What camera does bramty juliette use


Can anyone tell me what camera does bramty juliette use for vlogging? I tried asking her on twitter but she never replied, please guys help me out, I would really love to use the same cameras her.

What camera does bramty juliette use

Question was Answered by: Vicki jones

Bramty Juliette is using a Canon EOS Rebel T5i


This camera comes with more 17 items

This camera comes with more 17 items all with USA Warranty and manufacturer's supplied accessories



  1. Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  2. Canon 18-55mm
  3. Canon 75-300mm
  4. 58mm 2.2x Telephoto
  5. 58mm 0.45x Wide Angle Lenses
  6. 32GB SDHC + Digital Slave Flash
  7. Wireless Remote
  8. Focus DSLR Bag & 9 More Great Accessories
  9. 18.0MP APS-C CMOS Sensor with DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  10. Full HD 1080p Video with Continuous AF
  11. ISO 100-12800, Expandable to 25600
  12. 5.0 fps Continuous Shooting, 9-point All Cross-Type Autofocus

Technical Details

  1. Brand Name: Canon
  2. Model Number: T5i
  3. Optical Sensor Resolution: 18 MP
  4. Optical Zoom: 3.1 x
  5. Maximum Focal Length: 300.0 mm
  6. Lens Type: zoom
  7. Viewfinder Type: optical viewfinder

I’ve been using the Canon EOS Rebel T5i for about 3 months and I don’t have a single regret from buying this camera since it does exactly what I needed from it.

This camera is best for making YouTube videos, vlogging and best for taking selfies, since I’ve started using this camera to take pictures, my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter likes have increased by at least 5% percent because of this camera.

I stopped taking pictures with my iPhone 6 after buying this camera since it waaaaay better than the iPhone when it comes to taking selfies…

I bought this camera after it was recommended to me by Bramty Juliette, and I’m also recommending it to anyone who want a camera for vlogging or for just selfies.

The only thing I can tell you about this camera is that: You won’t have a single regret from buying it….

Buying this camera was the best investment I’ve ever made on my YouTube channel since it makes my videos look more professional.

Whatever you do, don’t buy this camera on offline stores because it expensive, to get it cheaper you need to buy it online from stores like Amazon and eBay.

The only online store I recommend is amazon since they are a lot cheaper than eBay and they deliver a lot faster as well.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Canon EOS Rebel T5i from amazon for the lowest prize.

Pam Brown

Jesus Chris!! thank you very much Vicki for finding out what camera is bramty juliette is using, I’ve been searching the internet for the whole day thank you, thank you and thank you.

Amanda Davies

My god, I searched and searched yesterday and couldn’t find any website that knew what camera was bramty juliette using, am so happy for finding this website, I almost bought the wrong camera, I almost bought the canon G7X, I just wanted the same camera that bramty is using. Thank you very much for this post.

Patty Evans

Thanks for posting this, I tried asking her on Twitter , Facebook, Instagram and under her YouTube video comment section but she never replied anywhere…..

Glenda Wilson

Why the hell did it take me two days to find this website???? I checked all YouTube blogs but not even a single one of them listed what camera bramty juliette is using, I’m going to buy this camera as soon as my dad comes back to work so I can use his credit card.

Jody Thomas

I emailed bramty juliette two weeks back but she never replied, well she just replied to me today and told me that she is using the "canon rebel T5i and imovie for editing", well I got pissed since she replied after just finding this website.

To any famous youtuber who is reading this right now, please reply to your emails and please please try to also reply to your subscribers if they ask you a question under your YouTube video comment section.

Karla Johnson

I searched what camera was bramty juliette using last night but I couldn’t find anything, well this morning I searched for "what camera does adelaine morin use" and this page showed up on the first page of Google and I was like what the f##? Sounds crazy isn’t it? Maybe god just answered my prayer who knows…

Doris Roberts

I almost bought the camera that amber scholl is using since I couldn’t find what bramty is using, I love bramty juliette, she is my favorite vlogger, I’m also starting my own channel in the next few days and I was looking for all the gear that she is using, I want to use everything she uses on my upcoming channel.

Marcia Robinson

Who almost gave up searching for bramty juliette camera?

Tami Thompson

Me, I almost

Shelia Wright

I was so pissed and mad I almost threw my phone outside the window.

Melody Edwards

Me, I was 3 seconds away of buying what carli bybel is using.

Felicia Walker


Nicole Hughes


Gwendolyn Green

Thank you Vicki for posting this and thank you Mandy Butler for asking this question, it seems like this website knows everything youtubers use.. It always right. I almost bought Conon 5D camera.

Traci Hall

I was going to buy what daisy marquezis using if I didn’t find what bramty juliette is using.

Natalie Lewis

I feel like I need to pay you Vicki for finding this, I almost bought the camera that desi perkins is using to vlog. You just saved me.

Shari Harris

Who was going to buy what lena the plug is using if you couldn’t find what bramty juliette is using?

Vanessa Clarke

Hell no

Roberta Patel

I rather die and don’t vlog

Sue Jackson

My god I hate that chick, she’s a whore.

Evelyn Wood

I would rather go to hell then using what Lena is using, my boyfriend subscribed to her just because she promised a sex tape after 1 million subscribers… 90% percent of her subscribers just want to see the sex tape then unsubscribe. Other guys have even created fake Google accounts to boost subscribers.

Belinda Turner

I was going to die if I didn’t find what camera is bramty using, I asked her like 100 times on YouTube but never replies. Thank the person wrote this post.

Question was: What camera does bramty juliette use. by Mandy Butler from Tennessee, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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