Surviving postpartum depression and anxiety with Sarah Smith

Surviving postpartum depression and anxiety for me was interesting since I didn’t take any medication, but it wasn’t fun.

Postpartum depression is very real and very serious, all most 90 percent of mothers are diagnosed with this mental illness around the world.

Surviving postpartum depression

Well surviving postpartum depression was very hard since I felt really hopeless and alone.

To be honest with you I suffered this depression in silence, I didn’t tell anyone what I was feeling. And I really tried my best to hide it from my family and mostly my husband.

I didn’t tell anyone in my family because I had so much fear about being judged, I didn’t want them to see me as weak.

Am a very positive person and everybody in my family comes to me for advice or some type of cancelling whenever they are stressed or depressed.

That why I didn’t want to tell them about my postpartum depression. Which I don’t recommend you to do. You need to talk to someone as soon as you see the symptoms.

My little story about surviving postpartum depression

Well I overcame postpartum depression naturally, but I did take some Pure Micronutrients Iron Plus, Natural Iron Supplement just to boost my iron levels since it decreased when I was giving birth due to the loss of blood during labor.

I think am a successful women since am financial stable, I have my own business and happily married. I get a lot of supports from friends and family.

I wanted to be a mom very bad and my husband also wanted to be a father, we agreed in having at least 3 kids on our marriage.

When I got pregnant I was very excited…

Everybody got excited, my family, friends, work colleagues and of Couse my husband.

Well things were going well, till I gave birth.

Wow This wasn’t what I expected about being a mom. The first day after I gave birth was good, it was the most joyful moment I ever experienced in my life.

But the second day everything changed, I don’t know what really happened. I just got sad for no reason, I felt alone.

Well I just went on Google and searched “I’m feeling sad after giving birth”.

And all the result I got from the Google search was “baby blues”.

I’ve read almost every site that talked about baby blues.

That when I knew that what I was feeling was normal since it very common for moms and only last for few days.

Well, I was wrong. This depression continued and got really serious. All the websites I came across with stated that if these feelings of anxiety continues after 2 weeks then that would be postpartum depression.

I did my own research online trying to find information about this depression that only affect mothers and sometimes dad’s as well , I learned about the all the symptoms.


  1. Feeling sad
  2. Feeling lonely
  3. Feeling moody
  4. Feeling alone
  5. Feeling angry
  6. Feeling like crying
  7. Feeling like you don’t have nothing to live for
  8. Feeling like you are a bad mother

And I noticed that all the symptoms listed online were the same feelings I was feeling.

But still I didn’t know what to do to overcome this depression since all these site were telling me the same thing “You are not alone”, and I wasn’t getting any solutions.

Well I went back to Google and searched “how to overcome postpartum depression naturally”.

Well I got like 500 000 result, and they all told me the same thing “talk to your doctor”, I didn’t want to talk to my doctor , I just wanted to overcome this on my own.

Luckily for me I came across a websites that had a book called The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook which really changed my life.

I suffered from postpartum depression two years ago, and this was the most powerful book I have read that helped me through a very difficult time during my postpartum period.

This book is very informative from recognizing your symptoms and best strategies to coping or overcome PPD and it will guide you in finding the right help you need.

It have the list of medications that can help you if your postpartum depression is more severe and tell you all the possible side effects that you may experience when taking medication.

It have the individual stories that will give you some type of confidence in letting you know that you are not alone in this mental illness.

By just hearing stories from other mothers suffering from postpartum depression, that can really help you a lot.

There are too many mothers who have survived this depression and learning what they did and what helped them can benefit you a lot because you can implement their strategies sooner.

This book made me realize that this was all temporary and postpartum depression was a treatable condition, it made me understand that all what was happening was just a phase mothers go through after they gave birth.

This book made me feel good about myself, it boosted my self-esteem, self-confident and I started to be very positive.

It made me eat even when I lost my appetite, simple because it had so much information about the important of eating when suffering from postpartum depression or postpartum blues.

It gave me strength to tell my family and especially my husband what I was going through.

I really beg you to by this book, it will change your life. It changed mine. I bought it from amazon, what best about amazon is that you can check the reviews before buying anything.

Surviving postpartum depression can be hard but also can be done

If I did manage to survive it then so can you. Just keep on loving your baby, try to be strong.

  1. Find help
  2. Don’t be scared of telling your family
  3. Don’t suffer in silent
  4. Speak out
  5. Don’t try to do everything
  6. Find a moms support group
  7. Listen to other moms stories
  8. Pray
  9. Don’t compare yourself to other mothers
  10. Try to get busy to take your mind out of things
  11. Listen to music
  12. Watch movies
  13. Try finding something new to cook
  14. Try to be positive no matter what
  15. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

Surviving postpartum baby blues - Bounty Tv

Surviving postpartum baby blues

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