What camera does jenn im use


I need a vlogging camera and I don’t know what to buy lol, does anyone know what camera does jenn im use? I would like to use the same camera that she is using for recording her YouTube videos…

What camera does jenn im use

Question was Answered by: Raelynn Baker

Jenn im is using a Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR<



  1. SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  2. Intelligent viewfinder with electronic overlay
  3. 1080 (30, 25, 24 fps) and 720 (60, 50 fps) HD video (H.264/MPEG-4/MOV)
  4. Built-in flash with integrated speedlite transmitter and hot shoe
  5. Instant sharing and remote control with built-in Wi-Fi and EOS Remote app
  6. Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast focus in live view and video
  7. 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+
  8. Full manual mode in video
  9. GPS compatible (sold separately)
  10. Built-in stereo or external microphone terminal
  11. 19 point cross-type AF System
  12. 3" articulating touch panel LCD screen with 1,040,000 dots
  13. Up to 7 fps shooting
  14. ISO 100-12800, expandable to 25600

Technical details

  1. Battery charger
  2. Built in microphone
  3. Touch sensitive screen
  4. Video recording

About the Camera:

  1. Manufacturer: Canon
  2. Manufacturer reference: 8469B002
  3. Product Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 3.1 inches x 4.1 inches; 1.7 pounds
  4. Shipping Weight: 3.85 pounds
Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR<

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS And hear what other people are saying who are also using this camera, some people are using it for vlogging and some are using it for professional photography.

Rayna Butler

i love how jenn responds and interacts with a lot of the comments. like its so appreciated even when it isnt mine lol

Lisa Kim

I just love it when Jenn uses various vocabulary to describe a product or clothing but it never sounds over the top -- I don't know why but... it feels so satisfying hearing those words that you don't normally hear on different beauty channels???

Laurie Pham

Jenn always produced great content but I gotta say, ever since Dawn started doing your graphics, it serious transported your channel to a whole 'nother level! Also, RIP THE ZOOSHOE NUDESHOE, it was so iconic


I think Jen should totally do hairstyle tutorials as well if you're looking for more variety. I really love her hairstyle here especially

Ana Ourworld

Jenn need to do a teeth video! I know this is random but her teeth are so white and I would like to know!!

Portia Porsche

Jenn is so beautiful and inspiring! I really Thank her for responding to my comments! :) Because of her am continuing my youtube channel! Thanks for inspiring me and being a good role model!

Bria Overs

I hate when people try to promote their own channels and things like that in the comments, but I want to recommend the Podcast I just started with a friend. It's called "Young Adulting". If you do happen to give it a listen, let us know what you think. Also, if you don't give it a listen, that's perfectly okay too. :) Either way, I can't wait to see what podcasts get mentioned in this month's favorites! I'm always down for new stuff!

Rhonda Cowell

Netflix : Dear White People and Girlboss are great!.


Rhonda Cowell I was going to say this too! I just finished watching Girlboss today in the span of a week and absolutely loved it. I know there are bad reviews but personally I enjoyed it very much and found it relatable as a 23 y/o girl like the main character! It's not film but please check it out Jenn! I highly recommend it. There's only 13 episodes and actually is relevant to your last favorites here! Girlboss is about online clothes site Nasty Gal's founder's incredible success story. Sophia goes through thrift stores which reminded me of you actually haha! Totally relatable to clothesencounters! I would love to see Girlboss in your May faves! :)

Sammie Kwok

I love jenn`s hair! You should make a video on your different hairstyles :)


Jenn needs to do a video on how to be perfect like jenn

Sienna Cauley

Thanks to jenn so much for all the inspiration with clothes, shoes, makeup. etc. I love watching her favorite videos and they always inspire me to go and some new products to spoil myself. Jenn is one of my favorite YouTubers and I love her so much. As always thanks for the AWESOME inspiration!


Don't know if this would be your sort of thing but maybe someone in the comments would enjoy it. I stumbled across a podcast that ended up getting really popular here in the UK. It's called 'My Dad Wrote a Porno'. It's basically this guy who's real life dad has written an erotic novel which the dad thinks is amazing but it's totally awful and each episode is the son reading a chapter aloud to friends and ripping it to shreds. It's been responsible for me snorting out loud with laughter in public a few times. I really recommend it if you're in need of a good laugh (not for those who aren't fans of explicit content).


I've just started listening to the podcast after you recommended it and it's already cracking me up! Thanks Christina haha!!.

Candy Rose Sanchez

Jenn need to do more hair tutorials! I love all the braided ones she does

Aysima Beril Baydar

Jenn is an intellectual and a beautiful woman with a great sense of fashion. Thank you for your videos, they make my day..

Vincent Ko

I Love the new style of jenn's videos! Keep it up! .

Nicole P

Love watching jenn videos, you give off a positive vibe and it's relaxing to watch =).

Kathleen Verzosa

I would like to say I live for jenn's monthly favorites videos! Especially her book recommendations! When I found her channel I binged on her monthly favorites playlist and was saddened when I finally caught up. If she haven't read Steelheart I highly recommend it! It's the first book of the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. I'm hooked and just started the last book of the series! It falls under the apocalyptic sci-fi genre you love so dearly!

Lucia Cheng

Hi Jenn!! There is a podcast I absolutely recommend that you give it a listen, it's called "millennial" by Megan Tan. It's about a recent graduate navigating through life (her 20s) after college, how she went from struggling to make ends meet while trying to figure out what she wants to do, to being an entrepreneur and growing her podcast aka the Millennial. The entire thing is very meta, and the audience is in this journey with her almost in real time, experiencing all the ups and downs together. It's such an addicting podcast that I started the first episode this afternoon and am just binge listening to the entire thing (it is now 2am). I think you'll find something that will resonate because it's about all aspects of life that a 20-something will experience in this day and age. Plus the story-telling aspect is amazing. Please give the podcast a try, and if you do definitely start from the beginning. P.s. No I'm not being paid to say these good things, I genuinely want to let others know about it. Cheers!

margie c

I'm currently in my second last year of high school and jenn's videos are the perfect way to relax. Keep it up Jenn X

Question was: What camera does jenn im use. by Valeria from California, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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