What polaroid camera does jacksgap have


Does anyone know what polaroid camera does jacksgap have? I want to buy a polaroid camera for my birthday tomorrow but I’m really not sure which one to buy, so I just decided to get an exact polaroid that jacksgap is using.

What polaroid camera does jacksgap have

Question was Answered by: Angela Coleman

Jacksgap is using a Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera



  1. Takes clear, instant pictures at the push of a button
  2. Focus-free simplicity
  3. Built-in automatic flash
  4. Requires Polaroid 600 format film

Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who are also using this Polaroid camera, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also recommending it.

Gloomy sunday

Jacksgap like one of my favorite youtubers now ... his nice and real (not pretending to be perfect) Btw Are you from London? I'm fromColombia


+Gloomy sunday Can't thank you enough, you are too sweet, really And I'm from Uk living in London.

Gloomy sunday

You're welcome


Absolutely love mine, it's great! But the film is stupid expensive. 28 dollars for 8 pictures is just pure bullshit


Narscilla amiga aqui nos br é 40 reais

Dean Hunstock

Narscilla ikr but the impossible project literally had to recreate the film and they only have one factory so it was harder to produce it then when it was made by the Polaroid Company


2:04 I hope I didn't blink....

ThatGuy 69

Haha!...... I don't get it

Piano Flare

Can I expose the photos to light after full development?

Walnut Spice

Of course




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Dean Hunstock

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Le French

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Jocelyn Santiago

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Le French

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iFlo One

Gizmo In my opinion her voice is very cute. But your comment is more then demotivating, her video is very informative and well made. Now you give a negative comment, not about her video but about personally her -.- in what world is this constructive or helps the content creator to improve his video?


well it is true about the voice


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Dean Hunstock

Gizmo don't be a god damn hater


It's a month old comment but I want to comment anyway... that was rude. And no, not "facts" but preferences. I find nothing wrong with it, I think it's really sweet. See? It's a preference. sigh

Jocelyn Santiago

factsss lmao

Lucille LeSueur

Can you like post links where to buy all that stuff?

Dean Hunstock

Florns And Teh Mechin also make sure listings say tested or working and u can buy film at us-impossibleproject.com my recommendation for a beginner like ure self would be spectra cameras and 600 cameras!


Impossible Project has their own website the best place to shop for cameras = Ebay, Amazon and ETSY. Be careful with Etsy there are only a few shops that provide amazing cameras. I got mine today actually from one Etsy shop, and I'm so happy with the purchase! Hope that helps in anyway...

Yuki Cross

omg I love your voice it's so cute and your pics ^_^

Sorin Alexandru Cîrstea

You're absolutely adorable! Keep it up! :)


wes Ty emo dziewczynko :V


i wish mine came with a none film battery to test it out hahaha i found mine xD


are you fucking retarded?


I don't get it. Why were the last pictures of her parents over-exposed to light?

Sergio Salguero

OMG ;) !

Гриня Шредер

Хорошее видео

Dean Hunstock

Great Vid, have fun with ure Polaroid

Samuel Ducca

Very informative video, now I know the basics before going out and experimenting with my 636. Good job! :)

Dark Crown

you look so emo .... but that posters idk xd v:

William Bentz

I loved my Polaroid camera as a child! My mother would never buy the expensive film You're so lovely Liamtana! And you have such a sweet voice. I hope you're the next YouTube sensation.

Sean Keane

The reason why the film door wouldn't close is because there is a small bit of plastic that needs to been broken by pushing the film pack hard into the camera so the pictures can be ejected after being exposed

Brian Counts

This is the BEST video I have seen on the Polaroid camera. Wonderful presentation.


I like your hair



Sara Galindo Gandara

good video :)


OH MY GOODNESS you are adorable!!! Pretty too!!! Thank you for showing how to use the polaroid! :)


Great photos. I have the same Polaroid camera and love the "imperfect" quality very much. Plus you're sympathetic and cute.


I need film for my Polaroid 600 but can't afford it

tonio Sandoval

Hello, where did you get the film??

Tui Denee

Antonio Sandoval The film is from a place called Impossible Project, you can order many types of film by them on their website :)

pandarely 23

where do you get ypur film???

pandarely 23

Tui Denee thank you

Tui Denee

pandarely 23 The film is from a place called Impossible Project, you can order many types of film by them on their website :)

Christian Nelson

Thank you so very much for the video! It's really convinced me that getting a old Polaroid camera as a gift would be great :D


Nice video! Where did you get your onestep?

Shogunato Italiano

Just ordered an SX-70 and I can't wait to try it out! :P Thanks for the tips and for sharing your experience with your Polaroid :) - KoenigMark


I'm in love with your voice! As an experienced Polaroid photographer i can say that this is a good tutorial for how to use a Polaroid! :)

Gustav Smith

Nice informative video, btw I love how you have dyed your hair, not many people do it but it really does make you unique.

Jorge S.

I have the same camera :) I think you always have to use the flash, otherwise your photos will come out blurry :/ I know it sucks but that's the way it works u.u by the way, you are so pretty :)


On the 600 series you can disable the flash by pushing the shutter button from the middle (it's kinda hard to explain, but easy to do).

David Peterson

Yeah every Polaroid in the 600 series has the option to not take a picture with flash. The shutter button is a double button. What Verdoux007 was trying to get at is that if you press the button with the ridges on it, it takes w/ flash. if you pull with the tab that is under the ridged button (looks kinda like a sleeve around the mechanism) then it takes without flash. Another fun thing is that if you have just taken a photo, and the (usually green) light which indicates a photo is ready to be taken isn't on, you can push the ridged button halfway down until it gets slightly hard to press and it charges the flash. Try all this with a camera that has no film in it to avoid risk, and you will see what I mean. (I'm pretty sure most people know this anyways, lol).


Oh wow! Will try thanks

Clorox Bleach

i just fucking bought it bitches






Good for you but why the language?

Robert Jackson

As an aspiring photographer this has helped a ton, I've been looking into getting a Polaroid for sometime and I think you've pushed me to pursue! That SX-70 looks a beauty!

Cajora W

For my birthday march 17 im going to get a polaroid camera i think its better than digital

Tim Verheijen

I wouldn't say better. I don't think either digital or analogue is better. Both have its pros and cons, and the photographer decides which pros and cons are more in line with their work

pedro nunes

the sx70 film is actually iso 125 to 165, not 70. and you have two shuter buttons on the 600, the normal one, and a little on behind the normal one, if you only push the little one, the flash doesn't go of


Yes you can use 600 in a SX 70 But without a ND filter you will get a 4 stop sever over exposure especially with flash or bright sunlight


Thanks for the great tip ,I didn't know Impossible made that I'll have to check that out But you still have to worry about non flash especially outdoors in bright sunlight


Or just use the impossible flash which corrects for it!


this video had kinda one of those Polaroid vibes to it, just seemed so genuine the way you talked and everything. i'm definetly going to buy one of those


where did you get a onestep for 20 - 60 pounds? the only ones I can find are about 130

Jazlin G.

spiralcrystal09 amazon & depop are good options

Gandalf Of Oz

That was an awesome photo of the Staves!

Wir sind JuJoTV

Where did you buy both cameras and the flash? Plus I really liked the video, now I'll defenitly get one of those

Gideon van der Horst

Love your channel man, very inspiring!

Bear Torrez

do all the photos come out blue ish

Teng Vang

best review I've seen so far!

Rita Graca

I there. I just bought a 650 Land Camera like this one: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/61/96/19/61961942ccd74f55b152f5783e208113.jpg from a guy in german on ebay. I want to give it a try and check if everything is really ok with it. What should I pay attention to and try out? Thanks!

tahj mcrae

can I use Fuji Instax Wide Film on my polaroid 600 camera can u make a video if I can't or can


tahj mcrae you can always just google it, the answer might be closer than you think


Try Polaroid SLR 680 its a bit pricey but worth it!


where can I buy cheap film for the Polaroid 600?

Bella Thom

What is the name of the extra flash thing and where can I get one

Jack Darwin

thanks. what about the newer, more compact Polaroids? would you recommend them? I'm thinking of getting one for a trip away but don't want to carry a big lump around :) thanks Daniel


what Polaroid camera leaves the time & date like a VHS recorder


Some Polaroid Spectra/1200/Image series cameras, like the Macro 5 SLR or the Spectra 1200FF.

Kinoko Okura

Did you do any modifications to your SX-70 when you put 600 films in it, or you just added that flash add-on and it's good to go?

robert salgado

why is my sx70 slr pictures come out with scratches


you need to clean the rollers

Jonathan Aguirre

Is it possible to switch the plastic lens to a glass lens?


Unfortunately not - definitely worth trying out the new Fuji Square format coming out soon

Julajuck Amnuckmanee

For James Bay and other artist which camera did you used?


SX-70 x

Miguel Gutierrez

How do you use 600 film in the Polaroid sx-70 camera?


The bar flash acts as a way of evening out the iso difference - if you put it on the middle setting which is a half moon on the back of the flash, it means you can shoot 600 on sx70

Miguel Gutierrez

I'm intrigued, would love to know more about it! Thanks!



Josue Rodriguez

question, so i can use 600 film on my sx-70 as long as I have a flash bar? please get back to me!




What happens if it is exposed to sunlight?


The sun exposes out the film unfortunately if the chemicals haven't settled - usually put it in a dark box for 40 mins and you'll be fine


WHATDAHARRIS ok, thanks for the help!


can you explane the flash a bit more?

Dan Page

Hey man, I'm looking for an instant print camera to take to comic cons so I can have guests sign the "selfies" I have taken or take. What would you suggest?


instax is the easiest to use and cheapest most available film to buy for. The polaroid 600 is the cheapest in the format he is showing in the video. It's super easy to use but the film is a little more pricey and you have to order online.

Erica Hardi

Hi! Currently situated in Norway, do you know anyone who ships those flash-thingies for the SX-70 to here? Also, would you say the sx-70 polaroids fade faster than other cameras'? LASTLY would you recommend just getting the 600 film for it or taking a risk with SX-70? Newbie here! Thank you :*


Also, SX-70s are pretty reliable, but if you're going to get one shipped, make sure it's tested unless it's really cheap.


IP should ship flashbars to Norway from their site, but I don't know for sure. If you want to just point and shoot, go with the 600, but if you want more control over how your photos come out (SLR and manual focus), go with the SX-70.

André Pereira

Great video! Do you know if it's possible to use the Impossible Flashbar in a polaroid sx70 sonar model?

Jerzee Imhof

awesome video, i really liked the review! would you give a link for where to get the cameras would be very much appreciated.

Angela Coleman

Here is the link : www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NS1JX60

Andrea Bizzotto

Hi, I would like to buy a polaroid that I can use almost everywhere (inside, outside with light and during the night) I know that is quite difficult to find a camera that will make perfect photo, but is it possible to know if there is one polaroid that will make sharp picture in basically any case?


U should get the new impossible i-1

JR Alli

i want to get my hands on a Polaroid aswell. i like the start you have to your channel, in with a bang and these are super entertaining. nice work. i make short films, recently i made one about finding your passion in life and explored my city at night, check it out if you'd like, cheers! :)

Jorden Lee

Awesome video! You've got some dope Polaroid cam!

Question was: What polaroid camera does jacksgap have. by Daniella from North Carolina, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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