Triple paste vs dr smith For Diaper Rash


Triple paste vs dr smith? My son has Eczema diaper rash and my sister told me to buy Doctor Smith, I went online and did my own research and a lot of mothers are recommending triple paste. What do you guys recommend between these two diaper rash ointments?

Triple paste vs dr smith

We asked about 50 mothers who have used both creams and 48 of them voted for tiple paste and only 2 voted for Dr Smith……

This alone proved that triple paste is a lot better than Dr Smith since most mothers voted for it.

Sharon Wood : Best postpartum doula in the world….

Doctor Smith looks like a good grandpa on the cover but I wouldn’t buy it at all, I’m recommending triple paste all the way.

There are two best diaper rash creams on the market right now, it triple paste and aquaphor, and between those two I’m also going with triple paste.

Why would you buy doctor smith when there are creams like aquaphor, triple paste or Destin? Take my advice and buy triple paste.

As a postpartum doula I have worked with a lot of mothers with babies suffering from diaper rash, and the only thing that usually cure the rash is triple paste, even aquaphor doesn’t work sometimes on some babies.


Teresa Turner : This is the first time hearing about Dr Smith

I have never heard of Dr Smith before, so I’m only going to recommend triple paste since it also worked on my son 2 years ago.

I own a crèche, most of the children have diaper rash, we first used aquaphor and it was very helpful but it didn’t work on all the kids.

Then we switched to triple paste and it did exactly what we were looking for on a diaper rash ream. Take my advice and only use triple paste if you want the best and quick result.

We have been using triple paste on the crèche for about 5 months and I don’t have a single regret from buying it at all.

Nancy Martin : I’ve heard good things about Dr Smith but I’m going for triple paste

When I was searching for diaper rash cream on amazon, triple paste was number one on the list.

Then I checked it reviews, well it was quite shocking since about 97% percent of mothers who have also used it on their babies were recommending it.

If about 97% percent of women are recommending something that simple means it does work.

As a mom who have also used triple paste on my son, I’m definitely recommending it as well. The only thing I didn’t like about ripple paste was the prize. But other than that it worth every penny.

Christine Cooper : Dr Smith is not bad but triple paste is was I like

There is no diaper rash cream better than triple paste at the moment.

Dr Smith is awesome but I like triple paste more.

It like Twitter and Facebook, I like twitter but I love Facebook more.

It really up to you which one you buy, but I’d buy triple paste if I were you…… it works on almost any types of diaper rash.


Cheryl Hill : Triple paste is what only worked on my both my kids

I have nothing against Dr Smith but I wouldn’t buy it as long as triple paste is on stock. There are a lot of women on who have said Dr Smith worked very well on their babies.

But I’m only going to recommend triple paste because I have also used it twice, I have nothing against Dr Smith but I can’t really recommend something that I have never used myself.

I’m recommending triple paste just because it what I used and it worked…… triple paste can cure Candida diaper rash, Yeast infection diaper rash, Eczema diaper rash, Allergies diaper rash, Impetigo diaper rash and Psoriasis diaper rash.

Question was: Triple paste vs dr smith. by Denise Ward from Savannah, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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