What camera does cow chop use


Hey guys does anyone knows what camera does cow chop use? Me and my friends want to start a YouTube channel and we want to use the same gear as cow chop.

What camera does cow chop use

Question was Answered by: Steve Lamar

Cow chop uses the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder



  1. 10x HD Video lens (5mm equivalent: 30.4mm - 304mm) with 8-Blade Iris, 3.5 inch touch LCD
  2. Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor (1/3-inch, 1920 x 1080 image sensor) with 20% improved low-light performance
  3. Up to 12 hours of HD recording to 32GB internal memory (2 additional card slots available)
  4. Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization and Intelligent IS automatically
  5. Cinama-Look Filter with 9 built-in filters

Technical Details

  1. Built-in Microphone
  2. Touch Sensitive Screen

Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder

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Demetrius Pearce

Cow chop is the best YouTube channel ever, whenever I’m bored cow chop keeps me company, these guys really killed TV lol, I haven’t watched a tv for almost 8 months because of YouTube.

I thought pewdiepie was funny until I watched cow chop videos… me and my friends want to start a YouTube channel and I was wondering what camera to buy for recording videos, I’m definitely buying this camera since cow chop’s videos are high quality.

Benjamin Turner

Cow chop is my go to YouTube channel whenever I’m bored, but why the hell does Trevor doesn’t brush his teeth? I know that he looks exactly like shreak, but does that mean he needs to live like him??? I guess it doesn’t matter then.

What makes me watch cow chop videos is because of James, spencer and aleks, those guys are super crazy… I remember when my girlfriend cheated on me then I went to YouTube, the moment I watched the cow chop videos I immediately forgot about my girlfriend that how funny are these guys.

I’m a religious person and am planning on starting a Christian tv channel and I’ll be using the same gear as cow chop. They are just hilarious.


This is off topic, but am I the only one who thinks Trevor looks like Otto Octavius?


Who the hell is that?


From spider man!!!


Hell yeah lol… I really never thought of that bro but you are damn right lol.


Dude do you have a YouTube channel?


No why?


Nah I was just curious, I want to start vlogging so I thought you were also vlogging as well, I wanted you to give me some vlogging advice.


nah man I’m sorry I don’t vlog, I only watch YouTube videos that all, but I would advise you to just upload videos that people love watching, first you need to check what people are searching on YouTube and make a video about that, don’t make a video about you going out with you mom because nobody knows who you are, just make crazy dumb videos and people will subscribe to you


I was thinking of starting a gamin channel


Dude that niche is saturated, there’s too many youtubers who are on that gaming niche, but if a dumb as like lena the plug made it then you can too.


Lol thanks for the tip bro… I got inspired by jacksepticeye that why I want to start a gaming channel.


Cow chop, cow chop, cow chop… the only thing I watch their videos is because I would love to bang Anna… I hope cow chop will get rid of spencer, he makes me want to kill myself, just hearing his annoying voice makes me want throw my laptop outside.

Aden Lewis

Then kill yourself because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon lol… let be honest no one will be liked by everyone, it sad but true, I’m 100% percent sure you also have your own haters..

Question was: What camera does cow chop use. by Wayne Jobs from Colorado, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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