What camera does tanner braungardt use 2017


What camera does tanner braungardt use in 2017? I’ve been watching his videos lately and they are damn too goooood, and very professional, the quality of his videos are out of this world this year what the hell is he using?

What camera does tanner braungardt use

Question was Answered by: Sia Phil

Tanner Braungardt has just upgraded from the Canon EOS 70D to the latest Canon EOS 80D that why his videos look professional than ever before. He is the only youtuber that I know who is currently using this camera for vlogging.

Check out the specs of the Canon 80D


  1. 45-point all cross-type AF system* allows for superb autofocus when shooting with the optical viewfinder and focusing area selection modes.
  2. Intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage.
  3. 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor helps provide impressive, high-resolution results.
  4. Improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps you shoot video with smooth, fast and accurate autofocus, and stills with instant and precise autofocus.

Technical Details

  1. Battery Charger
  2. Image Stabilization
  3. Video Recording.
  4. Product Details
  5. Manufacturer: Canon
  6. Product Dimensions: 7 inches x 9.6 inches x 5.3 inches; 1.1 pounds

Canon EOS 80D


I don’t know anything about the Canon 80D Camera so just CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other people are saying who are also using this camera.

Mike Williams

Wow wow wow, this camera just came out and already tanner owns one, he is some one lucky guy, I’ve never heard of any youtuber who is using this at the moment, a lot of famous youtubers are going to buy it though since tanner owns it as well.

Right now I’m using Canon EOS Rebel T7i and I don’t see myself buying any camera anytime soon, my Rebel T7i camera needs to last me for next 3 years before I think about using something else since I spent a lot of money on it.


I honestly think canon released the 80D too soon, I just bought the 70D not long ago, does this mean I should also upgrade to the 80D as well?.


Hell No, I also purchased the 70D two months ago and it is the best camera I’ve ever used, I checked both the 70D and the 80D specs and there is nothing special about the 80D even though canon have improved it a little more.


Canon is ripping us off, I just bought the 70D like 2 weeks ago, why did they release this camera so soon? I’m not upgrading at all. My 70D is doing just fine. I’m really happy for tanner braungardt but I’m not upgrading.


I own the 70D and also bought the 80D last night, well to anyone who is using the 70D for vlogging, trust me you are not missing anything from the 80D, I used both cameras to film and I bailey see any difference, I think canon took the 70D and just changed the name to 80D just to get us excited and rip us off.

SO lee

I’m definitely buying the 80D since I want my videos to look amazing and professional like tanner braungardt's videos, buying the 80D will be the most expensive camera I’ve ever used on my YouTube channel I’m so excited lol.

Right now I’m using the canon G7x and it kind of outdated now, it not giving me any problems though, I just don’t like using it anyone…… 80D here I come.

Why is everyone here talking so bad about the new 80D? Canon never disappoints, you should confirm that yourself by watching tanner braungardt's YouTube videos, his videos are amazing because of the 80D.

(0_-) one eye

I was just watching tanners videos and the audio quality is 100% percent perfect, his channel is growing faster and faster, his goal was to get 3,000 subscribers but he ended up reaching 2 million subscribers, do you guys know why? It because he knows the importance of uploading high quality content.

In order for us small youtubers to compete on YouTube, we need to always use the best gear as possible and high quality cameras to also look professional to attract subscribers.

I’m also saving for the 80D, I’m definitely buying this camera, tanner braungardts videos a way better since he has started using this camera.


He is not the only youtuber who is using this camera, Alfie Deyes is also using the 80D but as far as I know Tanner Braungardt was the first youtuber to use it.

Question was: What camera does tanner braungardt use. by Nikita 101 from New York, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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