Solarcaine for Mosquito bites


GOOD Afternoon, can I use Solarcaine for Mosquito bites? I just moved out from my mom’s basement to rent a flat but I was stung by a mosquito on the first day on my new apartment lol, so can I use Solarcaine?

Solarcaine for Mosquito bites

Solarcaine will numb the temporary pains and numb the itching or any skin irritation caused by the Mosquito bite.

But I wouldn’t recommend buying Solarcaine to use on Mosquito bites simple because this will not get rid of the bites, the only thing this spray does is to numb the pains.

The best thing to use on Mosquito bites is On the Go Stick Skin Soothing Pain and Itch Relief for Bug Bites, it will numb the pains, get rid of the itching and the mosquito bites will be gone in a day or two.

This product was designed to cure any bug bites within a day.

I would advise you to not use Solarcaine but use On the Go Stick Skin Soothing Pain and Itch Relief for Bug Bites instead simple because it better than Solarcaine 100 times more when it comes to bug bites.

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You will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have used it are also recommending it as well.

When it comes to bug bites the only thing you need is on the go stick.

What I loved about "On the Go Stick"

  1. After applying some of this on the affected areas, it will minimize the discomforts immediately.
  2. It relieves intense itching bites
  3. It doesn't sting
  4. It stops the itching within 5 minutes and will get rid of the bug bites within the same day
  5. It small, you can take it anywhere, I usually take it everywhere I go especially when I’m traveling, it was a life saver when I went to Kenya 4 months ago, I went there to build a school for the poor and bugs where all over the place . You can carry it around without it taking too much space.
  6. It works for any allergic reaction that is associated with poison ivy
  7. It not only for bug bites, it can also be used for any skin irritation that is associated with sunburn
  8. It can also be used on children, it not only for adults
  9. It last for a very long time, it lasted me for about 2 months when I was using it at least 2 times a day when I was in Kenya.
  10. It natural
  11. It cheap and it works
  12. It also works for severe bee stings

There are a lot of product available on the market right now that claims to get rid of Mosquito bite especially online but I would advise you to only buy on the go stick because it is what I’m also using on Bug Bites.

I know a lot of product that you can use as well but I’m only going to recommend something that I have also used myself. I really can’t recommend something that I’ve never used just because people on online forums are recommending it.

I’m telling you to buy On the go stick based on my personal experience with it, you won’t have a single regret from buying it since it does exactly what it promises on it description.

The other benefit of using on the go stick is that, it can be also used on toddlers or infants, it not only for adult.

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