What watch does Bill Gates wear


Can anyone tell me what watch does Bill Gates wear in 2017, I’m rich lol and would like to wear the same watch that the richest man in the United States wear, I don’t care how much will it cost me, I’m rich anyways….. (-_-)

What watch does Bill Gates wear

Question was Answered by: Mike Griffiths

Bill gate is mostly known to be wearing some really cheap watches, he even admitted to Washington post back in 2016 that he had a $19 dollar watch.

Well things have changed, he just upgraded from $10 dollar watch to something way way way way more expensive… this watch cost 500 times more than what he was wearing back in 2016.

Right now in 2017 Bill Gate wear a Omega Men's Seamaster Black Dial Watch.

Omega Men's Seamaster Black Dial Watch


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  1. Automatic-self-wind movement
  2. Case diameter: 41 mm
  3. Blackdial watch
  4. Durable sapphire crystal protects watch from scratches
  5. Water resistant to 990 feet (300 M):suitable for scuba diving to a depth of 30 meters for up to 2 hours

A lot of people were shocked after bill gate bought this watch, but I didn’t understand why were people shocked since the guy is the richest men the in world right now.

Anthony Stevens

No matter how expensive is this watch, let be realistic here, buying this watch was nothing to bill gate. I’m a millionaire myself and buying something that cost only 2k doesn’t feel like anything to me.


I was searching for what wristwatch does bill gates wear and ended up on this website ,thanks god for this website, I’ve been looking for what watch bill gates wear's for the past 2 days but I couldn’t find anything, thanks to whoever wrote this post, you just saved me from buying a wrong watch lol.

My brother is bill gates biggest fan and I will be buying this watch for him since it his birth day next Tuesday, I’m pretty sure he’ll love this watch…. It quite expensive though can anyone tell me where can I get this watch for a much cheaper prize?


Hey Calvin whatever you do, just don’t buy it offline, it cost twice as much when buying it on offline stores, I also bought this watch online from amazon, they are a lot cheaper than offline stores and they deliver pretty fast, you won’t have to wait for days.

This will sounds too good to be true but I just got a date with a girl I’ve wanted to bang for the past 2 months, she saw me wearing this watch and asked me how much did it cost me, well I told her and within seconds she gave me her number, I’m going to take her out this upcoming weekend and will bang her no matter what, this watch just got me some Hooohaa.

Dominick Triple D

Dude I totally relate with your story, my business partner just agreed to go out with me just after I told her how much was this watch… crazy right???


It seems like everybody on the comments is getting some Punani just because of this watch, will it help me bang my brother’s wife? She’s hot I just want to bang her once, just once….. (0_-


Why don’t you buy it and come back to tell us how did It go???


I always wondered what kind of watch does bill bate wear, well in not a billionaire but just became a millionaire last year, I’ve been poor all my life, I’m just spoiling myself this year since I’ve got so much money in the bank I don’t even know what to do with it.


Why don’t you give back to your community or donate?


Why don’t you do that with your own money…. I was poor till I was 34 years, nobody helped me, I gridded myself to the top and it wasn’t easy.. So just leave me alone and let me spend my hard earned money… thank you.


I honestly think that bill gate doesn’t have taste in anything but after seeing him wearing this watch i wondered what was it since it looked super dope on him that why I ended up searching for what type of watch does bill gate wear in 2017 lol.

Bill gate is a one lucky guy but you don’t need to be a billionaire to live a good life, I only have like 43 million but I live like a king here in Canada…..

To anyone who thinks money isn’t everything well you are just lying to yourself, when my family was poor my mom used to tell us that money was not everything and not important, she told us that we only needed love lol.

You can’t get love these days if you are broke, no chick will even give you a chance if you are a broke ass… I thank god for everything that I have, my kids are living a great life….. The only thing I wanted was to make sure that my kids didn’t live like I did when I was growing up.

Rahul 101

Can you borrow me 3 dollars?


Why should I? The only thing I can give you is a job, you’ll need to work for me from 9 to 5 then I’ll pay you hahaha.


Nice nice nice nice, bill gate really knows how to pick his watches, I’m here in the office bored as hell, I don’t even know how I ended up here lol.


I was just reading on some other site that bill gate wear a $10 dollar watch and I was like what the F### that not true… this year on March I interviewed bill gate and he was wearing a 3k watch….


What I like about bill gate is that he doesn’t show off like most celebrities out there especially America celebrities


Bill gate is not a celebrity, he is a business man… have you notice that those celebrities are only rappers? I know a lot of American celebs who doesn’t brag about thing they have, it only rappers.. And mostly black rappers….


That racist….


How can I be racist? I’m Black!! If you think im racist then go to YouTube check out lil Wayne’s music videos and come back and tell me if I’m racist, check jay z, Kanye west, just check every black rapper and tell me that i'm lying.


Two things you need to know about bill gate, he doesn’t have style, he doesn’t drive Ferraris or Lamborghinis or wear expensive clothes, but you don’t wanna mess with him when it comes to his watches, the guy wears like the most expensive watches ever….


One thing you need to know about bill gate: he is the richest guy in America……lolz


Bill gate is the stingiest billionaire ever lived, he doesn’t even own a Bugatti, I’m a millionaire and I own like 2 Bugatti Veyron’s… bill gate is richer than me 90 thousand times more, but if you put us in the room together you’ll definitely think I’m the richer one.


I don’t think he is stingy if he spends some of his billions donating to poor people, I just think he doesn’t like flash things that we all love to buy as soon we get rich, and this guy has been rich for too many years, he probably got tired of buying cars and stuff.


My wife is going to be pissed with me after buying this watch I’m 100% percent sure, but I’m going to buy it anyways.

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