What camera does lance210 use for filming YouTube videos


Hey guys, my name is Sean, can anyone tell me what camera does lance210 use for filming his YouTube videos? I asked him and he told me that he only uses 4k cameras but he never told me the brand that he is using.

What camera does lance210 use

Question was Answered by: Jonathan Vets

Depending on the situation sometimes lance210 uses his iPhone to film but usually he uses a Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder .

Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorde


  1. 4K Wide-Angle 10x Zoom Lens with Image Stabilizer
  2. 12 Megapixel One-Inch 4K-Compatible CMOS Image Sensor
  3. DiG!C DV 5 Image Processor
  4. XF-AVC Codec for 4K 30p and Full HD 60p
  5. Multiple Recording Modes and Frame Rates
  6. CFast 4K Recording Technology
  7. Canon Log and Wide Dynamic Range Gamma
  8. Image Settings Compatible with Cinema EOS Cameras
  9. Compact and Ergonomic Design.

Technical Details

  1. Brand Name: Canon
  2. Model Number: 0565C013
  3. Optical Zoom: 10 x
  4. Display Size: 3 inches
  5. Optical Sensor Technology: CMOS
  6. Viewfinder Type: electronic viewfinder.

Product Details

  1. Manufacturer: Canon
  2. Product Dimensions: 4.9 inches x 4 inches x 4.8 inches; 2.5 pounds

Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorde

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other youtubers are saying who are also using this 4k camera for making YouTube videos.

I never owned a 4K camera so there is really nothing I can tell you about this camera, I would advise you to just go straight to amazon and read customer reviews and hear what other people are saying who are using it or who have used it before.


I tried asking lance210 on twitter about what camera was he using and the only thing that he told me was that he uses a 4k camera, he didn’t tell me the name , the brand or the model, thanks Jonathan for writing this post.


What a jerk, I also asked him too, and he told me that he only use 4k cameras and when I ask him what brand, he didn’t reply.


No need for vulgar language, at least he told you that it a 4k camera, when I asked him he didn’t even reply.


I watch lance210's videos and I find him very funny, is this camera really worth it, it quite expensive, I want to start a YouTube channel by the end of this week and am looking for a camera to use, I want to use what lance210 is using since his videos are very professional.


Yes it worth every penny am using it as well.


I also use this camcorder for my YouTube videos, to anyone who have never used a 4k camera before, you are missing out, if you want your videos to look more professional then buying this camera may be the best thing you ever done for your YouTube channel.

We need to treat YouTube as a business, if you want your business to succeed and make money you need to invest on any latest gear you can get your hands on.

Even if your videos are funny, if you upload poor quality videos no matter how funny you are no one is going to subscribe to your channel. to anyone thinking about vlogging or make YouTube videos for a living than buying this camera is the first thing you should invest on.


This will be my first time buying a 4k camera, I’ve been using the canon 5D mark ii for about 2 years and am thinking about taking my channel to the next level by buying the 4k canon camera. Right now I have 780.454 subscribers and they deserve better quality lol.

I honestly believe that if you want people to take you more seriously on YouTube you need to make sure that your videos are high quality since most people don’t like watching poor quality videos these days especially on YouTube.

There’s a lot of competition on YouTube, if you want to make it you need a high quality camera to attract more subscribers. More subscribers more money lol. My goal is to reach a million like faze rug.

Eldon Taylor

Guys, I want to buy this camera, am willing to spend all my last dime on it, but it too expensive, can anyone please tell me where can I get it for a much cheaper prize?


It expensive when buying it offline, you must buy it online on online stores but not from canon website, it cost more when buying it from the canon site, just check eBay or Amazon. I would advise you to buy it only from amazon though since they are the cheapest when it comes to cameras.

CLICK HERE TO BUY it from amazon for a much cheaper prize….

Question was: What camera does lance210 use. by Sean from Taxes, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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