Solarcaine for dogs


Hey guys, this is Oliver, I have 5 dogs at home and they get injured very often, can I use Solarcaine for dogs? I was thinking of using Solarcaine since I also used it on myself for pain relief.

solarcaine for dogs

No you cannot use Solarcaine on your dogs, Solarcaine was only tested on humans not pets.

According to the FDA, Human medication and pet medication are too different things since they are made using different ingredients especially when it comes to pain relieving product.

The only thing I recommend people to use on dogs for minor injuries and for pain relief is Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray since it is also what I’m using on my cats and dogs.

I have been using pet alive comfy pet for about a year and I don’t have a single regret from using it since it makes the wounds heal a lot faster.

Benefit of using pet alive comfy pet spray on your dogs

  1. We all know that bacteria’s and germs slows down the healing process of dog wounds that why you need to use pet alive comfy pet pain relieving spray because it also provide protection against bacteria’s and germs to help your dog heal faster.
  2. It provide immediate pain relief
  3. It not expensive
  4. A lot of rich people are using it, such as will smith, if millionaires are using a cheap product such as pet alive on their dogs that simple means this stuff works.
  5. It soothes the skin
  6. It works for any skin irritation and itching
  7. It doesn’t sting
  8. It doesn’t have any alcohol on it
  9. It was approved by the FDA
  10. It not only for dogs, it a can be also used on cats, as a person who have cats and dogs, this spray has saved me a lot of money since I’m using it on both pets, I don’t have to buy a different product for my cat since pet product are very expensive these day.
  11. It very easy to use, the only thing you do when applying pet alive on your dog is, 1. You open it, 2. You spray it directly on your dog's mouth and 3. You are done.

I also have made a mistake of using Neosporin cream on my cat when he was injured about 2 years ago, then the cat ended up licking the wounds.

After just 30 minutes the cat started to make some really weird noise and was also vomiting.

Using human numbing creams or sprays such as Solarcaine can be very dangerous and toxic for pets.

Take my advice and don’t use Solarcaine on your dogs and use pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray instead.

There are a lot of numbing products for pet that I know which are available online, but I’m only going to recommend something that I have also used myself that why I’m recommending pet alive.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who have also used pet alive on their cats or dogs.

I really believe in reading customer reviews before buying anything online to avoid getting ripped off.

Things I didn’t like about pet alive comfy pet spray

  1. It hard buying it offline
  2. It kind of expensive for some people
  3. It only for cats and dogs, they need to approve this spray to be used also on ferret and other pets like guinea pigs.
  4. You cannot use it for more than 4 times a day

Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray is not perfect, it also have its own downfalls, but there is no perfect product, just give this spray a try and see what happens…. I’m very positive that you won’t be disappointed since I also don’t have any regret from using it…..

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Question was: solarcaine for dogs. by Oliver Humphries from Tampa, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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