What polaroid camera does taylor swift have


Does anyone know what polaroid camera does taylor swift have? all my friends have polaroid cameras so I decided to also buy one for myself but I would like to buy the same one that taylor swift have.

What polaroid camera does taylor swift have

Question was Answered by: Sara Hilton

Taylor Swift is using a Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera



  1. Takes clear, instant pictures at the push of a button
  2. Focus-free simplicity
  3. Built-in automatic flash
  4. Requires Polaroid 600 format film

Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS Just to hear what other ladies are saying who are also using this polaroid camera, it better to read customer reviews first just to get an idea if this is really what you want, it doesn’t mean you’ll like it just because also taylor swift is using it. So just check the reviews first.

yazmin garibo

Who else smiled for the picture :P lol great video, answered all my questions :)

Brooke-lynn Buchannon

It was $30 at the thrift store for the camera alone lol

Hayden Benninghofen

I got mine from a thrift store for 4 bucks too


Always use the flash.

Jayla Brown

Why? Just wondering?


So did you take the second picture? How did it turn out?

Isaac Gonzalvo

where can i buy the film? i want it so bad! im from philippines :(

The Restoration of Dr Who

Mine spat a photo out right after the light shielding card came out :/ also lost two photos because my cartridge fucked up and stopped working for no reason until I took it out and put it back in.

Adrian Swaby

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Adrian Swaby

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Evelyn Pena

i bought mine for 6 dollars at the thrift store

Carmen Lopez

thank you

Stephen Lucero

That shot Looooookss GREAT!!!!! (not lying, looks DOPE AF ugh!!! love film cameras!!!

alizandra lopez

sweet I'm gonna buy this very soon


Yikes I hope that cartridge was empty when you pulled it out of the camera cause the light would have ruined any exposures left


I love vintage analog cameras. yhea.. that's a little steep for the film. I remember the film for these guys when they were current costing about 7-8 dollars a pack. I guess with anything specialized now days it come with a price.

james morson

and when you have 13 chefs at work with the last recipe that KFC likes to hog... we are left with dope prices.... clap clap.. edit.. have nothing but praise for the last 50-year old workers that brought back my youth plus plus plus

xavier barriault

you did not open the pack on the good side, that is why it was so hard to open!!!


Just found this camera at goodwill! Where did you find the film for it? :)





Karina Kaplun

Hi Albert, you didn't answer at the end of your video, how long did it take the film to develop?? Is it really 30 minutes? Do you start seeing something after a couple of minutes?

Paiva Almeida

+Karina Kaplun yap, you should start seeing everything after a couple of minutes, it will just get brigther with time.

Jayla Brown

Great review!!!

Trinh Ha

Hey can you help me with something? If I don't have the films in it, even when I open the thing on the top out, will the green light turn on? So you need the film for the green light to turn on?

Elona Oh

Thank you for the video! I have the same camera, my parents used it a long time ago, but now it just stays in the box. I was wondering if I should try it... Still wondering, but I guess it would be too expensive so maybe I should just sell the camera? I don't know :)

Zjan Preijde

+Paiva Almeida, as I understand, the battery is in the film cassette, so the light will not turn green if you have no film in it.

Paiva Almeida

+ilona ilona Well, im actually looking for one.. Let me know if selling is your intention then.. And if so, maybe we can work something out


thank god i found this video, you answered all my questions

Cassandra Arias

Where can You find the film??


+Cassandra Arias I just got the same film on amazon for about $20. It's still pretty expensive but it works well. And it's available for prime too.


Really good video !

Ruben De la Cruz

Senia mendibles what's your Instagram?

Edgar Lopez

Great video! Thanks.


As a Polaroid enthusiast, i Cringe!

Dean Hunstock

pioneerz450 same


you know what I bought 2 polaroid cameras after playing life is strange

Yoga Prasidya

as life is strange player and max claufield crush, i cringe

the cool potato

are you a brony? or are you in your daughters room, (if you have one)

Mark Allen Channel

Cringe: verb : bend one's head and body in fear or in a servile manner. "he cringed away from the blow" synonyms: cower, shrink, recoil, shy away, flinch, blench, draw back; shake, tremble, quiver,quail, quake ..."she cringed as he bellowed in her ear"

Jessica Berbey

Two things: 1) it's light sensitive, hence you shouldn't expose it to light 2) you aren't supposed to shake it I know the Polaroid film you used was expired, but this is just a heads-up for when you get non-expired film. It's pretty expensive, (almost $30 for 8 pictures) so you wouldn't want to ruin them.


Jessica Berbey you are supposed to shake it you're thinking of a fujifilm

Will Camick

I JUST SAID THE SAME THING! I was watching like o_O "Why is opening the film hatch?"

blanca espinoza

Jessica Berbey my pictures come out the same what do you suggest for me to do to take good pictures

Cheyenne Nicole

tell me why it pissed me off when she shook the picture

Mark Allen Channel

She worked for a time as a teenager in a photo developing place and saw another worker there suggest that to speed up 'drying'? lol Anyway, it didn't hurt anything of course, as the film was immediately seen to be defective.

Disposable Account

That's still a great picture.

WsUp_ bLiSz

i bought a one step from a thrift shop for 5 dollars it still works......score

Khalid _52

I have the same camera that is 30 years old

Baldwin II

My brother passed in 1998 and I found this camera in his apartment. I left it in a drawer for the last 18 years. The other day I took it out, opened it, and a green light came on. I've never used one of these antique cameras. I took a picture, but nothing showed up on the film. I guess almost 20 years is to old for film. So I just ordered some film from amazon. I am ready to try it. Where is the battery on this thing?

Dean Hunstock

Baldwin II your exposure was set wrong then, btw that date on the film is the production date also press the red button in the front and maybe the flash will fire

Baldwin II

Tried the camera. All the pictures are black. The date on the film is 11/2014. I had all the lights in the house on, lots of light. Photos are all black.

Mark Allen Channel

The battery is in the film cartridges ...nowhere in the camera other than that.

AJ Dixon

I have the same problem


It feels so fake, i went and got my grandma's old Polaroid camera (with) film in and the battery was dead BUT there was 5 exposures left

Paris Benton

useless but super cool to have nonetheless

Art Poet

dom2025 film is useless when the battery is dead.

Abby Capannelli

if you get that problem with the golden brown at the top, just put some pressure on the spot where the film comes out

Marvin Unicorn

Eeeee pony)))

Will Camick

LOL you opened the fim hatch XD. Rookie move. Still makes for some cool art.

Dean Hunstock

Hello, I hope u know u can buy new film for the camera, us-Impossibleproject.com and also u won't see ure pic immediately that brown stuff is the negative inside the Polaroid pic and the reason you have those brown parts in the pics is because there want enough chemicals in the film because the film was old

Rigo Carias

Remember don't forget to get your Polaroid ready. Just in case 10yrs from now Chelsea decides to run for President!

Federico San

Ma non c'era già? Non è sta grande novità! Continuo a preferire www.photobox.com e www.cheerz.com/it comunque!

Kalexa Hernandez

omfg, she shook it


Ahhh no shakeing


I Bought Mine At A Garage Sale FOR 2 BUCKS Lel. Aan


*And It Works

Question was: What polaroid camera does taylor swift have. by Angelina from Oklahoma , Please feel free to also ask us about what camera is your favorites youtuber or photographer uses.

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