What camera does ice poseidon use


Morning guys, I just decided to start my own YouTube channel, but am not sure what camera to buy, can anyone tell me what camera does ice poseidon use for vlogging? I would really like to use the same camera as him, his YouTube videos are very professional and super high quality.

What camera does ice poseidon use

Question was Answered by: Emerson Foster

For filming YouTube videos Ice Poseidon uses a Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera

Check out the specs of the Canon 80D


  1. 45-point all cross-type AF system* allows for superb autofocus when shooting with the optical viewfinder and focusing area selection modes.
  2. Intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage.
  3. 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor helps provide impressive, high-resolution results.
  4. Improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps you shoot video with smooth, fast and accurate autofocus, and stills with instant and precise autofocus.

Technical Details

  1. Battery Charger
  2. Image Stabilization
  3. Video Recording.
  4. Product Details
  5. Manufacturer: Canon
  6. Product Dimensions: 7 inches x 9.6 inches x 5.3 inches; 1.1 pounds

Canon EOS 80D


I don’t know anything about the Canon 80D Camera so just CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS And hear what other youtubers are saying who are also using this camera for filming, some people use this camera for vlogging and some are just using it for professional photography.


4k is just marketing and advertising. No matter what the resolution, it won't save a bad film


The same could be said for the jump from 240p to 360p. Should we have stopped there? You are correct that better quality video doesn't guarantee better content, but it certainly makes better content possible. Very poor reasoning on your part.


4K is the present and future, you're autistic.

Adrian Gray

4k is good for cropping

Robert Patrick Jordan Sazon

4k is good for post-production, imagine your GF nude (that's 4k).. Hahaha

Bee Bee

Nope, 8K is better. I WANT 8K.

Carl Westbrook

lol 4k is great. You are out of your damn mind.


How the fuck is it just marketing and advertising? I get your point in some way (even its kind thrown out of context) but you clearly have no idea about post production.


I know what you mean. I bet nobody ever went to a good movie and said afterwards " it would have been such a better movie if it was shot in 4K ".

Streets of Vancouver

Very boring and unimaginative camera... WAKE UP, CANON!

Faketrollname sevenbillion

If you want your work blown up on a big screen at a film festival it could pose a problem. But you're right it is still more about the story.

Marcel Lirette

who even cares? Is it not more about the story told by the video? Who sits there and worships 1 frame because its sooo 4k. I just watch a nice clear well shot 1080p video and think more about the locations and people and whats going on rather than omg wow 4k

Jj Sands

what do you expect from someone in the unbelievably boring vancouver.


+Cameron Adams Still would like to see it, are there any examples.

Nfinite Imagery

+clickonmike it doesn't matter if you have the capability to watch it in 4K, you can convert it to 1080 and it will have much more detail than if you were to record it in 1080 alone


+clickonmike On my 1080p Display looks 4k Video Form my GX8 better than Full HD in direct comparison.


4K, where can I see 4K. Everybody cries 4K, I bet most of these people are like me and have never seen it.

Streets of Vancouver

4K internal video... face detect added to dual pixel AF... hybrid OCF-EVF eye piece... etc..

Bat Knight

how would you have designed it?


Great Review, keep it up!

New Wave Comedy

canon is so behind


Check out Sony cameras, they are great in low light

Raymundo Gonzalez

whats a good camera to record video in low light


Game over for filming with canon: no 4k bad video format for post no OIS No focus peak no 120FPS no raw video no magic lantern furthermore buy now panasonic or Sony!

Bee Bee

Thanks for the tip. I just got my 80D. And guess what, it doesn't overheat like Sony.

Brian Damegd

Also the sample clips in this video look like shit.

Ryder R

I am a beginner can you suggest me a best dslr ?


+PeterFreitag Englisch ist nicht deine Stärke :'D... Ja ich habe gehört , dass Canon nicht stark in Sachen Film seien soll.


+Deeple look at used full frame Canon Camera. A new Panasonic, new Sony Cameras are better than Canon. if you have no canon lens you want to use then by this brands now.


+PeterFreitag I dont think it has such a big need for filming or does it? What camera do you personally suggest? I'm still choosing between the (70d/80d (theyre not completly gone)) ,gh4 and the Mark II.


no magic lantern for this camera!


thanks for the tip, i nearly choose the 80d ;)

Arief Muhammad

Hai fenchel, im a vlogger from Indonesia. Is that worth it if i buy 80d? Or i just go with 70d?


Yes, you can adapt any lens... with a $600+ adapter. And I did indeed have an A6000. The battery life on it was dismal. I'm not sure if battery was bad or not... but the limited shooting capabilities for stills (I'm talking the viewfinder's performance to keep up with the camera's shutter... the sensor in that camera was MAGNIFICENT) was the camera's demise for me. I'm not brand loyal when it comes to cameras. I've shot with Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Canon and many others. The camera has to perform well on both fronts... stills AND video. I'm still not impressed with the mirror-less segment yet.

Miklos Nemeth

Definitely, you've never had an A6000. Battery lasts 100 minutes continuous video; its video AF because of PDAF is as good as the 80D's DPAF. A6000 is a great stills camera with stellar image quality, and with the firmware it has stellar 50 Mbps 1080/60p. Sony has excellent lenses, and can adapt any Canon lenses: I use a EF-S 24mm as well as a 100-400L on my A5100. Sony E mount is the most versatile mount-system ever made. I have Canon and Sony cameras, too, but unfortunately Canon is really lagging behind Sony in videography; even Panasonic is more powerful. Canon has a safe third position on my list today, but Fujifilm and Olympus are progressing fast, too, since they added 4K to their recent models; Olympus has stellar IBIS, so Canon is really losing momentum. Its dual-pixel video AF is absolutely fantastic though, but Sony is nearly as good; if only Sony started adding decent touch-screen to its cameras.


I had a Sony A6000. Heat issues, limited lenses, poor still picture taking (in fast paced shooting, the viewfinder lagged far too much to be of any use) and a battery time of about 20 minutes. I certainly wasn't impressed with the auto-focus, either.

Bee Bee

Actually he went back to 80D. The video you are thinking of is from April 2016. if you look closely at his June 2016 video, he's using the 80D.

Mike Ling

Arief Muhammad 一

Quinn Dang

It seems to me that they're different tools for different jobs though. Like the touch screen autofocus would be much more useful to me as a vlogger. I'm disappointed that 1080p @ 60fps is only available at a lower bitrate though.

Isaac Brown

Actually he went back to the 70d

Alec Hoy

Casey neistat uses 80D

Ahlan Oxh

nyasar sini juga XD btw beli yg 80 D apa bukan buat vlogging nya?


+Miklos Nemeth Yeah i forgot the sony a5100 this would be the best option. Canon is overpriced, big, heavy with its optics. Sony is for now the future. If you are happy with the 80d ok but i and many others left the canon ship because they just dont want give you normal things in theyr cameras in 2016. Today 120 fps is allmost normal and they just recently put 60p.

Arief Muhammad

+Fenchel & Janisch thanks, bruh. I bought the 80D last week. Not bad at all

Miklos Nemeth

Or, even better with the Sony A5100, which has selfie (fully tilting up) touch screen. The A5100 has at least as great (smooth and accurate) touch-to-autofocus pull as the 80D, because of A5100's 159 PDAF points, and the A5100 costs a fraction of the 80D. In 2016, for the price of the 80D, much better options are available for filmmakers. I wouldn't even touch a 80D.


Take the sony a6000 . Its much cheaper with a better Autofocus, face detection and much more things... Oh yeah and its lighter and smaller...

Fenchel & Janisch

I would go for the 80D because it has a few more options especially useful for vloggers! 11 months ago•3

Fenchel & Janisch

A write up & additional videos as well as high resolution photos can be found on our blog: https://fenchel-janisch.com/canon-eos-80d-review

Question Marc

Fenchel & Janisch "

Vincent Jack

how is it compared to a lumix g7? Full frame is much better the M43?


It's so typical of Canon - holding back on features which are, according to them, meant to be used only by people with higher budget. Headphone jack, changing levels during recording, focus speed settings, wifi during recording etc. should all have been on the 70D. And some of them at least patched-in with a new firmware. Clean HDMI-out, zebra, focus peaking, in-camera timer are not used by everyone but having them really helps some. But I'm still sticking with the 70D. Having to find work-arounds is tough but I really like the dual-pixel sensor.

Matthew Leader

I'm looking at getting a 70d in the next couple of weeks. Do you think I should hold-off and get the more expensive 80d instead? Thanks.

Sentry :D

Canon 80D -> good usabillity, bad performance Sony A6300 -> bad usabillity, good performance


Sentry :D so true :/ can't decide

Zaber Ansary

Best Beginner 4K camera? Panasonc G7/FZ1000/???? Also hows the Rokinon 35mm 1.5?

Minh Duy Bùi Phạm

Hi, I would like to ask that whether a 18-135 Nano USM or 24-105 f4L is better for making video, thank you!

taekwoo nam

hi, there. I'm a Korean men. I think your camera equipment setting is so good. So I wonder what theTripod is. can you teach me theTripod name and anything else like Mic.

Bee Bee

Regarding 4K: Regardless of what you have heard, the public is not really interested in 4K like they were in HD. People are not interested in changing their TV sets again, considering they just bought them few years go. They had non-HD TVs for decades before they switched to HD or Full HD. And the only reason why they switched to HD tv sets in the first place is because the analog signal sopped so the only way to get the digital was to switch to HD. 4K is a flop. Don't listen to a vocal minority who likes 4K. A lot of them don't even have it at home. What's next? 8K? So you have to change your 4K tv again! No.


Good review but why do you sound like a robot?

The Tempomat

6:11 - Wrong!! The 80d CAN save timelapses as single pictures! You can choose between saving as a single movie-file or single images to edit later, even with long exposures. Get your facts right.

Johannes Dahlström

Just checked and the 80D definitely allows any shutter speed up to 30s in timelapse movies. You just have to be in M mode.

Fenchel & Janisch

Well, sorry that we messed that up. Long exposure in video timelapse mode would still be nice though. Sony and Panasonic cameras can film at a slower shutter than 1/25s which can be quite useful for night timelapses.


yes, best feature is that focus ability usually seen in the more expensive models, I also like the simple menus as always excellent review

Fenchel & Janisch

Simple menus are definitely something that Canon knows how to do. The only thing Sony could still learn from them :-)

My Life Japan

A DSLR with no 4K released in 2016 is just a slap in the face. Why does Canon hate its fans so?

Fenchel & Janisch

Unfortunately that's true. I don't think there's any DSLR/DSLM camera priced above $1.000 that is released in 2016 that can't record 4K except Canon's.


Also, will there be a review of the Nikon D500 at some point?


If you dont mind 4k, the 80D is good camera for video and stills. I do prefer to shoot manual, but the Servo AF mode is surprising function. It does at times lose focus when your tracking faces, but overall it reliable.


A £1000+ camera and the video is a "good choice for hobby photographers and filmmakers who are just getting started".. damn. I'm definitely poor..

Question was: What camera does ice poseidon use. by Dakota from New York, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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