What camera does instagrammers use


Hey instagrammers, my name is Delaney and I would really like to know what camera does instagrammers use for selfies and more…. I need a camera for taking my instagram selfies, am tired of using my iPhone 6 lol, I want to take things to the next level by buying a dslr camera.

What camera does instagrammers use

Question was Answered by: Cecilia Reid

Top 5 Most used cameras by instagrammers

  1. Canon G7 X 9546B001 PowerShot Digital Camera (30%)
  2. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera (24%)
  3. Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless (19%)
  4. Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera (13%)
  5. Canon EOS 5D Mark III (14%)

1. Canon G7 X 9546B001 PowerShot Digital Camera.

Canon G7 X 9546B001 PowerShot Digital Camera


2. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR


3. Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless


4. Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 80D


5. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III



If you could win any of the cameras above, which would it be and why?.

Chanel Walcott

Canon 70d because it takes really high quality videos and pictures with I would really love.


the canon 70D because it would be a massive upgrade to my nikon d90. it also has great features too ^^.

aadil wani

sony Sony a5100 all series take some high quality pictures.

Allie B

I am cheap, these are not..

Chris Winter

What do you think is the best cheap camera for instagram? Let me know!

Nicole Toledo

Hi camera nerds. Well, I'm seeking for a camera that will help me start my personal journey as a model / fashion blogger on the gram. I've been in a couple of movies, worked with some pretty big names in the hollywood motion picture movie industry, but am new to this whole Instagram thing. How do I transition myself using the best camera around? Pretty much how I do I start. May I ask, Can someone point me in the right direction? I can send an idea of the type of image I would like to craft on. My IG is @belladream797 Thanks!.


The iPhone for the main reason that quantity, consistency, and overall appearance, outrank the quality of the photo on insta. Outreach snowballs post after post. If noone sees your content, you aren't going anywhere. From an iPhone you can wash out any photo you want using all the apps that allow for mobile phone editting (local adjustments) followed by any app with film like presets. The more washed out the photo, the cleaner your feed ends up looking.

The reason you can cheat like this is insta photos are tiny and detail becomes less significant. My personal workflow goes from shooting a photo on my Canon 5Ds, to going home, importing the thing, making quick edits, exporting it to my google drive, and uploading it on instagram. That process takes a full day to do if I were covering an event or something.

The iPhone on the other hand, you shoot the picture, you make quick edits, and upload it all within 5min. If you're posting it on a live trend or hashtag, every second counts for your photo to be relevant. This is why you see model photos (selfies) and model accounts with higher follow counts. They are consistent and quality does not matter. You can always go back and delete your worst 50 photos when you have 100s posted..


Honestly I think even the Sony a5000 takes very excellent photos... I've had one for nearly a year now and I love love love it! It's very small, although it can take some beautiful photos..


what actually matter is how good you are as a photographer and how you edit it. camera doesnt matter

Jogie Glen Mait

yeah, instagram compresses great photos anyway making it quite LQ in wider displays, but for mobile phone, DSLRs are unbeatable. peace.

Mikkel Svartveit

Camera definitely does matter. There is a reason things like the Canon 5D Mark IV and the Nikon D810 exists.


I use a Sony a5000 for my Instagram pics, but mostly my iPhone 7 Plus! And just yesterday I got a Canon T5i and can't wait to get some awesome shots with it :D Great video Chris :D

Zoltri Helium

ChrisTheAppleOne Hey man :) how is the condition of the camera from AmazonCA? Also what lens did you get.


My T5i? I got it on Amazon for $596 CAD :)


where did you buy it and how much did you get it for?


Oh you'll love it! I have absolutely no complaints so far... every photo I take with the camera just looks amazing! :D And thank you! ;)

Kassy Rose

ChrisTheAppleOne - Congrats on your purchase! I'll also be getting a t5i in a month or so. Can't wait!


ChrisTheAppleOne are you liking the t5i so far and do u think its better than the nikon d3400.

Stuart Carden

Mine way it taking the long route but I like it. I use my pentax p30t which is a film camera. Then I scan the negatives and upload to Instagram. I know that it kind of defeats the point of Instagram but that's how I like it :p

Zaber Ansary

I'd love to win a Canon 80D, For the Amazing performance in Video and Photos... I wanna do cinematography specially in Wildlife and also wildlife images... And I'd love to do Timelapses...

Real Life Travel

I've just bought the 80D and it is totally worth it! Especially the video .. Im also into cinematography have some uploads on my page if your interested!.


I have about 700-800$ to buy a DSLR which should i buy "using for photography"

V- Ak47

Dylan.. Hey Dylan ...grab a D5200 kit with 18-55mm lens and 55-200mm lens for around 600$ or try to find a D7200-d7100 with lens (used or new) ......a d3300 is in the same budget as the d5200 but d5200 has better AF ,ev etc etc .....do your homework and choose wisely :)

Siddhant Sabharwal

Dylan.. canon t6i (750D)

Not Existed

buy a canon 70D

Bill Ricks

Dylan.. Canon EOS 70D.

Boudechiche Rami

Dylan.. nikon D5600 .

hazel cee

Hi. Is Sony a5100 good for instagram?.


yes I'm also using a a5100.


yes the a5100 is totally worth it for instagram.

My life as Melii

I use a Sony 7r with the 24-70mm and I just bought a Canon G 7x II

Gerardo Patlan

I would love to use tha Canon 70D to take instagram shots I've just recently been looking to get my first dslr, to take wonderful shots of nature, if you would consider me I'd be forever grateful Mr. Chris Winter.

VlogsWithLouis HD

For instagram I use my Canon EOS 70D

Suppanut Saengratwatchara

I use canon eos 7d for most of my shots on Instagram.

Damien Broderick

As a full time blogger and instagram being a huge platform for that, I feel 50mm on a Cmos or Dx body is too long of a focal length, the DOF is great but you need some room to back up to fill the frame.

A go pro or cheaper equivalent is great addition for a different look. My recommendation would be to work on your photography skills to find better light and composition using a smartphone, iPhone 5SE or above, sony Z series or any of samsung high end phones all have great cameras and low light is the only downfall, so find light, you'll find better photos

Also if budget doesn't allow going full frame, you're not a pro photographer you're a blogger a second hand Canon 5d or 5d mark 2 with the cheap 50mm 1.8 is absolutely perfect for blogging and general photography use, especially since the photos only end up on your blog on social media platforms, Or a high end compact like the G7X Great video, just feel there is more to better instagram photos than upgrading to a camera from your phone, a better camera doesn't also mean better photos, especially if you end up investing in a Cmos or Dx body and most of the time it's not practical because the focal length is often to long

Breaking Elegance

I use the Sony a6500 and a6300 woo hoo

Rotation Films Inc.

I use a Cannon 80d to shoot my instagram photos, but I've found myself posting the photos I've take on my phone more and more. I think it's a lot about how you edit them! Insta- @jacksontankersley

Omi Sido

Canon 80d - love the connection to my phone so I can upload the pictures straight away

Niklas Rooms

For my instagram photos I use: - EOS 80D - EF 50mm 1.8 - EF-s 24mm 2.8 - Sigma 17-50mm - EF-s 10-18mm - YN-560 Mark III - YN-560 TX - tripod - EOS 1100D as a backup camera - GoPro Hero 3 Back - MacBook with adobe creative cloud This is the gear I use for instagram when I'm traveling... Of course there are some things I want to buy in the future like the 70-200 L lens... But with lots of training I can get amazing shoots even with this compareable cheap rig...


for my instagram I use canon 70D , 80D and a 5D mark iii.

juvilee marquita

hopefully I can get one of your camera because i do love capturing photos for instagram and I cant do that anymore because my phone was lost hopefully you can grant my wish. thank you!

Elijah Martin

I use a canon 5d mark ii with a l series 24-70mm lens


ive been using my Canon T5 using the 50mm stm and 24-105mm fand iphone 6s for my photos on instagram and the ways the photos come out on the t5 with those lenses are beyond good if anyone wants to check out my IG: thisguy8848

darlene reyes

Ugh I need so much help. I'm trying to buy a good camera just to take good pictures (not on a photographer level) but just some nice beautiful shots of family and friends. I would like a camera that focuses on one point and blurs out the back. But I also don't want to spend $500+ on a camera because that's just personally too much. PLEASE HELP :(


the wife just started using the g7x ii definitely an improvement over the iPhone 7plus

Isa Qayyum

Can you recommend a camera which is good at shooting videos and taking pictures. I'm new to buying a camera. Could really use your help . I've seen the Canon 70d and this camera the Sony A3600 I'm stuck on which one to choose


If you want really high quality pictures then you should probably buy a canon 70D, I am using it as well and I don’t have a single regret….


I use my sonya5000 and canon t5i for pictures. Generally i just screenshot my video sometimes and post that on instagram :-)

Real Life Travel

I use the Sony A5100 for most of my Instagram - again small camera with interchangeable lens and connects to smart phone with WIFI. Really easy to get those uploads! let me know what you think ....

Kassy Rose

I make nail art tutorials on Instagram so I'm using my husband's iPhone 6plus for filming. It's pretty decent video quality, however, it's not good enough imo If everything falls into place, I'll be getting a Canon t5i in a month or so. So excited! Hope you're having a great day, Chris!

Richard Daniel

Need help should I get the Nikon D3400 or Canon 70D which takes better pictures Anybody??


Buy a canon 70D.


You should buy a canon 70D dude or a 80D

Bluegrass Outdoors

Guys should I get a Nikon d3400 or a Canon rebel t6, and why?

James Larsen

Thanks for the sub! Well if you aren't doing too much video, I personally would go with the Canon T5i/T6. I like the Canon ergonomics and color rendition better, but then again that is my personal taste. Thanks again for the sub! You've just been entered for my $10 amazon gift card giveaway :)

Bluegrass Outdoors

James Larsen I just subscribed, Thanks for your help, I'm really just wanting to get into photography with my first dslr, I will mainly take pictures of wildlife, nature, landscape, I wouldn't mind shooting video though either

James Larsen

Well what do you want to do? Both cameras are excellent starter cameras - but I feel like the Nikon has the edge. In overall specs, the Nikon has a couple more features (1080p 60fps video is one of them), that would definitely benefit you. That being said, The Canon T5i is another option around the same price that you might want to consider - it has a flipout screen, which would be helpful for video. Either way, you'll love your decision. Hope this helps you out! If it did, would you mind subscribing to my channel? I'd really appreciate it! I'm giving away a $10 amazon gift card when I hit 250 subscribers - all you need to do is subscribe to enter!


if i want to buy a primelens voor photo and video, which one do You recommend, Nikon 35mm f1.8 dx or the Yongnou 35mm f2.0

James Larsen

I'd recommend the Nikon personally. I think that would work better for you then the Yongnuo - but the Yongnuo is cheaper. Hope this helps you out! If it did, would you mind subscribing to my channel? I'd really appreciate it! I'm giving away a $10 amazon gift card when I hit 250 subscribers - all you need to do is subscribe to enter!

StarLight TCG

I use the Sony a5100 for my instagram shots. I'm new to photography and I think the Sony a5100 is a great beginner camera. my insta: https://www.instagram.com/justeimxn/

Ame Sarah

I use the canon 700d to shoot all of my instagram shots

Mazin al-araimi

i used five cameras 1-canon 600D(before selling it) 2-Canon Eos 750 film camera 3-panasonic G7 4-Canon Canonet ql17 gIII 5-Canon 80D

Ken Ahuja

I've been using a Canon 1100D(T3) and alternating between the 50mm 1.8 and 24mm 2.8(Bought on your recommendation, Thanks!) for my Instagram uploads. Feel free to check it out @ https://www.instagram.com/kenahuja/

Joey Wildman

I just use my smart phone Xperia z5 but I really want it get myself a nikon D3400 as I plan to study photography at college soon

Eduardo Godoy

I use a canon t5 with a 50mm f1.8 Check out my account www.instagram.com/egodoyphotos I do photography


I use a Canon 5D Mark ii. most of my photos. and Canon 70D.


I use the Canon 1200d (t5) with a 50mm 1.8 STM and the 10-18 STM. I would invest in a better body, but it's the photographer that makes the photo not what camera you're using

Jason Does Crap

just bought a lumix g7! any tips?

James Larsen

Just keep practicing! Get out there and make something creative. I've come a long way, from practicing and keeping diligent at it. Go get em out there! I know you can do it. Hope this helps you out! If it did, I'd really appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel! Thanks and have a great day!

dh verma

hello everyone im planning to get canon 750d (t6i) body only, i really don't like the kit lens much. i was thinking with body, i will go with canon 50mm 1.8 stm lens. i have shot few times with that in friend's camera, i was able to get wonderful portrait with good bokeh. here is my question. if sometime i want to take portrait with no bokeh at all, keep the background also in focus along with person (particularly when i m going new places and want to take pic of person with clear background) will i be able to achieve that with this lens, if yes then how? and if not then what sort of lens should i get for that situation? i need to buy it within few days, hope you can help me out soon. thanks...

dh verma

hey james, i bough 750d along with 50mm f1.8 stm. thanks for suggestion...i m quite satisfied with this. since i only have 50mm at the moment and its too tight for random landscape or indoor group photos. will it be a good choice to get 24mm f2.8 stm? or is there any other options which will suit my need.

James Larsen

Absolutely! The only other thing I'd suggest is getting something wider so you can get more in your shot - but start off with the 50mm. It'll be great.

dh verma

thanks, i will check out your channel and subscribe. so by going around f8 or so, i can get pics without bokeh? so its no problem to buy body only and get 50mm prime.

James Larsen

Hey! Ok thats no problem. Basically what I said was that you have to stop down the lens - by going into the camera mode either: Manual, or AV. That will allow you to stop down the aperture to about f/5.6 or f/8, so you can get everything clear and in focus - you can do this by being in photo mode, and hitting the Q button on your camera. I'm glad I could help! If this helped you out, do you mind subscribing to my channel? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

dh verma

hello james, i did not get any notification of any reply. i check the other video of 50mm review, there is no reply. can you please reply here or copy paste the reply here. i am confused what to do. i need to buy the camera within few days. it will be very helpful for me. thanks

James Larsen

I had given you a response on one of your posts on one of Chris' other videos. What I said was 100% correct. You should take a look at it again.

Stephen Tam

most of my instagram photos are taken from Fuji X-T2...If I have time, I will edit most of the photos on Lightroom. Otherwise, I will use Enlight (iPhone app) to do some quick edit and post on my social media :)


I use the t3i with a 50mm, follow me on instagram at 6ixshoot3r https://www.instagram.com/6ixshoot3r/


Got my first ever camera, the Panasonic Lumix GX85, for film-making and travel adventures, but also surprisingly picked up photography and now use it for Instagram. Get yourself an all-rounder camera, for a good price, and you'll be pleased with the diversity it offers. :)

Celeste Solorio

I received the Canon T6 for Christmas and it's my first DSLR camera and I am really enjoying it so far. Now I just need to buy the Canon 50mm STM lens.

James Larsen

You are going to absolutely love the 50mm STM lens. It'll be one of the best purchases you'll ever make.

Amir Faruk

I use my Nikon D7200 & Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for taking photos to post on Instagram Checkout my Instagram profile- https://www.instagram.com/amirfaruk312/


Which one should i pick for video, Canon 80d or panasonic gh5?

Global Everything Tv

That gh5 look sick two sd cards, image stabilization in the camera and it take good quality photos. I'm thinkin bout upgrading sure would be a steep investment though

James Larsen

No problem! Thanks for the sub!


thank you! I subbed.

James Larsen

If you have the money, I'd suggest the GH5. The specs are much better and videowise, it has much more to offer. Hope this helps you out! If it did, I'd love it if you subscribed to my channel! Would be really appreciated.

Question was: What camera does instagrammers use. by Delaney from North Carolina, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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