What polaroid camera does khloe kardashian have


Can anyone tell me what polaroid camera does khloe kardashian have? I need a polaroid camera and I would love to use the same one that khloe kardashian have.

What polaroid camera does khloe kardashian have

Question was Answered by: Katherine Wright

Khloe Kardashian is using a Instax Wide 210 Camera

Instax Wide 210 Camera



  1. Versatile wide format instax
  2. Close-up lens for shots up to 45 cm from the subject
  3. Adjustable print colour brightness

Instax Wide 210 Camera

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who are also using this Polaroid camera, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also recommending it.

Xena T

Could you please send me the link of which buyer you got the deal from ?

patrick meehan

really love the music playing in the background

Ipek Altun

what's your polaroid camera you used for the other picture? :)

Jasmine Hemahrahsh

If you dont want the flash cover it with duct tape

Emre Süner

+Jasmine Hemahrahsh The flash

Jasmine Hemahrahsh

Which part did you cover?

Emre Süner

Does that really work? I recently covered it and the image came out pure black



Sophie Andres

Thaaaaaank you !!!!

Jesus Leonardo



Whats better? the 210 or 300?

Yesim Ekiz

which polaroid model is the white on you are showing at 0:52 ???


+Yesim Ekiz polaroid spectra, film at impossible project, good full auto camera


it seems huge size ...


To those with this camera: where are you finding a camera case? I'm looking for a cute case that resembles a purse. A simple Google search is not yielding the results I want and Amazon doesn't have any either. They have cute instax mini cases but not for the 210.


I have a polaroid from when I was 11 since I was into them then. I took a hiatus from them but have been interested again for the past 3 years. The problem is polaroid film is expensive I found this (the Fujifilm Instax 210) for $86 on eBay and the film is a lot cheaper than polaroid. So for that reason I'm switching to fujifilm.


Finally got mine for my birthday! :D

Paris w

When I got my film on Amazon, they worked all fine. None were expired, but it might depend on the seller? Idk


i didn't buy it from amazon, my sis got it from me. I really love it! I've always wanted one, and the quality of the pictures are good

Nicholas Boodram

Hey. Please tell me your review especially if you ordered yours on amazon and bought your film on amazon. I am a bit skeptical incase the film is expired.


Whats the song playing in the background?

Maryoom al amry

when i toke a picture it came out blackkk


Great review!

Steven Salemi

She's no Edwin Land.

Alex Cruceru

The music is not doing the job for a video like this.

Naruto Uzumaki




karina morales

I've been wanting one and then me and my bf saw it at urban outfitters and we thought it was way too big and bulky but now I'm thinking I want one again because forget the bulky ness it looks awesome:-) )-)-

Nancy Sidoti

Great review, thanks Michelle. You are the best and also very frank!


it starts right away when it pops out, after a few mins you can make out the image, the contrast continues to improve over the next 5-10 mins

Neese B.

I got it for a dollar at a yard sale!

Milena Keropyan

what kind of a polaroid camera do you have?


You are so pretty... This video is three years old. You must be a gorgeous young woman now : )

Punia Punie

Omg you look like Jia from Miss A! I don't know if you know her cuz Jia is a korean singer~ :3

Maro Vok

did u say 160 $ ?

Mik Ayla


Доктур ГатилавЪ

a very beautiful girl. thanks for the review

Maddy Couron

Wait...Does it come with film?? Or do you have to buy some?

Ruth d'hoore

what is the name of the polaroid camera you showed?


The title of the track is at the beginning of the video.


cute girl + instant photography .. hottt

David Denman

I really love this camera. I am the kind who never has the time to get my prints at the local store so I looked at many instant cameras. I am glad I choose this one. I recommend everyone should get one. here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to\11uH1uk

Maya Rose

the square photo, which camera was used to take it?


song name please?

Carlos Solano

thats what she said

• Jake •

It's so big!!!


Wow, you are really gorgeous! Thanks for the review, I think I'm going to buy one for my little sister. She said she wanted an old polaroid but the film made by Impossible Project is crazy expensive, like $3.00+ per shot. That being said the Impossible Instant Lab which seems to magically turn Iphone photos into old school polaroids looks incredible and supposedly will be on the market soon.

Jae Seed

what song


REALLY GOOD REVIEW, and Thanks to you I am buying the Camera.

Car Wash Studios



They're talking about the Polaroid 600 that was shown in the video. Not the Fuji instax from the review.

Car Wash Studios

its a fujifilm instax 210!!!

Car Wash Studios

nooooo, its a fujifilm instax 210

Car Wash Studios

yep! the instax 100 takes fujifilm instax wide film

Car Wash Studios

its not a polaroid, its a Fujifilm Instax 210 that takes fujifilm instax wide film

Lauryn Holdorff

I'm not sure if you mean the Fujifilm Instax 210 that looks like a regular camera or the one where she pops the head up(?) which is a Polaroid One600.

Michelle Nguyen

There's different deals and dealers that come and go. Best is to just look it up on Amazon

Katrina Rodriguez

can you give us the link of the package deal on amazon please?


is the quality is good or Flash?


Im buying this, nice review


Nice review! I was walking home today and I saw this camera in the window of a camerastore. It costs 99 euros. So I immediately went and googled it and found your review. And I'm probably going to buy it because I've been wanting a polaroid camera for quite some time now. But anyway, thanks for the review :)

Jake Deakin

At 2:50 you can tell it's being recorded from a laptop webcam with the reflection in the picture.

Esteban Cardona Jimenez



I loved dat cat !!!......Miaaaoooo :D

melissa tan

it's sooo much more expensive to get it at where i'm from.

amiyah price

ur dog is soooooooooooooo cute

David S

Good God you're adorable!!

Tod Brewster

Michelle! I haven't talked to you in forever. Your review pushed me to get this camera, I was on the fence between this and the mini.


The song is My Touch by Toro Y Moi. It was in the beginning but i think we're just was distracted by her beauty haha.


omg I love it! I want it as well. I didn't think it would be that big!


i just got this for my wife its coming tomorow i am so excited!!!!!!!! from amazon :)


love your taste in music and awesome cam :D


I officially announce this as the best Fuji Instax camera presentation on YouTube. Justification: The presenter's gorgeousness!

Benjamin Bowerly

Just got this camera for 20 bucks on craigslist, using it for a wedding to take pictures of our guests as they arrive.


he was talking about the polaroid, not the instax. i also wanna know what model is that.


By now you should be having lots of pictures. How are the pictures aging compared to polaroid?

Victoria Bleu

I'm saving up for this camera, it's like 74$ at walgreens though ;o


It's the polaroid One600. It sells for 190 on amazon right now, but I'm sure you could get it for cheaper.


are you single?

ange mutware

have you got any tips for shooting ? :)


whats the name of the polaroid camera you show in this video?


Hi! First of all, thanks for the video! :) It's really inspiring to see this kind of stuff, overcoat when in your country it's still not really known (I'm from Spain, I don't know anybody who owes one). How much do the films cost you? And where do you usually buy them? I found some pack on ebay, but the price per picture is more than 1€ (1.30$). Thanks in advance!! ^^


but thanks for the info :P


i was joking :x i have 4 cameras...only one is digital...besides, in some places, there are still photo stores like the one you talk about from the 50's ! i know there's one on my street, and two in my town mall

Jacob Mortensen


Jacob Mortensen


Jacob Mortensen

FYI In the 50s, there were no computers, so you dropped your roll of FILM off at the photo store, where they developed it and you got the pictures back.

Hassan Ismael

:) i think you might just have talked me into buying one! by the way whats the name of the polaroid camera you show in this video? and can you still get film for it? thank you xx


If your outdoors in bright light I would recommend using the dark setting. Try three shots and experiment with settings determined by the natural or artificial lighting in your shot.


yea...a real camera! ONE THAT YOU CONNECT TO YOUR PC AND DOWNLOAD THE PICS AND EDIT THEM AND PRINT THEM LIKE THEY USED IN THE 50's!!! ...pff, buying one with film, noobs... -.-"


The camera is the size of a house..... and the film is smaller than polaroid 600.... and this is 2012.... wtf.... i feel like i live in 1992 again..... thanks fuji for making me feel younger


What is the name type of the Polaroid that you have???? Pleaase answer I've been trying to look for it but I dont know the name of it. Thanks so much :) Xx

millie corbett

just ordered the camera off amazon. can't wait! your video talked me into ^_^


buy a real camera


Hi! When should I use the light or dark setting? I tried playing with the light setting and my pictures came out overexposed..

Chris Rasmussen

Camera? What Camera? She looks like a Barbie Doll. :) My bad I know.

Francesco Gatto

What's the name of the polaroid you've showed???


Hi, thanks for the video. I just whish i could see the difference in size between the 210 photos and the smaller ones (the 50s)

Marcella Treybig

Thanks for this review, you had one of the best & most practical THANKS

hilary tang

right when i saw your video , i went and got myself one on amazon ! :D thanks so muchh!


She looks like my sister!! lol

Bill Wodenhelm

I love you


Wow... you are beautiful :)

Sammy Vo

where do you get it from again??

Levan Nioradze

thanks for info. you're so lovely :*

Chris Rasmussen

did you use a mirror to vid this? It's backwards. :)

Abby Chuapoco

This was helpful! Is that Toro y Moi in the background?


you use mirror???!! or it's my eyes got problem??

My Name Is Fenn

@FennLikesGuavas Oh, Actually don't worry! I saw where it says. Sorry ^_^

My Name Is Fenn

Hey! I love this video :D Could you tell me what the song is in the background?

Khalilah Khal

Hello, I want to ask you about the picture you have developed.... I saw some reviews, they said that the finder or the viewer doesn't really work, i mean if you take a picture by looking into the finder you will have a picture that is not in the middle, if you get what i mean.... do you have the same problem?


good work ..

Ali Choi

hi, thanks for the review! please share what kind of polaroid camera you showed at the beginning of the video. thanks!


I'm in love :$

Deja K.

What song is playing in the background?


Which one would you say is better: this or the polaroid 300? I live in London and all I can find is the latter but Im wondering if its better to get the Fujifilm.


you are hot. ... Will you marry me? ..


@Muahhish Fuji Instax 210. Polaroid does not make film anymore. You can still find it on ebay, but it will be very expensive.

Shamieza Din

Can I know, which one is better, instax 7s or instax 210? thanks (:

Guillermo Sanchez

@Muahhish Fujifilm instax... as far as I'm aware, Polaroid no longer produces instant film.


which is better .. the fujifilm instax 210 or the polaroid 300 instant camera .. i am about to get one and need to decide


Hi! I'm interested in this product for parties, how many pix can I take per charge/battery pack? How is your camera holding up? Still working well?


Why is the image reversed? What happened there?

Jadelann Juan

have you tried the FujiFilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera? If so, which one would you prefer?


How do you aim this cam? I have the Instax mini and it's soo troublesome! You can directly aim at the subject you are taking you have to aim it at an angle or the subject won't appear properly on cam.. Is this like the instax mini? Sorry if my question is confusing..

Jixiang Liu

she is Q ~~~~~~~

L Vky

how do you know if the battery is running out? >___<

Emotions R overrateD


Ken Cheng

that thing isn't big enough

lllstrikesmember2 www.3-strikes.org

where can i find the song? i searched and couldnt find it


i have no idea how to use that, do you have to fill inks or something?

George Fonseca

What kind of polaroid does she have? And where can you get one? You see, i like the square pictures better than the widescreen. Which one should i get? Help please!

Jenny Thieu

@suspendedanimation Mmk. Well Thanks!


@AngelicWings5 You can, but they're all second-hand or new old stock. Since Polaroid closed down their instant film division, the Impossible Project is now developing new instant film. It's very expensive atm, and still quite experimental. There are issues with chemicals behaving correctly that they're still trying to iron out. There may be a new polaroid camera in the future, but nothing is certain.


@ForeverHappyAsian There is no ink in the camera - the chemicals are on the film. That's why the film isn't exactly cheap

Lyn Ai

ohh so this means that i cant get any more of those old poloroid cameras??

Jenny Thieu

Can the Fujifilm instant camera run out of ink? Please do try to answer as soon as possible! Thank you. :3


hey, how do you think the weight is on this thing?


@megaintense they still sell poloraid film. go to the-impossible-project com


wich polaroid camera was that? i want to buy one but not the super old ones. i want to but one like that.


heyy!! where did you bought it____ thankk youuu

Alias Music

I couldn't understand anything about the camera cause I was watching you all the time:) You are gorgeous! (keep on the good work)

Doug B.

Needless to say, the only reason to watch your video is because of how adorable you are. I'm sure that anybody can figure out the mechanics of the camera on their own. I don't think I heard a word you were saying... well, except for when you spoke of your dad and dog. Have I mentioned how adorable you are ? I have ? Ah well.


Im quiet confuse. Is this a poloroid camera? Because whats with the other camera you were showing. What is better? The FujiFilm Instax 210 or your other polaroid camera whatever the model?


Hey, thanks for the review! Im planning to buy one in Amazon but I live in The Philippines. Its in Asia. Is it available for shipping? Please reply ASAP.

David Gonzalez

Just got mine in the mail. Thanks for the review!


nkce posting~!

Lorna Rose

Hey um between those two instant cameras - which one is the best? And why?


I was in the search for a Polariod camera for my wedding guest book, but Im kinda put off my the size of it. I hope the quality of the prints are worth it. Thanks for you review it was very helpful.

Wawa WooWoo

I just bought this today and I got it from the mail. I didn't put any film and battery inyet But I notice there is a sound inside when I move the camera side way. Is that normal? can you hear any noise inside when you move it around? please let me know. Kinda worry ..

Carmen Huang

@zcziqi Yeah it is an automatic flash and you can't turn it off.


I watched your video twice and found that you were facing a mirror, coz everything was inverted. I just ordered it from amazon, it's still in the delivery. How is it? I saw couple reviews that mentioned the flash was fired every time. You can't turn it off when you don't want it. Is that true?


wait, amazon charges for a membership?


Dude... OMG I know what I'm gonna ask Kevin to get me for Christmas!! :) Thanks Michelle!

Question was: What polaroid camera does khloe kardashian have. by Vivian from Arizona, Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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