What polaroid camera does ariana grande have


Hey guys, can anyone tell me what polaroid camera does ariana grande have? I need a polaroid camera and I don’t know which one to buy, that why I want to use the same one that ariana grande uses.

What polaroid camera does ariana grande have

Question was Answered by: Katherine Wright

Ariana Grande is using a FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Fim Camera

FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Fim Camera



  1. Creative double exposure and bulb exposure modes
  2. Built-in macro lens
  3. Viewfinder: Real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot and parallax adjustment for macro mode
  4. Accompanying items: Shoulder strap, warranty, Li-ion Battery, NP-45A, Battery Charger BC-45C
  5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and 20 Instax Mini Film

FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Fim Camera

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who are also using this Polaroid camera, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also recommending it.


Just an FYI for everyone looking to get into this, if it's available, try to buy your film packs at Michaels craft stores. They're a bit more expensive (24.99 for a 20 pack) BUT that store offers coupons regularly and that's the best deal I've found. 50% off or the rare 60% off one item coupon DOES work for purchasing this film (you can only buy one at time with the coupon). The coupon is available on their website, just show it to them from your cell phone. I end up getting a 20 pack for $11! Best deal around.

Film Photography Club

Thanks for heads up! Good to know


Thank you very much for the super detailed review. I'm pretty sure I gonna buy one.

Film Photography Club

You're very welcome. Thanks for watching. Have fun with your new Mini 90! (should you get one)


I just got one, it's a little bit scary to take shots since I'm still learning and the films are not that cheap... Great instax tho! nice review!

Film Photography Club

That's awesome. It's a very fun camera. I had to start being very selective in what to shoot because I was burning through film too quickly. It helped force me to choose better shots though. Thanks btw


I really don't think that 11:32 is ruined, it's a really beautiful picture after all :) I even kinda like the blue dot and the blue light on the water ahahah

Film Photography Club

Haha, thanks for your comment :-) Prishiate it


love the cat pillow in the back..i need one

Film Photography Club

xraychick Haha You should definitely get one

Nagy Adam

Black hole sun, won't you come?

Film Photography Club

Nagy Adam lol

Gia Film Productions

Great review! It is interesting to note the aspect ratio of the film is close to the Golden Ratio Proportion. In fact, it looks like the size of a credit card? My credit card is 54mm by 86mm, so, 54/86=0.628 which is very close to the golden section of 0.618 - it is pleasing to the eye, IMHO. The original Polaroid aspect ratio was 4:3 (box like/squarish) I think. I like the new aspect ratio though for the retro-look . Cheers, GFP PS It would be nice if they perfect the picture quality to high definition type prints - perhaps the sun issue spots will be corrected, too, in the near future. :)

Film Photography Club

Gia Film Productions That's an interesting observation about the golden ratio. That never occurred to me. Good points. Thanks for watching!


Dude thanks for the terrific review!! Very helpful. My gf and I are thinking of purchasing this camera for travel! Looking like a great choice!

Film Photography Club

Chesapeakej4 Awesome! It's a great camera for sure. Thanks for watching!

Matthew Sanchez

All Hail Lord Nermal!

Film Photography Club

Matthew Sanchez Yasss! Lord Nermal is our one true lord.

megz Del Rosario

Curious but would putting a lens filter in front affect the outcome of the photo (e.g polarizers, ND, warming/cooling)

Film Photography Club

megz Del Rosario good question. I would imagine that a polarizer or a cool / warm filter would definitely have an effect on the film. That would be fun to experiment with.


I'm considering getting this camera because I love shooting film but impossible film gets expensive. I've found packs of 50 of the instax for the price of 1 of impossibles. I just wish they made a classic looking version for the wider version. That would be ideal for me.

Film Photography Club

Damn, that sounds like a good deal on the film! From what I read, the new wide 300 Instax camera isn't that much better than the old, cheezy, 80's looking, Wide 210 camera. If you can get over the looks of the 210 camera, you could pick one up for about $50 on Ebay. Not a bad deal!

Reji Obedient

I have a problem with the view finder. Is it always not complimentary with what's going to capture with the lens?

Film Photography Club

I have that problem too. It's just something to get accustom to with this camera. The view finder is not inline with what the lens is seeing so there is going to be some difference between what you're seeing and what the lens is seeing.

This issue is magnified and more noticeable when the subject of your photo is closer to the camera due to parallax. You'll not notice this problem as much if you photograph things very far away. Also, the coverage of the viewfinder probably isn't completely accurate.

There might be about 5% more of the scene in the photo on every side of the frame than what you see when looking through the view finder. Knowing this, you can frame your scene appropriately, accounting for the difference and hope for the best.

You'll get use to it after a while. Even some very expensive cameras don't have completely accurate viewfinders. Hope that helped answer your question. Nice guitar playing too! Well done.


Nice review. The black sun spots are not necessarily undesirable, though. Some photographers shoot photos that way intentionally.

Film Photography Club

Thanks Chris. Interesting, I guess I didn't consider that. Thanks for watching.

just me

love your pictures!

Film Photography Club

Thanks a lot!

wave shootzz

Nice videos keep it up❤️

Film Photography Club

Thanks a lot! I've been busy but I'm working on a couple new videos. Cheers

Wayne Kinder

Some very impressive photos you've taken. I've just ordered this camera off Amazon. I had one a couple of years ago but sold it as I needed some cash at the time. Looking forward to taking it on country walks with me

Dr Karen Peters

This video was extremely helpful, thank you! I just got this camera as a gift :-)


is it true that the pictures from an polaroid camera fade after a while?

Mary Lourds Serrano

should i load the films first or insert the battery first?

Film Photography Club

Mary Lourds Serrano I would put the battery in first and then the film.

aurencia kuntjoro

I'm still confused on when should I use the flash or not using it. Do I need to keep the flash on in outdoor or disable it instead? Thanks:)

Film Photography Club

aurencia kuntjoro aurencia kuntjoro The only time you should definitely use the flash is if it's absolutely necessary due to lack of light. All of the other times when lack of ambient light isn't a problem, using the flash is more of an aesthetic choice.

You might not need to use the flash outdoors in the daytime, but if you do use the flash, your photos will have a much a different look. Also, the flash can help freeze motion.

If you have a fast moving subject, the flash can help prevent motion blur in the photo. Practically speaking, not using the flag will save battery life, so that might be important to you too. Basically, there are no rules. Experiment and find what suits you best. Hope that helped.


Thank you, I have just bought one after watching your review.

Film Photography Club

Nice! happy shooting

Ally Shears

Groupon packs are the cheapest for film


thanks for the review! well done. made me buy the camera! question, where did you get your neck strap for it?

Film Photography Club

Hey Dirt God, sick music video. As for the camera strap, I think it came with the camera. You might be able to find one on Amazon or Ebay though.


great, very informative review! finally a good instant camera review! thank you!

Film Photography Club

Haha - you're welcome :D Glad you found it useful

Loren Lloyd

Great video thanks! Just got my Fuji instax mini and bummer that beach and sun shots wont work out.

Lemoncurd Mama

Thank you so much for this review :D Just got this camera as a birthday present and i'm super excited to use it :D

Film Photography Club

Lemoncurd Mama Glad you found it useful and congrats on the new camera !


planning to get one recently and your vid definitely gives me a great instruction about the camera. Thx a lot!

Film Photography Club

刘威 Thanks a lot. Glad u liked it :)

green Engineer

I want one so bad

Film Photography Club

green Engineer nice!

green Engineer

Film Photography Club i got one

Film Photography Club

Well then go get one! Beg, borrow, steal! Ok, maybe don't steal.


Hey I am trying to decide between one of the instax cameras (preferably mini 90) and the polaroid snap. Have any idea which one I should get?


Film Photography Club hey I decided on the instax mini 90

Film Photography Club

Jess Hey Jess, I haven't shot with the Polaroid snap, so I can't give a fair comparison but, personally I would go with one of the instax cameras. If I want to shoot digital (which I often do), I'll use my digital camera, or phone, and when I want to shoot film, I'll use a film camera. I do think the Polaroid Snap is a cool camera though. Let me know what one you decide on. Peace


Great video, also your cat is beautiful

Film Photography Club

Thanks man. He's beautiful, but he can be major ass sometimes, correction, most of the time.

Ioan Tarniceru

Are there any cheaper alternatives for the film?

Film Photography Club

From what I know, not at the moment. That would be nice though.


Hey, nobody wants to see your crotch dude!

Film Photography Club

mother fucker that made me laugh. I mostly agree too.

Fazakas Bence

Hi! I have a question: If I have two types of film: the original one which has colors, and the monochrome version which is black and white, can I swap films between shots? I mean if I take a picture with the regular colour film and I want the same picture with the monochrome film, can I change film at that given moment?

Film Photography Club

Fazakas Bence Good question. Unfortunately, you can't swap out film cartridges mid pack. Each film cartridge has a dark slide on top that prevents the film inside from being exposed to light. Once you put the film cartridge in the camera, the dark slide gets ejected and the only way to remove the film pack without ruining the remaining film inside, would be to do it in a completely dark environment. That's probably not practical.

Charles Kuhn

Great review, thanks! Have you played with the wide format?

Film Photography Club

Charles Kuhn Hey, thanks! Yes, I've shot some with the wide format and have begun filming a review for the 210 wide instax camera :-)

Gabby Sevillano

For the beach shots did u have flash on?

Film Photography Club

Gabby Sevillano I'm pretty sure the flash was off.

Greg Robertson

Could any one who owns this tell me if the strap is made of real leather?

Stephanie Sharp

Greg Robertson lol no it's not


It's not, it roughly resembles leather but doesn't even feel like a leatherette

Batrisyia Halims

do you have a tip on how to avoid blurry photo? (due to non-flash)

Film Photography Club

I suppose you can try keeping the exposure setting on regular instead of "Light" or "Light +." I think the camera's shutter stays open longer on the light and light + setting to create a brighter image, thus allowing the possibility for motion blur. A faster shutter speed will reduce the chance for motion blur. I suppose you can also try the "Kid" setting too. It's supposed to be able to capture quick moving kids... basically a fast shutter speed I'm assuming. Other than that, just try to keep the camera very still when taking a photo, maybe even use a tripod if necessary. Good luck!

Ward Mertens

Do you think this one is better than the lomo instant? I'm hesitating wich one to buy...

Film Photography Club

+Ward Mertens That's awesome! Have fun with your new camera!

Ward Mertens

Thanks for the quick answer, i bought one today, I'm looking forward using it :)

Film Photography Club

Ward Mertens I haven't used the lomo one but I have seen some not so good reviews. I can't tell you what one to buy, but I can say that I really like the mini 90 and that it's a solid camera. I definitely think it's worth the cost. Good luck!


Does this have some kind of selfie mode or a mini mirror to take selfies?

Christopher Poole

mr.gokys the Blunty review says the button near the lens acts as a great selfie mirror


Aight thanks


Hi! I find your video really helpful. I also like how you presented it. May I know what camera are you using in filming this? Thanks.

Film Photography Club

Anonymous Thanks, I appreciate it. I shot this video on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.


i always wanted to do that! when you mentioned taking candids of people on the street and giving it to them! ahh! i've been too scared of people getting creeped out or mad at me! but ahh that's crazy cool how people are happy and surprised when you hand it to them!

Film Photography Club

Haha, yeah, I totally understand the feeling. I think most people will be happy to get a surprise photo but you just have to read the situation. Just use your best judgement and I don't think anything bad will happen. Most people around where I live are pretty laid back too, they're by the beach and are usually having a good time. Good luck!!!


Hi +Film Photography Club, what setting do you use to take pictures of fireworks during the night??

Film Photography Club

Sup, You should probably use the B mode. B stands for Bulb. Press the "Mode" button on the back of the camera until the "B" is displayed. Then press and hold the shutter button for a few seconds to take a long exposure photo. The limit is 10 seconds. Good luck!

Samra Hassan

Why should i get this over the instax 70? I'm debating over which one i should get..

Film Photography Club

That's a good question and I'm afraid I can't answer it for you. I haven't used the new 70 camera but it looks like a nice camera. I think the 90 offers more control over the exposure and focusing settings, but is it worth the extra price? I try to rationalize price with how often I use something, if I use something frequently, then I'm usually willing to spend a little more. If I think I'll only use it once a month or something, then I'd rather save some money. Hope that helps.

Samra Hassan

Thanks !! This helped !

Matt Monday

Great review! I really needed this. Thank you!

Film Photography Club

Matt Monday sweet! Glad it helped!


Where did you buy your pillow with a cat

Film Photography Club

Juliano Enriquez it's from a company called RIPNDIP

Nadia Maldonado

awesome! my instax 50s just died and I was thinking about a new one, I actually love this.

Film Photography Club

Yeah, it's a great camera for sure. Sounds like its time for an upgrade!

Rahul Chandra

how many clicks are possible with this camera and how to refill the cartridge?

Film Photography Club

You get 10 clicks per cartridge. The cartridges are disposable, so when it's empty, you throw it away and put in a new one. It's very easy to put in a new cartridge.

Shawver Creations

Rad video Bryan!!! Looking forward to the next one!!!


Nice to see a more serious review of one of these cameras, had mine for about a year now and I love it. Wish someone could get the folks at Digital Rev to do a pro tog challenge with one.

Film Photography Club

Yeah, that would be a cool video. Digital Rev is the shiz.

QStarr Daze

Great review! Exactly what I needed.

Film Photography Club

QStarr Daze awesome, glad I could help

Alejandra León

Excellent review and nice results! what were the settings for your beach shots? Automatic and darken? or no flash? Also for the sunset/sunrise.

Film Photography Club

Thanks a lot! I think I was mainly using the landscape setting (the little mountain icon) and normal exposure. No flash on those photos though.

Hieu Hanh Nguyen Le

can we use the mini instant film for the wide picture? is it able to get all the elements of things in the picture just like if we want to take a family picture in wide, does the photo come out with heads had been cut?

Film Photography Club

There's not always a perfect solution to this problem. You have to decide if you want the bright areas of your photo to be exposed well, or choose the shadow areas of the photo to be exposed well. Sometimes it's not possible to get a perfect exposure when there's a great difference between dark and light in your scene. A common practice is to "expose for the shadows" and go from there. Hope that helps.

Hieu Hanh Nguyen Le

anh the second thing i'd like to ask that if i take a photo at the area where is full of sunlight so how can i solve this issue to make the result comes out with balancing between light and dark?

Film Photography Club

Hey, Only the mini film will work for the camera. You can't use the wide the instant film in the Mini 90. You should be able to get a group shot of your family pretty easily. You may have to back up a little bit depending on how many people are in your photo. Thanks

Golden Owl

Great stuff. I really like the action shots and love my 90. They are putting out B&W film for Instax mini next month.

Film Photography Club

Thank you! I heard about that too... that's really exciting. I wish it was available for pre order.

Elle Perlas

What mode should I use when I go to a concert with tons of flashing lights and I'm in one of the rows in the upper right (a teeny bit far) from the stage? Thank you so much!

Film Photography Club

+Funky Cløud my guess would be to not use flash. From what it sounds like, the stage will be too far away for the flash to reach. It might be cool to use the flash and light up some of the audience in the foreground though. As always, experiment and don't be afraid to make some mistakes :-)

Elle Perlas

Ah, thank you very much! Would I use flash or no (cuz' the flashing lights)? Would it affect the picture in any way?

Film Photography Club

I would try the landscape mode first, that's the one with the mountain icon. Why? Because that setting makes subjects 3 meters or further away sharper than other settings. As for exposure, I would try using the L (light) setting. Of course I could be wrong, and you'll probably have to experiment a little bit, but that's where I would start. Good luck, have fun!

isaac segovia

Does this camera have a mode where you can take to pictures at once like the Instax mini 70?

Rukaya Cesar

If you mean like take 2 pictures one after the other there is the option to do that with the self timer mode, you just click that button again and it comes up with a x2 and will take the shot twice so you get 2 prints :)

Film Photography Club

I'm not positive I understand the question. But I believe the answer is yes. You can do a double exposure on one piece of film, and you can also do two separate photos back to back when you press the self timer button twice. I haven't used the MIni 70 yet, so I'm not sure.


also, the self timer mode- if clicked twice takes two photos at a time. :)

Film Photography Club

Awesome! Thanks for the info :-)


thank you for this great video!!! is your kitty a russian blue? he looks like my cat. :) i also love your white cat flipping the bird, that's my phone case right now, lol

Film Photography Club

You're welcome! Glad you liked it :-) I'm not sure if Ozzy is a Russian blue or not, he certainly looks a lot like one though. He's adopted off the street, so I don't have any info on him. Good call on the phone case, Rip N Dip is awesome. I definitely need more Rip N Dip in my life.

Mary Kheil

Many thanks for a great video and great photos! Advise me, please, what Polaroid is best to buy? Instax Mini 90?

Mary Kheil

+Film Photography Club Many thanks for the answer, I will take advantage of your wishes and tips

Film Photography Club

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it. It really depends on how much control you want over your camera and photos, and how much you're willing to spend. In my experience, I really like/need the control the Mini 90 offers over the Mini 8. They also just came out with the Mini 70, but I don't think it has the same manual control as the Mini 90 does. There's also the Instax Wide 300. It doesn't have all the same features as the Mini 90, but the image is twice as big. If a bigger photo is important to you, than you might want to look into that. I don't think you can go wrong with the Mini 90 though. It's a really nice camera. Hope that helps. ps. As I'm sure you know, Polaroid is a brand, not a generic term for instant photo. Just wanted throw that out there :-)

Jakub Cierniak

The "B" mode gives us to make photos as long as we want to?

Film Photography Club

Hi, the B mode (Bulb mode) will allow you to keep the shutter open until you let go of the shutter button, BUT it only goes up to 10 seconds. You can keep the shutter open for .5 seconds, or 3 seconds, or 6.75 seconds or however long, just not longer than 10 seconds.

Bobby Leonard

This helped alot thank you!

Film Photography Club

No problem, my pleasure. Glad it was useful. Thanks for watching!

Kim Isaksson

what kind of film to u use for the camera?

Film Photography Club

Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this... Anyways, you can use Fujifilm Instax Mini film. I would recommend the plain white film. Here's a link to Amazon Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack (White) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EB4ADQW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_9eSQxbPQN3G70

Question was: What polaroid camera does ariana grande have. by Isabelle from Tennessee, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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