictures with my camera and both times no picture has shown up. yet other times it has. Any reason for this and should i be worried?

Courtney 3:16

+Brianna Limbruner it'll be like that until you finish the film. Once you put new film in the camera don't open it :)

Brianna Limbruner

sometimes it takes good pictures and other times it does not though

Courtney 3:16

+Brianna Limbruner you've exposed the film and it probably won't work now. The film isn't supposed to be opened once placed inside the camera

Brianna Limbruner


Courtney 3:16

Have you taken the film out of the camera?


This video is literally so amazing

lpspuppypaws 101

Do you know if you need a lot of light for a photo?. Because the photos i take are dark even if i go out side to take the photo its still kind of dark.



Smol Pigeon

Woah the film is so cheap for you! its $50 for the 10x2 where i live

Autumn Austin

got mines today and I just want to know how come we can't shake the film


+autumn austin Cause t will mess up the chemicals in the film.


Such a huuug quantity of packaging for only 10 photos (box, bag, cartridge)... this thing is an ecological disaster by itself.

ot5 is real

Got mine last Christmas (2015). The film's expensive but worth it.

ot5 is real

I never knew that you can't shake the film after taking a picture. I thought that it will make the picture appear faster on the film lol. I've been doing it for so long but thank God nothing bad happens to my film and it didn't affect the image, still has a good result. Now I think I'm gonna have to stop shaking my film thanks to this vid. Love the vid, you got yourself a subscriber! x


What's the font u used in ur video?

Jean Carllete Bieber

I'm so jeaolus

Jaden Bay

I have seen a ton of images of black and white Polaroid pictures is it a lens's or film ...

Jaden Bay

I have seen a ton of images of black and white Polaroid pictures is it a lens's or film ...


would be nice if this video is properly de-interlaced or shot in progressive scan mode

Sofia Zermeno

I got mine today and took a photo with it and I wanted to know how long it takes the film to develop

Kendall Clark

I'm deciding whether to get my fujifilm instax mini 8 in the color blue or cocoa..... I can't decide....

Kendall Clark

+Miu Mau same to you. I've decide to get the vanilla

Maria H

+Kendall Clark Okay, well I'm sure that whatever colour you choose, you'll be happy with the camera! Have a nice day

Kendall Clark

+Miu Mau meh. I like mint, but it's too vibrant for me.

Maria H

How about mint? I just got mine and it looks delicious :)!

Isha Kansal

Can someone help me? I've just bought my Instax camera and I took a photo, I happened to lose it, is there any way I can reprint it? Thanks!

Isabelle B.

I haven't gotten mine yet but I'm getting one for my birthday so I've done my research lol, and no, I don't think you can replace it sorry :( it only prints out the picture you take at that moment so you can't go back and reprint one.

Tina 13_Ma

This helped me a lot I got my Polaroid camera today.


looooooove ✨✨ x

poussey tm

the temperature affects the picture? so, what happens if i take a pictures while outside and it's snowing? i got my camera today and i'm going to see my sister in a week, she lives in Virginia so i wanted to take pictures in the snow, but now im concerned


The temperature affects the development of the image on the film. The film box says exactly this: Use at 41-104 degrees F. Below 41 F move picture to warmer environment for development.

kendal alana

+Valerie Ann i've never heard of the temperature affecting the photo. i don't think it would make a difference, honestly.

Skylar Brown

omg I took a pic of my hand in the snow with my polaroid, and I'm sad because the only thing I can see in it is my black sleeve

Jinx Blade

i want one

Luca Vlogs

I'm getting mine in 4 days

Colette Pellier

Super vidéo !!❤️

Abigail Galvez

omg! can't wait to have mine hopefully this week!

Gabby Brasseur

So if you take a picture in the cold it wont turn out??? HELP!

Oliver Jones

Physical is ALWAYS better from photo to Music (vinyl) to sex!

Amreen Toor


Trazee Lou Kierulf

I just recently got a polaroid and i realized at the last minute that i put it in the wrong way, can it still be fixed or its gonna be stuck like that forever?

Yabing Lin

Crap I put the film thing in light


Same the first plastic cover isn't coming out...

Jordan Troyer

i shake mine and nothing happens it just develops faster

Jazmin Portillo

+Totally Lexi you should really get one I just take picture with mine when I'm bored

Jazmin Portillo

I think it works better if you shake the picture for me the picture comes out quickly when I shake it so that's a quick tip

Pal Lor

I'm getting today as an early bday gift!! This video really helped!!

molly r

this was sooo helpful wowowo thank you

Teresa Marie

Yay yay yay I got one for Xmas I'm so excited to use it!! ;)

Question was: what Polaroid camera does Rihanna use. by Ashley from New York , Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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