Witch hazel pads for after birth Hemorrhoids


Can I use Witch hazel pads for after birth Hemorrhoids? I’m suffering from hemorrhoids and a lot of moms on online forums are recommending witch hazel pads, can these pads shrink hemorrhoids?

Witch hazel pads for after birth Hemorrhoids

The only thing you need for after birth hemorrhoids is Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads containing witch hazel.

I also suffered from hemorrhoids after labor, I hated myself when it was time to go to the bathroom during those days, and these pads were a life saver.

God answered my prayers when my husband bought these pads for me. Tucks is what I recommend to mothers for hemorrhoids….

There are a lot of pads available on the market right now that claims to shrink hemorrhoids, but I’m only going to recommend you to use Tucks medicated Cooling Pads because it what worked for me.

My husband bought me these pads after he was told by his doctor that these pads can help in shrinking hemorrhoids, I really don’t have a single regret from using Tucks because they provided me with the relief I desperately needed.

These Tucks pads have witch hazel on them to sooth and protect the irritated areas….

Tucks are the most important essential for moms to use during their postpartum period.

Taking care of a new born is very hard and it even harder if you are suffering from hemorrhoids yourself, that why it is very important to buy these pads for after labor to help you focus on taking care of your baby instead of worrying about hemorrhoids.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other mothers are saying who have also used these pads after giving birth. You will be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of mothers are also recommending these pads.

These pads did exactly what I needed and more.

As a first time mom, I was very angry at my friends for not telling me about hemorrhoids, No one tells you that when you bring home a baby, you also bring home hemorrhoids and postpartum blues.

Well having a baby for me wasn’t fun I as thought it was going to be since I suffered from baby blues, postpartum depression, fissures and hemorrhoids.

How to get the best result from these pads when using them for hemorrhoids?

You need to use these pads with dermoplast pain reliving spray.

Dermoplast is a numbing spray that provide pain relief within seconds that last for hours after spraying it on yourself.

You need to spray a little bit of dermoplast on these pads before using them.


Please note: There are two dermoplast sprays, there is a blue spray called dermoplast pain relieving spray and there is a red spray called dermoplast antibacterial spray, make sure to only use the Blue dermoplast spray with these pads. You won’t regret it.

Hospitals do provide dermoplast for free to mothers after labor.

About 65% percent of Hospitals around the United States do provide dermoplast for free to women after labor, if the hospital you gave birth at also gave you this spray make sure to use it with the tucks pads.

If the hospital you gave birth at didn’t provide you with dermoplast, please don’t make a mistake of buying the red dermoplast spray because it burns.

As long as you stick with the blue dermoplast spray, you will be fine.

Make sure to put these tucks pads in the freezer for more soothing effects.

Tip from mayoclinic for treating hemorrhoids

According to mayoclinic the best way to treat hemorrhoids is to soak regularly in a warm bath or sitz bath and also use numbing agent or tucks pads containing witch hazel and make sure you buy stool softner.

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