Solarcaine for radiation burns


Hey guys I’m looking for numbing spray or cream to use on radiation burn, can I use Solarcaine for radiation burns? Will this Solarcaine numbing spray work or what do you guys recommend, thanks for taking my question.

Solarcaine for radiation burns

Solarcaine was only made for minor burns such as itching and skin irritations associated with sun burns, it doesn’t work when using it for severe burns such as radiation burn.

I will advise you to use what most doctors recommend, this lotion is called ‘Miaderm Radiation Relief ’ and a lot of people who have used it for radiation burns are also recommending it as well which means it does work.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying about this lotion, these people have also used it as well. It better to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Benefit of using Miaderm Radiation Relief for radiation burn:

  1. First of all this was developed by radiation oncologists specifically to minimize radiation burn pains, itching and more.
  2. It works for every skin type, it developers guarantee 100% satisfaction
  3. It non irritating since it water based and alcohol free
  4. It reduces breaks in radiation treatment
  5. It soothes and restore radiation damaged skin
  6. It reduces radiations effect on the skin
  7. It provide immediate pain relief
  8. It relief last for hours
  9. It easy to use
  10. It doesn’t sting

We have received 5 emails from people who have bought this product because of this website.

Email: 1

Hey guys, I founded your website trough Google search engine, I was searching for something to use on radiation burn and your website was number one on the search result.

Well I just wanted to thank you for recommending Miaderm Radiation Relief because it provided the relief I desperately needed, thank you very much to your team. May god bless you…. Keep up the good work.

Email: 2

Hey postpartum period team, my name Ethan Bolton from Georgia, I almost gave up but luckily founded your website, I was suffering from lot of radiation burn pains, you recommended Miaderm and it worked very well, it was exactly what I needed, it was quite expensive but worth the cost.

I wish I had something to give you guys, thanks.

Email: 3

Hi this is William, your websites recommended Miaderm Radiation Relie for radiation burn, at first I didn’t think it was going to work but I gave it a chance anyway, well it did work, thanks for helping people like us.

To get advises from most website, you need to be a member and pay a monthly fee, I just want to say thanks for giving us free information.

Email: 4

Hi to the team that answers our questions, I just want to thank you guys for explaining everything in plain English, I had a hard time finding something to use on radiation burn until I accidentally founded your site. I really don’t remember how the hell I ended up on your website but I’m thankful.

Thanks for recommending Miaderm for radiation burn, I bought the pack of two from amazon, this stuff is amazing, I use it 4 times a day and it awesome.

Email: 5

I went on Google and searched dermoplast for radiation burns and ended up on your site, I wanted to use dermoplast pain reliving spray but you guys recommend Miaderm Radiation Relief, thanks for the advice. Keep up the good work.

I almost didn’t buy it but the customer reviews from amazon changed my mind. I honestly didn’t buy this just because you guys recommended it but I bought it after reading customer reviews since the majority of people who have used it were also recommending it too.

As you can see above, those are the people that contacted us after using this product.

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Question was: can i use solarcaine for radiation burns. by Ethan Bolton from Georgia, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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