What eyeliner does Kendall Jenner use


Hello to all Kendal Jenner lovers, can anyone tell me what eyeliner does Kendall Jenner use? I’ve been searching all over the net but I can’t find anything.

What eyeliner does Kendall Jenner use

Question was Answered by: Sophia Stephens

She is using the latest Estee Lauder Stay in Place Eye pencil

Estee Lauder Stay in Place Eye pencil


Please note: Kendal Jenner doesn’t like using the Pencil eyeliners, she said that she prefers the Liquid Eyeliners.

My mom bought this last week, she said it was too dark, smudgy and too thick for her, she has been using estee lauder’s eyeliners for about 3 years, but she said that this one was too tick for her, she prefers softer pencils.

Well I also bought this pencil and I don’t have a single regret from buying it, it the best eye liner I’ve ever used, I’m not saying that just because Kendal Jenner is using it as well. This pencil is worth every penny, I would recommend women to give it a try.

The only thing I don’t like about this pencil is that, you have to sharpen it every time after using it 4 to 5 times. I usually sharpen my old pencil only once in every 2 or 3 weeks. But other than that I don’t have any negative things to say since this does exactly what it promised on it description.

What I mostly love about this eyeliner or pencil is that it stays on and it doesn’t irritate my eyes like the eyeliner I was using before.

Kendal Jenner said that the best thing she likes about this eyeliner is that it stays on her even if she accidentally sleep in her eye makeup.

I honestly bought this eyeliner just because Kendal Jenner is using it, but I really think it worth giving a try.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS to hear what other women are saying who have also used this eyeliner to determine whether this is really what you want, it doesn’t mean you’ll like it just because Kendal Jenner uses it.

My mom also bought it after she saw Kendal Jenner advertising it but my mom told me that she hated it very much since it was difficult to sharpen. she laughed when I bought it, she told me that it was going to break since it was hard to sharpen, well she was wrong lol.

To be honest the eyeliner I was using before was really terrible and I was very desperate to find something new, I was very excited when Kendal jenny posted this eyeliner on her instagram.

I’m confident that you will also love this eyeliner since it also worked pretty well for me.

This eyeliner does stay in place but sometimes it not, I just don’t know why, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who love using the same product as Kendal Jenner, I honestly believe that there is no such thing as a perfect eyeliner lol.

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Hey Sophia, your mom was right this eyeliner is definitely hard to sharpen but other than that I didn’t have any problems.

Chloe Tyson

I’m going to buy it, I guess I’ll have to hire someone to sharpen it for me lolz….

Sophia Stephens

I hate the fact that I have to sharpen it every time after using it for 4 times, but I love it.

Chloe Tyson

what liquid eyeliner is she using?

Sophia Stephens

Click this link: What liquid eyeliner does Kendall Jenner use

Chloe Tyson


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