Solarcaine for sunburn blisters


Hey to the team, I have a simple question, can is use Solarcaine for sunburn blisters? A friend of mine told me that Solarcaine is best when it comes to sun burns but my wife disagrees she’s telling me to buy dermoplast reliving spray. So what should I buy between these two?

Solarcaine for sunburn blisters

Solarcaine and Dermoplast are very good for sun burns, they provide heat relief within seconds but when it comes to sun burn blisters you are going to need something that is a bit stronger.

The only thing I recommend for sun burn blisters is Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel because it what I used myself and it worked like magic.

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You will be amazed by the reviews, a lot of people are recommending this stuff simple because it works, it does exactly what it promises on it description.

There are a lot of product that claims to work when it comes to sun burn blisters, well this is the only thing I’ll tell you to buy simple because it what worked for me and worked on my son after he used it as well.

But it is very hard to get this offline, you’ll have to buy it online, I struggled looking for it on pharmacies and not even a single pharmacy had this tuff, they all told me that it was out of stock.


In order to get the best result from this stuff, make sure to use it 2 times a day.

I have told about 4 of my friends about this product and they all told me that it worked, check out 4 messages I got from my friends that used this after I told them too.


Wow man, this stuff is amazing, it definitely works like magic, I didn’t believe in magic until I used this on my burns, thanks for telling about this bro.

What I love about this is that it provide pain relief immediately after using it and the relief last for hours, it worked pretty good when it comes to pulling the heat out of the burn, I’m definitely going TO buy this again.

I used it 3 times a day, maybe that why it worked as it did, I have been using Solarcaine for buns FOR ABOUT 1 YEAR and it was very helpful but it didn’t do me any good when it comes to extreme burns, this gel is better than Solarcaine 100 times more lol.

Dude where the hell did you hear about this gel? It works bro, I ordered another 2 gels to keep around the house, I think this is something to include on our medical kit, it very helpful when it comes to severe burns. I’m moving from lidocaine to this gel bro.

I told nick about it, he told me that he will also give it a try, the bad thing about this gel is that it very hard getting it offline.

I never thought there was a perfect product until I used this, my burns were very severe, I even prayed to god to help me out, well god answered my prayers using you to introduce me to this product, it amazing man and what I love about it is that it small, you can take it everywhere you go.

Me and my wife are going to take a vacation next week and I’m definitely going to travel with this stuff, I can’t just leave it behind after everything it did, thanks for telling me about this bro it means a lot.

I thought you were joking when you said it takes away the pain as soon as you apply it, well it true. Thanks man, I can’t believe such an amazing product can be so cheap. Good thing everybody can afford this stuff.

I just told a friend of mine living in Canada about this gel, but he told me that he looked everywhere but he couldn’t find it, but I told him that the only place to buy it is from amazon. I wish they can make this available on pharmacies…

Those are the messages I got from people I told to use this gel, it best for extreme sub burns with blisters….. You won’t regret buying this stuff.

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