What watch does John Wick wear


What watch does John Wick wear in 2017? I’ve been looking all over the internet but all the websites I went to are outdated, they were last updated back in 2014.

What watch does John Wick wear

Question was Answered by: Dempsey Parker

Right now in 2017 John Wick wear a Carl F. Bucherer Manero Retrograde automatic-self-wind mens Watch 00.10910.08.33.01

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Retrograde


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  1. Grade Rating: 97
  2. Authenticated By: WatchFacts
  3. Model Year: 2003
  4. Carl F. Bucherer Manero 10910.08 Stainless Steel Chronograph Black Leather Automatic
  5. Black Men's Watch
  6. Chronograph, Leather, Stainless Steel


What is the real name of john wick?


His real name is Keanu Reeves, age 52 from Canada.


Wow thanks, I didn’t know he was from Canada, I thought he was from the US or something.


I hope buying the same watch as john wick will help me fight 100 guys at the same time…


John wick killed a man with a pencil, are you sure that you can do that?


That why am buying this watch, am hoping it will help me do that


Lol okay than


Somebody stole my car and killed my dog, will this watch help me kill them like john wick


Hell yeah lol


I want to be a millionaire like john wick, can anyone help me


What in it for me? I can be your mentor


I will let you have sex with my x wife


Lol, no thanks… am sure she’s a skank that why you divorced her.


The comment on this websites are always trashy and funny….


I thought I was the only one who thought that.


This is really a great watch, should I buy it from eBay or Amazon?


Don’t buy it from eBay, buy it from amazon to get it for a much cheaper prize and they deliver a lot faster than eBay as well.


What is the difference between a $20 watch and a 20 k watch…


Well, let me ask you this, watch is the difference between a Toyota Prius and a Bugatti Veyron?


The Bugatti is much faster and much sexier


Well you’ve just answered yourself, the 20 k watch is much sexier, prettier than a $20 watch, 20 k watches are mostly water resistance, there are a lot of benefit you’ll find on an expensive watch which you won’t find on a cheaper watch that cost only $17 dollars.


I wish they can change john wick from a movie to a series, and make 20 episodes peer season.


Well I’d love that too…


I don’t think (Keanu Reeves) will have time to act on a whole series, the guy only act in movies, but I would really love john wick to be a series.

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I rather buy the watch that john wick is wearing then helping you out, life isn’t easy, you got to work your ass off and grind yourself up.

Mr Campbell

Why the hell do you have a kid when you don’t even have a job? If it a mistake then you better learn from it and work hard…. You are a man you don’t need handout, you need to step up and grind.


I remember scams like this back in the day when the internet started…. If you are not lying then, I can give you an advice not cash, my advice would be talk to the land lord, give him your IPhone or your laptop and tell him/her to keep it safe you’’ll come back for it when you have money to pay the rent.


Good advice…. Lol now he doesn’t have no place to hide hahaha Advise of this year….

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He said his girlfriend just gave birth two weeks ago, I think her hoohaa is not in good shape right now lol.


Great watch, am definitely buying this watch right now.


If john wick is wearing this watch then it got to be the best watch on the market right now, it expensive though.


I’ve been searching for what watch does john wick wear for the past 3 days but couldn’t find anything, thanks to the person who wrote this article

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