What camera does maxmoefoe use


What camera does maxmoefoe use? I tried asking him like 100 times but he didn’t respond lol, his videos are very good that why I would like to use the same camera that he is using for filming YouTube videos.

What camera does maxmoefoe use

Question was Answered by: Catherine Morrison

For filming YouTube videos Maxmoefoe uses a Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera

Check out the specs of the Canon 80D


  1. 45-point all cross-type AF system* allows for superb autofocus when shooting with the optical viewfinder and focusing area selection modes.
  2. Intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage.
  3. 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor helps provide impressive, high-resolution results.
  4. Improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps you shoot video with smooth, fast and accurate autofocus, and stills with instant and precise autofocus.

Technical Details

  1. Battery Charger
  2. Image Stabilization
  3. Video Recording.
  4. Product Details
  5. Manufacturer: Canon
  6. Product Dimensions: 7 inches x 9.6 inches x 5.3 inches; 1.1 pounds

Canon EOS 80D


I don’t know anything about the Canon 80D Camera so just CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other people are saying who are also using this camera.

Shreya Sarojkar

is this camera is autofocus??


Which lenses have you used which performs the best with Dual Pixel AF on the 80D?


Does Dual Pixel work in 1080 @ 60p?

Max Oliver


Dwight Smith

i'm thinking to buy this or the eos m5 for me its just photography and the use of the high dynamic range is ideal but wich one should be the one to buy :/ i have canon eos 760D and i know thouse have the same battery as the eos m5.

Avishek De

please do a cinematic video test on the canon 77D with some low light samples. It would help me a lot as i am planing to buy one . Thanks in advance :)

Robert Marcos Studios

An excellent video which clearly demonstrates all the Canon 80d's features. Thanks for creating this video and sharing it with us! - Robert Marcos

Mephisto Steiner

I'm really struggling between the 80d and the 70d. Is the 30-60fps for slow motion, speed ramping etc. such a difference? I work on music videos with musicialns performing in quick motiones and I'd like to have the possibility to work with hq fottage without it breaking apart during slow motion etc!?


Mephisto Steiner you will get smoother slow motion in 60fps

Kelvin Moh

dream camera


Is his camera updated? because I don't have some of the features that he has

Gerben Steyaert

Is that filmed in Belgium? (some parts?)

Johnbert Nofuente

Can you give me that camera sir?


My 80D has 3 options for Sharpness (Strength, Fineness, and Threshold). What do you suggest I set those to?


The way he talks, it sounds like the Canon ATD.


very nice I like 80D


Schönes video. Ich werde mir wohl die 80d kaufen. Grüße aus Darmstadt


Great video F&J. BTW which camera are you using to shoot your videos?

Raseek Hassan

even if the timelapse function is available only in video mode, once u activate the timelapse function, u can achieve upto 30 seconds of shutter speed. I hav taken quite a few 1sec shutter timelapses. Please rectify.


1:26 , i think i was there, too. Where is it?

Chris Plunkett

A review of a stills camera where he talks almost exclusively about how well (or not) it deals with video recordings with hardly any mentions of how well it does on stills.This is after all first and foremost a stills camera that has been given some super powers is it not?

Walkie Talkie Productions

The 80D can shoot flat in video mode, you just have to change the settings... much like with any camera

Zaber Ansary

Is the Shutter used while taking timelapse in video mode? Cuz I wonder if using this heavily for Timelapses will eat thru that Shutter Life fast


Video only uses the electronic shutter so it won't affect the life of the photo shutter.

Danny Paschen Fitness

I was thinking of getting this for my fitness recording... good or bad idea?

Sandeep Patnaik

which lens is this plz anyone tell me

Philip Jayasinghe

Sandeep Patnaik 24-105 L lense

Matthew Lorenz

Will the focus pull work with USM lenses?

U Kyaw Kyaw Marma

What is the price with the 80D body and 18-200 lens please?

Rupinder Singh Sandhu

6:30 there's a built in intervelometer as well, you don't need external one

Adam Krim

I'm so happy to have stumbled across your review of this DSLR! Prosit, from Texas.

Keith Alan Shepard

Nice review. Appreciate you putting it up. Cheers.

cindy rodriguez

What lens is on this 80d?


Which Canon dslr is best for video and/or short filmmaking. The 70D or the 80D? You have worked with them both and know them better than anyone else on youtube. I can only afford get lenses for one not both. Will a Nikon F lens adapter cause any damage to it? Just asking.

Jesse Martinez

what lens is on here?

Bruno Chimitte

is it worth to upgrade from Canon 700D to Canon 80D?

Bruno Chimitte

Zaber Ansary I just bought a Canon 80D and It is really a great camera. Thanks a lot!

Zaber Ansary

Bruno Chimitte Hell yeah. 80D is currently the best All around Canon DSLR


Informative review, I just ordered the canon 80D. My old camera is a rebel 400D. So, for me this should increase my options with a midrange camera.

Cresta Pillsbury

i use 16mmto300mm

Joshua Asiaten

For the video timelapse in the 80D you CAN shoot long exposures up to 30secs


What tripod is that looks beefy as

Kushagra Gulati

Hi Fenchel & Janisch ! Greetings from India. I am a stepping into wedding cinematography, and have a lot good investment in Nikon Lenses. I tried shooting weddings with my Nikon D750 and Nikon D810 and the quality of the videos is superb! However, the autofocus of these full-frames in video mode sucks. Can you recommend me a good Nikon body for Autofocus during Video mode or it would be better to get a Canon 80D?

Zaber Ansary

Kushagra Gulati you can get past the problems by practicing and mastering manual focus. Professional Videographers will manually focus even on the 80D. I wouldn't suggest switching Expensive bodies and lenses just for one mere AF performance.

Android Tech

Favorite Filmmaker!

Studio Bright Producao Nivaldo

Hi am from brasil, can you help me I want to upgrade my camera I have a canon t3, but I only do still picture wich one do recomend for me t6i,t6s,or 70d 80d, remember I dont do movie because I have full hd jvc u50 that do movie. thanks

Marites Howard

" Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black) 70% off . https://t.co/PIk3iVnuPP

Dhendy Satrya

I love your work Fenchel! Can you teach me how to edit raw photo like in 07:12 ? I'm looking forward to it. Thank you!

magic tata

Thanks veryyyyyyyy good


Great review!

Tamara Slotkowski

Why no 4K/UHD?

Faketrollname sevenbillion

4K in a camera means lots of extra complexity and cost - Sony do it at the expense of overheating, the Panasonic GH4 is probably the best low cost option but has a small sensor and less lens options, as well as shitty dynamic range. Downscaled to 1080 I prefer the canon options. I don't think anyone is distributing 4K footage from cameras in this price range so you can almost assume downscaling, at least for a year or two.

தமிழ் அறிவுப்பெட்டகம் Tamil Knowledgebase

is this canon 80d its water proof or which canon DSLr version is water proof..?

Adnan Alagic

I watched so many videos on YT but I have never seen a detailed review as this one. You talked about all the important things that everyone in a review usually skips. Also, I have one question for you, in your opinion what is the best camera for video recording in the 80D price range? A few details to make it easier to answer, it needs to record video at least at 1080@60, more is better but not a deal breaker, the videos are going to be edited in post, graded, everything... The camera is mostly going to be used for vloging, it should also have the option to change lenses (so no Sony RX100 camera types). I would really appreciate your opinion on this, thx :D

Zaber Ansary

Adnan Alagic you can check out the New G85 from Panasonic. $1000 with a Lens

Wallace Rivera



what dslr would you say has the best auto focus?

Lars Pallesen

A very good and helpful review. Great work. Thank you.

Radiant Video Productions - Santa Monica, CA

Why do you take all contrast and sharpness out?

Piash Mahamud

which lens you use

Eric Johnston

Wish reviewers would discuss the quality of a print.


Love your reviews. Lots of shots in b-roll makes it fun to watch with plenty of info.

Michael Didomenico

I am a travel photographer and use my video's for youtube, so I am no tin need of 4K, but I love the advanced dynamic range over the 70D

Camera van den Berg

Nice video.... thanks!

Jean-Christophe B.

Do you have an example of use case when you need to record for more than 30 minutes straight ?

Zaber Ansary

Jean-Christophe B. Interviews

pepe espinosa

What Lens was used???


After it stops recording can you start recording again straight after?

Tomas C K

Imagine this technology in a canon XA10 image stabilized body with interchangeable lenses and 4K. That would make Canon again a option for budget filmmakers, at the same time as they take away focus from video their DSLR line. That way upgrading up to c100 c300 and so on would be more natural step and still good business for canon. To cripple cameras without offering any options is just plainly bad business for and stupidity.

Patana Muangkram

you can download picture style like cinstyle to flat down contrast in video though

siem wigman

very nice review i really liked the pros and cons you did at the end

William Bui

70D or 80D? :( planning to get a dslr but ermawgerddd which onee

Rocket League Epic Goals & Saves

my view is if you are going to spend this much money you should get a 3-year-old camera because the both are really expensive you might as well get the nicer camera if you have a nive lens. GET A NICE LENS BEFORE YOU GET A NICE CAMARA

Bidyut De

Can I get autofocus with 400L/F5.6USM with Canon 1.4x III extender using Canon 80D??

Zaber Ansary

Bidyut De yep

aflak rajput

veerrrry niceee


This was so helpful thank you

Green Light media

We all wanna know the low light performance of this camera .

Simon Spiers

Although an interesting review this is a CAMERA not a video camera. I have a video camera., I want to know it's performance as an SLR.

Honda Cbr 1000 rr

whats the name of the musik

Honda Cbr 1000 rr

whats the name of the musik


Hi, Already own a 70D and would like to get a 2nd torn between 7Dm2 or 80D...


my five year old EOS 600D is broken, i want to keep the canon line, because of all my canon lenses, i'm mainly taking stills and sometimes shoot a bit of video, but i can't decide what to buy...my three choices are the 760D, the 70D and the 80D...they are all so close together, can anybody help me with this decision?

Prevecprojektov Studio

The 80d :)


At 3:37, how did you make the wiggling effect, I mean in post production. Thanks !


thanks for the review , also can you tell how is it possible to move the frame while time lapse is on @6:13 Thank you


Its done in post, its not the camera moving.

eramil borres

greate video. can you create a comparison between fuji xt10 vs sony a6000 pls? thanks


nice review


That's a really nice review, you convinced me! :) Now I only need the money to buy it :)

Mom's Swaghetti

Can anyone tell me what happens if i load a custom picture style like technicolor ? or flaat11 ?


I think you may have gotten a setting wrong I have already shot raw stills using the internal intervalometer. you have to be in still mode.


download technicolor cinestyle profile. you're welcome.

NarvaLapsed TV

Hello! Very intresting and usable video.Tnx. But i have a question about lens. Canon EOS 80D + 18-135 mm IS USM ( Nano tech) is it good choce or in a future for best results i must to change them? And 2 quest. https://www.photopoint.ee/objektiivid/354329-canon-ef-s-24mm-f-28-stm-objektiiv is it good choice or no?


Great Review! I ordered the 80D yesterday and I Cannot wait... BTW where is this city? it looks amazing

Simon Bodzioch

Frankfurt / Germany


+Poppy Blasted I did bro and check my latest video! the quality and the features is the best! I love it

Poppy Blasted

Did u get your 80d yet?

U2 Guitar Tutorials

Great review!!


One of the best reviews on youtube. Thanks

Smart Biz Web Media

Excellent review! Question: Is it possible to install Technicolor Cinestyle for a flatter picture profile?

Alessandro Oshiai

which sdxc or sdhc can you advice me for my canon80d? which performs the best? cause i've a lexar 1000x 128gb SDXC II U3 150mb/s transfer and 80mb/s write, it works very well, but i'd say that sometimes (1/5 times), while i'm recording a simple video in 1920x1080 fhd 25fps it stops.


can canon 80d compete vs lumix gh4?


gh4 is better for filming.

Secrets of a World Traveller

using the 80d as the backup to my 70d simply because magic lantern features trump the basic canon features

Laércio Lourenço

Guys, you're great! Greetings from Brazil!


Thanks for the great in-depth review, I'm not 100% sure, but I think this camera can do timelapse in photo mode. As I understood it the function was available in both modes.

Henrik N. Jensen

Yes it can. You have to assemble the video on a computer, as you always have done. There is a interval timer in photo mode, so you don't need an external intevalometer.

Johannes Dahlström

Yes, it definitely can. Still mode, SHOOT4 menu, Interval timer. Weird mistake to make.

Gary Norris

Not one comment about still photo quality

Fenchel & Janisch

Watch from 7:05 to hear a short comment about the photo quality!

Gary Norris

Not one comment about still photo quality

Noti Tlegiven

Solid video guys. Thank you very much for uploading! It's one of the first that I've seen portray a truer objective analysis of the 80D's sub par video performance. Could you perhaps recommend any other camera bodies in the same price range, which have good quality video function? I've been researching for quite some time now, and it seems like the Panasonic GH4 fits the bill quite nicely. What are you thoughts on the best body option in that price area, particularly great video. *The a6300's incredible video and still quality is simply class leading, but its short battery life, overheating, and lack of touch screen/friendly user interface + uniformly steep lens options all across the board, have eliminated as an option for me. Thanks!

hesham mahmoud hashem

the 7dmkii can shoot 60fps 1080p

Daniel A.

A gh4 for example has more and better features for the same price....dont know why anyone whants to buy this camera for serious cinematography


I believe they are still going with micro four thirds in the GH5

Vincent Jack

agreed, the G7 is still going strong, not to mention so affordable too.

Daniel A.

Soon and the gh5 with an aps-c sized censor will come out....how will canon hold up to this ? i just dont understand how they can ignore the fact that almost all big brands passed canon in terms of how good the video features in their consumer cameras are...


great professional video

david dias

Very nice video, now do a video talking about the a6300

Jean-Marc Lacoste

J'aime bien...

pramod jois

hi can you make review on nikon cameras also ??


The golden voice of Moritz Janisch. Another awesome video.

Andrew Reuter

Excellent as always. Thanks for your work. Side note: Ugh. My 70D needs that headphone jack (and 60fps in 1080p) sooooo bad.


realy good review!!!!


Thanks for the nice review✅

Moritz Holzinger

If this Camera would have something like Log (not really log but come on flat) i would get it just because i like the canon colors

Fenchel & Janisch

Canon colors are nice for sure.

Andrei Martalog

Do you use any LUTs to convert that neutral pp to what you're showing or do you just adjusr contrast and saturation?

Fenchel & Janisch

No LUTs were used in this review. Just a basic color correction to make it look more natural.


Great review! I have a question! How does it look with something like Cinestyle downloaded onto it? I would think that the new sensor would give a cleaner image in the shadows and make Cinestyle a lot more usable. Also, I find that Cinestyle improves my t5i's detail performance so maybe it would work even better with this sharper image.


+Fenchel & Janisch I think you should test it out. It would work well i think

Fenchel & Janisch

Good question. Honestly haven't tried CineStyle on the 80D.

Erick Perdomo

No long exposure for internal time lapse???!! aye...a deal breaker for me...I wanted this to replace my 70D and use it along my C100 mk2 but specifically for special B roll footage such as timelapse...the samples in this video re clean but look too much like...well...video! like a good Go Pro! I need more blur in my timelapses..and of course for low light timelapses I would like to have long exposure..I can do this with my current 70D but setting it up with the external controller and then having to compile the timelapse in post etc is sometimes a hassle (aren't we spoiled!!)....too bad Canon couldn't provide long exposure in this video mode..argh...can the GH4 do long exposure for timelapse in video mode? which affordable camera can do it? I hear that even the Sony RX100 mk3 and mk4 can do it...thanks!

Kuchnia pełna naparzanek

The reviewer got it wrong. It is possible to use long exposures for internal timelapse mode in the 80D. Quoting the manual, page 323: "The shutter speed will be in the range from 1/4000 to 30 sec."

Erick Perdomo

in the video mode? This review seems to indicate that it doesn't have long exposure when using the video function...I'm sure it has it if we take pictures and then we make the timelapse in post production. I already do this with my 70D but I would like a camera that makes the movie internally...

Piotr Jrk

Canon 80d have long exposure for timelapse.

Erick Perdomo

Panasonic got it right...argh! I would have bought the GH4 but I had several Canon lenses and I liked the autofocus on the 70D...I will not be upgrading to the 80D...Maybe I will get the tiny Sony RX100 IV for timelapses. thanks!

Vincent Jack

Aye, that is why I still using lumix G7. Unless the advantages is so much more improve, then I switch over to 80D

Tina Rice

Good Review !!!

F o t o S y e d

Nice video

Troy Nguyen

Danke schon. You do the best reviews man. Shame the cameras aren't as good.

Hamza Saeed

Very nice video.

Данил Субботин

Good review, but this camera is "deadborn baby". Canon still want to loose their users...

Данил Субботин

+clickonmike As a photo camera - subj is good, just like 70D (why pay more?). But video quality is not so good as new Sony or Panasonic. Stay happy with canon, it's your choice! I have 70D (18-35 f1,8, 50, 18-135, 11-16), Sony a5100, RX10m2. I love canon for a long time (since 300D), but love is gone... Regards.


+DiMasta I'm not a professional, I wouldn't know a moire from my asshole. I own a 1200d and never notice this moire or aliasing. I've got 3 lenses 24-70, 70-200 and the kit 18-55 and don't want to buy any more, or sell these to go to another brand. ALot of photographers are like me. Just amatures who want a camera that takes good pictures and videos plus maybe want to upgrade now and again.

Данил Субботин

+clickonmike ))) you make me lough. It's a big mistake, to buy this camera. Moire, aliasing, blury image etc. And for such high price. Go on!)))


+DiMasta going by canon sales figures its true. Alot of people are buying the 80d and I'm going to be one of them.

Данил Субботин

+clickonmike btw, it's not true.

Данил Субботин

+clickonmike and making big mistake...


A lot of people are buying this dead baby.

Rens de Jonge

That thumbnail had me thinking you bought a giant camera.


Your reviews are always outstanding! Thanks for the amazing job!


Very well put together video! Nice!

Hamood Khamis

thanks for lovely information

Curtis Judd

Nice, balanced review. Good work as always!

Fenchel & Janisch

Thanks, Curtis. That was a tricky one to do...

Question was: What camera does maxmoefoe use. by Maggie from Arizona, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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