What chair does linus use


Hey guys this is tony, can anyone tell me what chair does Linus use? I need a new chair and I would really love to use the same chair that they use, pleas anyone help me out.

What chair does linus use

Question was Answered by: Ace Howell

Linus Tec tips was using chairs from maxnomic in the past since they were sponsored by the company but now they are using Vertagear Gaming Chairs..

Vertagear Gaming Chairs


Redefining gaming chairs, the Vertagear Racing Series SL-4000 brings unparalleled level of comfort and adjustability. Gamers spend hours each day in front of a computer, the new SL-4000's high density padding and contoured backrest allows for an extremely comfortable gaming experience.

Designed to give wide range of adjustability that gives gamers the best comfort and support in every gaming position for extended period of time. High backrest is designed to provide neck, shoulder and lumbar support.


  1. Solid Structure - The SL4000 is constructed from a steel frame that assures a solid structure.
  2. Tilting feature with adjustable resistance and locking system
  3. Premium Padding - The SL4000 padding is made of high densed resilient foam
  4. Elegant Exterior - The SL4000 is made of high quality PVC leather, which makes it extremely durable and gives the chair a luxurious look.
  5. Cushioned and contoured to the shape of the arm with adjustability in 4 directions


  1. Manufacturer: Vertagear
  2. Manufacturer reference: VG-SL4000_CB
  3. Product Dimensions: 20.9 inches x 20.5 inches x 55.1 inches; 44.1 pounds

Vertagear Gaming Chairs

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and here what other people are saying who are also using this chair on the office or just for gaming


This is a fantastic chair, I bought it last month and it by far the best gaming chair I’ve ever bought online.


Maxnomic chairs are very sexy and much prettier, but the Vertagear chairs are just too comfortable, I got this chair as a birth day gift from my girlfriend and I thank her every day.


This is the same chair that Linus is right now which means it got to be the best gaming chair on the market right now, I really trust any product that is used by Linus.


I totally agree with you, if Linus is using this chair then it one of the best on the market right now.

Sean Ballinger

Honestly I personally think Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs are sexy than Vertagear chairs, but when it comes to quality I honestly think Vertagear chairs are way better than Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs.

To anyone looking for a really sexy gaming chair than I would recommend DXRacer Gaming Chairs , but to someone who’s looking for something comfortable to sit on for the whole day than I would only recommend Vertagear Gaming Chairs like the one above since their chairs are super comfortable.

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