What camera does ansel adams use


Hey guys my name is Ryland, I’m a 24 year old photographer from Kansas City, do you guys know what camera did ansel adams use when he was still alive? I would really like to use the same gear that he was using.

What camera does ansel adams use

Question was Answered by: Zach Roberts

The legendary Ansel Adams used 9 different cameras for his professional work when he was still alive.

  1. Hasselblad
  2. Korona view
  3. Polaroid land (SX070)
  4. Leica
  5. Nikon F Series
  6. Canon 5D series
  7. Linhof
  8. 3mm Zeiss Contex
  9. And lastly his view cameras included several4x5 and 8x10s

As you can see above Ansel Adams owned a lot of different cameras, if you would like to use the same gear as him then you have at least 9 different cameras that you can choose from.

Which camera do I recommend between all those 9 cameras today in 2017?

As a photographer with 6 years of experience am going to advise you to buy the Leica M6 or the canon 5D mark III.

if you have a lot of money to spend then I would recommend the Leica M6, it is one of the most respected camera on the market right now mostly used by famous photographers like Boogie and platon.

Leica M-D Typ 262



  1. Leica M-D Typ 262 24MP Digital Rangefinder Compact Camera Body - 100-240V Charger - Car Charging Cable - Lithium-ion Battery - Carrying Strap - Cover for Accessory Shoe - Leica 2 Year Warranty
  2. Complete Concentration, Maximum clarity: The Leica M-D has everything a camera needs: manual settings for ISO values, apertures and shutter speeds. The essentials for uncompromising simplicity.
  3. Less Technology, More Creative Freedom: The Leica M-D offers the ultimate in digital rangefinder photography. No LCD screen leads to more freedom for creative photography.
  4. Typical M, Exceptional picture quality: As is the case with all M-Cameras, the Leica M-D delivers exceptional picture quality. It also remains true to its purist origins - by capturing exposures exclusively in DNG format.
  5. Unique - Purism also characterizes its design: By the omission of the Leica red dot logo, LCD monitor screen and menu controls, and a body finished completely in black, the Leica M-D is the epitome of understatement.

Technical Details

  1. Brand Name: Leica
  2. Model Number: 10945
  3. Optical Sensor Resolution: 24.0 MP
  4. Viewfinder Type: built in viewfinder.

Leica M-D (Typ 262) Details

  1. Manufacturer: Leica
  2. Manufacturer reference: 10945
  3. Item Weight: 1.5 pounds

If you don’t have a lot of money than your only best option would be buying the canon 5D mark III, it is one of the best canon camera I’ve ever owned.

The Canon 5D mark III is mostly used by professional photographers who are getting started and don’t have a lot of money to spend on a camera.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III



  1. 22MP full frame CMOS sensor
  2. 6 frames per second continuous shooting
  3. 61-point AF system
  4. ISO 100 - 25600 range with 50 - 102,800 expansion
  5. 1080p HD video recording with manual controls
  6. 3.2 inch LCD with 1,040,000 dots.

Technical Details

  1. Built-in Microphone
  2. Video Recording

If you already own a canon camera and want to take things to the next level then buying the canon 5D mark III may the best decision you’ve ever made.

I also own the Canon 5D mark III and the Leica M6 that why am recommending these two since it is what am currently using myself for my professional work.

You won’t have a single regret from buying one of the two.

Josh Thomas

I got obsessed with Ansel Easton Adams works the moment I first saw one of his photo online, I was 19 years old that time, and now am 56 years old and still admire the late Ansel Adams.

I don’t like Hasselblad and Leica cameras but I bought the Leica M6 two years ago just because Ansel Adams was using it as well when he was still alive, that how I admire the guy.

I really have a soft spot for Leica camera since they are insanely expensive but I don’t have any negative thing to say about my Leica M6 since it does exactly what I need from it, I honestly like using Canon and Nikon though.

Right now my favorite’s cameras that am currently using are the canon 5D mark III and the Nikon D750.

To any photographer getting started today in 2017 I would recommend buying the canon 5D mark III if you want people to take your serous and pay for your work.

Bryson Smith

I’m 15 year old and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my first camera, I only have 2 k and am definitely buying the Canon 5D mark III since a lot of professional photographers are recommending it. I still have to save another 500 dollars though.

Can anyone tell me where can I get the canon 5D mark III for a much cheaper Prize? I only have 2k and I need something that will last me for the next 3 years lol.

Kevin Henry

Canon 5D mark III is only expensive when buying it offline, you need to buy it online if you want it for a much cheaper prize, you can get it from eBay or Amazon, but I would only advise you to buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper than eBay and they deliver a lot faster as well.

Your only best option is to just get it from Amazon, you are going to save a lot. Maybe you’ll even get a lens with 2k.

Question was: What camera does ansel adams use. by Ryland from Kansas City, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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