Solarcaine for razor burn


Hey guys I just got a job, well am required to shave every day, but am suffering from razor burn, as soon as I finish shaving I develop skin rash from nowhere, it itchy and painful. Can I use Solarcaine for razor burn? Or what can I use to get rid of the itching?

Solarcaine for razor burn

I have also tried Solarcaine spray when I was suffering from razor burn but it didn’t help me at all, it caused swelling instead.

What has worked for me is Lab series – Razor burn Relief am still using it till this day, it numbs the itching immediately after applying it.

When I was suffering from razor burn my wife told me to try Solarcaine since it had Aloe Vera to sooth the irritated skin, well Solarcaine didn’t work for me, It made things worse.

I’m very positive that this razor burn relief is going to work for you since it works for all skin types.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other customers are saying who have also used this product for razor burns.

You will be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have used this are also recommending it.

My Boss is the one that told me to try Lab series – Razor burn Relief, but I didn’t buy this stuff just because my boss told me too, I bought this razor burn relief after reading customer reviews.

I was very impressed with the reviews since about 96% percent of people who bought it were also recommending it as well. I really don’t have a single regret from buying this product.

Benefits of using Lab series Razor Burn relief:

  1. It will provide pain relief immediately after applying it on the area
  2. It will numb the itching in seconds
  3. Provide fast relief on irritations and red ness
  4. It will re-build the moisture barrier damaged by the shaving
  5. The relief will last for hours

What I don’t like about this razor burn relief

  1. It kind of expensive for me, click here to check the current prize, am only using this stuff just because it is the only product that is working for me right now.
  2. It a bit creamy or milky, but definitely worth using.

The moment I first used this I was glad I did shave, I honestly hated shaving since I developed razor burn after shave, this stuff made me enjoy shaving again… .

Since I don’t like having a beard this stuff it kind of my best friend because it does exactly what I need when I’m done shaving, for me this stuff did exactly what it promised on it description.

Lab Series is a big company, they are a very respected brand, their products are high quality, what I can promise about this razor burn relief is that you won’t have a single regret from using it, the only problem you may have is that it is quite expensive.

When my brother had razor burn I recommended this stuff and he sent me a massage after using it for the first time, read it bellow.

Bro this stuff works like magic, it worked as soon as I applied it but I really don’t like the prize, well it definitely worth the prize but I won’t afford using this stuff since I shave almost every day.

I did my own search, this razor burn relief is the best on the market right now but unfortunately I won’t afford using it.

As you can see from the message I received from my brother above, this stuff does work, the only problem is the prize.

What I want you to take from this post is: don’t use Solarcaine on razor burn, but buy a product that was made for razor burn to avoid any complications.

You don’t have to buy Lab series – Razor burn Relief just because I also used it as well, you can buy any razor burn cream you think will be suitable for you.

There are almost 10 different product that you can use for razor burn available on amazon. But make sure to avoid numbing creams such as lidocaine, dermoplast, Solarcaine, bactine because these type of numbing creams have something called benzocaine.

Question was: can i use solarcaine for razor burn. by Stan Willis from San Diego, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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