Witch hazel vs tea tree oil


Witch hazel vs tea tree oil? Guys I was wondering which one is the best between these two for a glowing skin.

witch hazel vs tea tree oil

I love witch hazel and I have been using it for the last 2 years, I never thought there was anything better than it until my friend told me about tea tree oil.

As much as I love witch hazel, honestly speaking tea tree oil is much better and has more benefit than witch hazel.

Tea tree oil can be used for a lot of different things, but I only have been using it on my skin, this oil has helped me have a younger looking skin.

I’m 34 years of age but a lot of people I meet for the first time always think I’m 23 years old, why? It because of this tea tree oil, it definitely does slow down the aging process of the skin.

If you want to get rid of pimples or dry skin then tea tree oil is what I recommend, it also makes the skin very soft and look fresh at the same time.

What I mostly like about tea tree oil is that, it removes the dry skin to make you look fresher always. Even my husband was impressed after I started using this oil.

My husband doesn’t compliment me a lot but after just 4 weeks of using this oil, he told me that I looked different and asked me what I was using.

After my husband asked me that question, I immediately knew that this tea tree oil was working.

I like witch hazel but I prefer tea tree oil since it does exactly what I was hoping for and more. I only wanted to get rid of the dry skin but this oil also removed pimples on my face…. I was very shocked and amazed.

The only thing I can promise you is, you won’t have a single regret from buying tea tree oil, I’m positive that if this worked on my pimples then for sure I will also work for you too.

Which tea tree oil do I recommend?

There are a lot of tea tree oils available on the market right now, but I would only recommend the one that I have been using for the past few months.

Buy it bellow from amazon, I don’t know of any store that have this stuff.

Please make sure you also read customer reviews and hear what other people are saying who have also used this tea tree oil on them self’s.

When my friend told me about this oil, I really didn’t think it was going to work until I checked customer reviews.

A lot of people who have used this oil were also recommending it on amazon which simple means this stuff does work.

Another benefit from using this tea tree oil is the smell, it smells awesome, it smell is just out of this world. It amazing…… you won’t just look younger but you will also smell nice.

This stuff is more beneficiary then witch hazel since this oil can be also used when washing laundry and a lot of women that I work with have told me that this oil has also help them cure their toenail fungus.

This tea tree oil works for both people who are suffering from dry skin and also for people who have oily skin, it works like magic, it just unbelievable.

Please note, don’t expect to get result within 2 days after using this oil, you need to be patient and give it some time, just use it every day and see what happens.

The only regret I have from using this tea tree oil is that it works too well lol, it will do more than you are expecting…. Thanks for reading this post, I hope it was helpful.

CLICK HERE To purchase tea tree oil.

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