Triple paste vs Aquaphor For Diaper Rash


Triple paste vs Aquaphor, which one is the best? I’ve been searching for a diaper rash cream online and a lot of mothers on forums are recommending these two, so which cream should I buy for yeast diaper rash?

Triple paste vs Aquaphor

We went to a crèche that have about 200 baby’s, they have newborns, toddlers and infants.

We asked about 54 mothers who have used both creams on their baby’s for diaper rash.

About 43 Voted for triple paste and 11 Voted for Aquaphor.

This small survey we did proved that triple paste is better than aquaphor since a lot of mothers voted for it.


Then we went to a local free clinic and asked 13 mothers who have also used both on diaper rash. 8 Voted for triple paste and 5 voted for aquaphor.

This again proved that triple paste is better than aquaphor.

And lastly we asked about 23 female doctors about which cream between the two would they recommend to their patients with baby’s suffering from diaper rash and 18 voted for triple paste and 5 voted for aquaphor.

If about 93% percent of the doctor’s recommend triple paste over aquaphor that simple means you should also use triple paste on your baby as well.


Triple paste and Aquaphor are like Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is great and awesome but a lot of people prefer using Facebook.

Same goes with Google and Bing, Bing is very helpful but a lot of people prefer using Google over Bing.

What I’m trying to say is, not that aquaphor is bad, it just that a lot of women prefer triple paste over it.

What do we recommend?

We recommend triple paste as well since about 97% percent of mothers who have bought it on amazon are also recommending it as well under amazon customer reviews.

We asked women who voted for triple paste, why do they prefer triple paste over aquaphor.

Most of them told us that, they first bought aquaphor because it was cheaper than triple paste, but after buying triple paste they saw a huge difference and it made their babies heal faster and left the skin a lot smoother.

Then we asked women who voted for aquaphor, why do they recommend it over triple paste.

Well all of them told us that because it was cheaper.

It up to you which cream you buy, but as you can see from the little survey we did, most mothers like using triple paste.

Triple paste can cure almost any type of diaper rash, it can even cure the following severe diaper rashes:

  1. Psoriasis diaper rash
  2. Eczema diaper rash
  3. Yeast infection diaper rash
  4. Allergies diaper rash
  5. Contact diaper rash
  6. Diaper rash caused by acidic poop
  7. Yeast rash diaper rash
  8. Impetigo diaper rash
  9. Candida diaper rash
  10. Diaper rash caused by diarrhea

Have you made up your mind?


3 moms we have used both creams….

Mommy Lovees You!

my daughter is 3 months had the worst diaper rash ever I tried desitin, a&d, balmex, Nystatin which pediatrician prescribed nothing was working I heard triple paste was great bought it helped but very little so I bought aquaphor and omg life saver!! my daughter was bleeding her rash was so bad she was in so much pain and I been using aquaphor just about 4 times we just bought it and it's great as soon as I applied it it took her pain away and it's already clearing up I highly recommend it!!!

Sharon Patel I would buy aquaphor only when I’m broke…

I like both creams, but I honestly would go with triple paste, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t sting and it can be used on newborns, toddlers and infants, it just a must have for diaper rash.

Not that I’m hating on aquaphor but triple paste is a lot better for me, I’m simple going for triple paste just because it cured my son’s severe diaper rash called yeast infection within 7 days and it left his skin very smooth.

Angela Jackson Mom of 2 Happily married lol

Aquaphor cured my firstborn’s very severe diaper rash but after using triple paste on my second child, I fell in love with triple paste. I’m definitely recommend triple past over aquaphor even though I don’t have anything negative to say about aquaphor.

Both creams have their own down falls, there is no perfect product, but I’m going for triple paste.

Question was: Triple paste vs Aquaphor. by Barbara Clarke from Nashville, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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