What watch does Donald Trump wear


Hey guys, can anyone tell me what watch does Donald Trump wear in 2017? I’ve heard that he is wearing a watch that cost more than 30k is it true?

What watch does Donald Trump wear

Question was Answered by: Reggie Toyota

Donald trump is a president of the United State and also a billionaire, we mustn’t be surprised if he spends more than 30k on a watch, he is super rich and 30k is probably nothing to him.

Well in 2017 Donald Trump bought a Rolex Mens Yellow Gold Daytona White Dial .

Rolex Mens Yellow Gold Daytona White Dial


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I’m going to buy this watch only because Donald Trump is wearing it…

President of all nations

Same here.


Are you sure it a 30k watch???


Who cares???

Donald trump forgotten son

If Donald trump is wearing this watch in 2017 that simple means it got to be the best watch to buy on the market right now lol, the men have taste in everything, I like the way he look, the way he dresses and like the way he doesn’t give a damn about anyone who talks behind his back… Donald trump is just a legend, he is the most hilarious president America has ever seen and also funny as hell.

I feel sorry for people who doesn’t like Donald and I’m so glad he is going to build a wall, people in this country don’t have jobs because the foreigners are taking their jobs and companies are only hiring foreigners because they are cheap labor…


Am a Mexican and I love Donald trump and I want to wear the same watch he is wearing, a lot of people say Donald trump is an ass but I really think he is a good guy, people voted for him for a reason, I’m coming to America next month, I hope Donald trump wont kick me out.


As long as you come here legally he won’t have to kick you out…


Two things you need to know about Donald Trump, he is an ass and he is clever at the same time. I have so much respect for this man, he didn’t become a billionaire by chance, he worked his way to the top, right now I’m a 32 year old millionaire and my goal is to be a billionaire by 2020.


Well you need to invest, invest, invest, invest and invest…. then you’ll be a billionaire.

Am a millionaire myself and my goal is to reach a billion dollar in the next 5 years, I’m sure it not going to be easy but I’m positive that I’ll do it, I’ve invested on at least 40 different businesses this year.


I personally don’t like Donald trump but I love his style… his got swag and all, I’m not a millionaire like most people in the comments but I’ll be a millionaire by next year February. Right now I have 800.000 and I’m gridding almost every day.


Carry one gridding, I remember when I first started my company 10 years ago, my dad used to think I was dumb until I got rich, it always seem impossible until it done. Just work your ass off and work hard, working hard always pays off.

It is very easy to be a millionaire these days but it is very hard to stay one.


People say Donald trump is pathetic but I strongly believe that the only people more pathetic than trump are his supporters..


We are here because we wanted to know what watch is Donald wearing in 2017, what you just said is off topic. #Ervin


Dude am a trump supporter and I voted for him, give me your address so I can come and kick your ass…


No need to kick any ones ass Remco.


Trump is the most hated and loved president of all time…. Sometimes I like him and sometimes he makes things that makes me hate him, it just the way it is, no one can predict what the hell is he going to do.


I remember when my mom told us that she was going to leave this country if Donald trump became a president and it been 8 months since Donald trump won and my mom is still here lol. Nice watch though.

Young Slicker

All my family said they were going to move to Canada and till this day they are still here living the American shitty dream lol…


On man, I remember celebrities like Snoop Dog saying they were going to leave as well but he is still here selling weed to the public legally because of Tump… Trump legalized marijuana in some of the States…


If you hate trump there is really something wrong with you, the guy doesn’t give a F#ck about anything except making more money for himself, people need to stop hating on trump and start thinking about how to make money and live the America dream.


I bought this watch last night and the only thing I need now is the chair that his sitting on, can anyone tell me what chair does trump have on his office?


Lol, just buy any chair, am sure there is nothing special about his chair, his probably using the same chair that Obama was using.


I don’t care, I just want the same chair that Donald Trump use…


Lol okay than good luck with that.


Can anyone tell me what socks does Donald Trump wear????? (-_-).


Lol that funny


What the hell, I’ve never laughed like this in my whole life


Damn.. Now you gonna want to buy his penis.


What the hell dude, his socks… I don’t even think his secretary knows that.


He has Amani socks haha (0_-)


Only his wife can tell you about the socks… I bet Donald Trump doesn’t even know what socks is he wearing lol.


I’m 100% percent sure his dumb wife also doesn’t know what socks Trump has…


The guy who want to know what socks trump has need to go and see a psychologist or something.


Can anyone tell me where can I get this watch for a reasonable prize?

Wise Aka Wise

Your only best option is to buy it online from amazon, they are the cheapest when it comes to Rolex watches.

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