What chair does pewdiepie have


Hey guys, my name is Philip, can anyone tell me what chair does pewdiepie have, I would like to have same chair that my favorite youtuber is using.

What chair does pewdiepie have

Question was Answered by: Jim Schofield

Right now Pewdiepie is using the same chair as TimTheTatman, it a DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NC Newedge Edition Office Chair Gaming



  1. Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
  2. Patent race car seat breathable material pu
  3. Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment
  4. Adjustable Arms with Wide Pad
  5. Narrow Aluminium base with latest footrests, Latest design, 2" caster.


  1. Manufacturer: DXRACER
  2. Manufacturer reference: DOH/DF73/NC
  3. Product Dimensions: 27 inches x 22 inches x 49 inches; 49 pounds.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who are also using this chair for gaming or as an office chair.

Mr Ricky

My 12 year old son want the same gaming chair that pewdiepie is using, I’ve been searching all over the internet trying to find out what chair does he have, thank you very much to the person who wrote this post, you just saved my life. My son was going to kill me if I couldn’t find this out.


A lot of famous youtubers are using gaming chairs from DX Racer such as faze apex and ricegum, these chairs have gotten very popular among youtubers, am also going to buy one for myself since most youtubers are also recommending this brand.


I buy whatever pewdiepie is using from the gaming gear to his underwear, am totally obsessed with his YouTube videos, I get very excited whenever I get a notification that he has uploaded a new video, thanks god for YouTube.

Pablo Stevens

I own two chairs from DX Racer, these chairs are the most comfortable office chairs I’ve ever had, I highly recommend anyone to buy a DX racer chair, they cost quite a lot but trust me these chairs are worth every penny, and you won’t regret spending a dime on this chair.


Dx Racer clearly knows what they are doing, their chairs are super comfy, my butt usually get itchy if I sit for more than two hours or more but since I bought this chair I don’t have that problem anymore, am definitely going to get another one since I have two offices that are in different areas.

Question was: What chair does pewdiepie have. by Philip from New Jersey, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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